The Right to Happiness

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The Right to Happiness

Postby Tripz » Mon Feb 11, 2008 11:39 pm

As a human you have the right to exercise any of your selfish inclinations as long as your actions ultimately result in the unaffected or lessened suffering of you or your fellow humans. Any resistance by others to this freedom to do as you please is nothing short of tyrannical oppression exercised upon you. One thing that should be made clear is that there is no true "right" or "wrong", only actions and consequences that we've mapped into a culture in order to weigh the appropriateness of those actions. It's only when actions are compared to a dsired goal that they can be categorized as either morally right or wrong. For us humans, our goals are defined by our cultures, our cultures in turn being loosely but fundamentally defined by our instincts.

So actions(or thoughts) that humans commit are either right or wrong as determined by culture, but there is no universal law stating that any action is absolutely right or wrong. This means that from this point in time, humanity can evolve in virtually any direction we choose to, and no direction will be more correct than any other because in the big picture, nothing really matters; the universe will sort itself out with or without us. We can evolve into anarchy, tyranny, equality, or any other imaginable form. We are not pre-destined to fit a given form. What's important to us now is that we can choose where we go from here. You may argue that the "fate" built into the universe has already decided for us the direction of our evolution, but we are most certainly not capable of predicting that fate, and so we still effectively have the illusion of free will and thus can "apparently" evolve in the direction of our choosing.
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