Obama as President. Do you think USA will allow that?

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Re: Obama as President. Do you think USA will allow that?

Postby SearchforJustice » Wed May 28, 2008 8:44 pm

okwithmydecay wrote:
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okwithmydecay wrote:
SearchforJustice wrote:
matt6677 wrote:A black US President. A black first lady!. Do you think USA has left its racist past behind it. I dont think so. As a Brit i can proudly say that the day a black man/woman will become prime minister is not that far away. It will happen when an inspirational leader comes around. there are many in the pipeline and I dont ever think that a confident deserving and suitable person will be defeated because of his/her race or colour. however i am not convined that in the next 40 years the same can be said of the USA. how i wish i am proved wrong.

I think McCain will become president by default. America is not ready for a woman or a black man as president IMO. But if a 72 year old man is the best America can do, I feel sorry for them

I agree with both of you 100%, no way will America let a black man or a women be President. I find America about 50yrs behide most of the Western world.

I have just lost all respect for you with that generalization. I could make them about Britain too.
America bashing is so boring. People need new material.
It's not like Britain is completely innocent in the world stage.
Tony Blair could have stood up for what was right when Bush started his war games, but no he goose stepped in line behind him.
But, I am not on here posting provocative threads slating Britain or its people.

Well maybe you have but I was only saying what I thought. This is the net I do not know you, or you me so will not lose sleep over it. If I am proved wrong then great. I did not at any time say "Oh Americans are all fat and thick ect" . oh and my thoughts on the UK are not much better at the moment. As for Tony Blair and brown well that would be a new thread

I was not bashing America. I know more about life in America than many Americans themselves know. I was merely stating a fact. Go into American political rooms and LISTEN to the debates on the elections. American people themselves knowthat the powers that be, in America, will make sure that neither a woman nor a black man will become president.

I would love to be wrong, but I am not going to hold my breath.

Oh, by the way.............I love the Americans.
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