Melbourne mum guilty of murdering sons

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Melbourne mum guilty of murdering sons

Postby perrito » Thu May 22, 2008 11:20 pm

:30 AEST Thu May 22 20086 hours 49 minutes agoBy Melissa IariaVIEWS: 0| FLOCKS: 0| 0 comments so farA Melbourne father has declared justice has been done after a jury found his ex-wife guilty of murdering their two sons.

David Fitchett looked to the ceiling then placed his head in his hands after his ex-wife Donna Fitchett, 49, was found guilty of murdering Thomas, 11, and Matthew, nine.

Still trembling from the verdict, he told reporters outside the Victorian Supreme Court on Thursday, that justice had been served.

"I lost the two boys at the hands of my ex-wife," he said.

"She knew all along what she was doing.

"Twelve people today saw through a defence that was very shallow.

"They came to the right decision."

The jury heard Fitchett drugged, smothered and strangled her boys at their Balwyn North home in Melbourne on September 6, 2005.

Mr Fitchett came home from work to discover their cold and bruised bodies in their beds.

After the killing, Fitchett was admitted to hospital with self-inflicted wounds.

Fitchett's lawyer Graham Thomas, SC, argued she was chronically depressed and irrational at the time of the killings.

But after a day of deliberations, the jury rejected his submission Fitchett be found not guilty of murder due to mental impairment.

In a suicide note to her husband read in court, Fitchett wrote: "I just couldn't abandon our beautiful boys.

"I've been dead a few days and just wanted peace.

"I pray I do not live through this."

The trial heard Fitchett told the boys she was taking them on a long boat trip and they needed to take medicine so they would not be sick.

She then gave them sedatives she stockpiled from her former job as a nurse and waited until the boys were asleep so they did not realise it was her harming them.

The jury heard Fitchett spoke of wanting to keep her children free from harm and told paramedics her children would now be safer and at peace.

In a letter to her psychologist written the day she killed her sons, Fitchett described the killing as her "greatest act of love".

The prosecution argued Fitchett's actions were planned, premeditated and deliberate.

It argued Fitchett murdered her sons to punish her husband for an unsatisfactory marriage.

The court heard Fitchett was critical of her husband's personality and believed he was incapable of communicating and fulfilling her needs.

She told him she would leave him days before the killing and told him to enjoy Father's Day with his boys because it was the last time they would be together as a family.

Fitchett showed no emotion when the jury returned a guilty verdict but others in court erupted in tears of joy.

A number of jurors also had tears in their eyes.

Mr Fitchett was comforted by a throng of supporters who hugged and wept.

He told reporters outside court sitting through the trial was a nerve-racking and highly emotional experience.

"There's no real relief from the situation but justice has been done," he said.

"I didn't know that I could do it, didn't know that I could get through it.

"But for my boys, I've done it. I've made it and justice has been done."

Justice Geoffrey Nettle will hear pre-sentencing submissions on Friday.
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Re: Melbourne mum guilty of murdering sons

Postby coral » Sat May 24, 2008 8:12 am

Thats so sad.

What a lot of people can fail to understand that someone like this is not necessarly "mad" i.e. mentally ill even though it seems a "mad" thing to do and because it seems such an abhorrent and not normal thing to do. But what is more likely (and I cant say for sure because Ive never met the woman obviously) is that she has a personality disorder, which is a condition obviously but it is a disorder of someones intrinsic personality and not a mental illness although it is covered by the mental health act in the UK simply because people with personality disorders can be a risk to themselves because of their impulsive behaviour. The term "psychopath" is actually a disorder called Anti-social PD or Psychopathic PD.

So if this is the case then the verdict is completely right, if someone was psychotic and thought their children were the devil and evil and had to be killed then this is a different kettle of fish (although sadly with the same outcome)
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