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Postby woodville » Thu May 15, 2008 2:48 am

bomaris wrote:Careless not negligent I'd say. But certainly not to be defended.

I am sure this couple will say quite openly "We should have been more careful. Please do keep a special eye on your children in busy places even if you are under time pressure."

Whereas Clarence would say:

"This couple are entirely blameless. They love their children dearly and it was only the thought of how important this trip was to their children that caused them to make this extra effort to catch the flight. Of course with hindsight one can say it is unfortunate that in doing so they overlooked the absence of their one child out of several. However that child was not at all perturbed. The child's calm and accepting demeanour was clear to all persons present there. If the child cried then she did so very softly and not in any sense in distress."

Perfection! :D
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