"This map should strike fear into the heart of every parent"

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Re: "This map should strike fear into the heart of every parent"

Postby Jennyfowler » Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:12 am

This is exactly as expected. Look at the Austrian example as well. it's being hunkered down and discussion stopped if possible already here in the uk I feel.

The thing is.. Internet has simply highlighted a huge huge problem in this Country. Also I doubt if it will be different anywhere else.

We have got to try to discuss and find out and listen to historians. This has been goig on since history began. We are only now starting to look at this huge problem. What should be looked at sadly is how many children are not abused.

This map would be even more horrifying if it was Sex Offenders Rigister and Internet and Family Abuse with Family child murders on top. It's almost weekly event now. Parent and children murders.

We need to find out why adults perfer children. Also the person who said 15 year old to 17 year olds were taken out of the equation would be less. But that means a further discussion on where Childhood ends. Victor Gillick -remember her led a very successful campaign to stop the age of consent being lowered. In Holand it's twelve. We had our kings and queens marrying children of 9 to secure lines of succession. Was that right!

As I said on Sarah's Law if maps like there were made public the only safe solution for families with under 17 children will be in Gated Communities with Security Guards on the Gates and Razor wire on top of the fence. Then the kidnappings would go through the roof.

Has anyone any solution. Is any research being done as to why adults prefer children?
Sorry yet again for long post.
The only reason the other places with no spots on them is lack of population in these places and Southern Ireland not included in the stats. Would be interested to see a EU wide on or a World Wide one. But I'd like child murders put into it as well as Registered Sex Offenders. See what it looks like then!
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