Zimbabwe the next Rwanda?

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Zimbabwe the next Rwanda?

Postby mantloko » Sun Apr 20, 2008 10:06 pm

I have just been informed that 37 people were killed today and over 400 arrested and "detained" in Zimbabwe. All were members of the opposition party the MDC. I can not confirm the accuracy of the figures but they were "high" possibly even higher than reported. News is trickling out that Mugabe's thugs are committing genocide.

All this goes on while South Africa's President Thabo (there's no crisis in Zimbabwe, pass me the bottle) Mbeki has another drink.

It's a total disgrace and the sooner the International community wake up and do something to assist the better. They did bugger all to avoid the Rwandan conflict and let one million get slaughtered in 3 months. Now are we going to witness a repeat of this?

Come on the UN, come on the EU come on Brown. If Zimbabwe had any oil Bush would have invaded years ago in the name of "Democracy"!

Talk about double standards.

Lets hope Obama shakes things up over there. Obama is the anti-Bush. If there's anything I've seen happen over and over again in American presidential politics, it's that when the nation is confronted by the failings of a particular kind of president, they will lurch in the opposite direction. The venality of Nixon gave way to the moralizing of Jimmy Carter. The hand-wringing of Carter gave way to the optimism of Reagan. The out-of-touch George H.W. Bush gave way to the feel-your-pain Clinton.

I don't think it's possible to overstate the national revulsion at the failings of George W. Bush. And Obama, in every conceivable sense, embodies the opposite of those failings. George W. Bush won the presidency because of who he was, in spite of what he'd done. Obama will win because of what he's done, in spite of who he is.

God help Zimbabwe and the innocents there.
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