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Re: Joaohonesto's posts/snippets from Mirror Forum & Bararguido

Postby KazLux » Thu Apr 17, 2008 7:40 am

joaohonesto :

TV1 :
I just watched the very interesting program, here's some notes:

An irate resident of Altura, Agostinho's village, addressing the TVI camera crew on a report shown originally in their evening news:

"It was the mother and father who killed their daughter! Write this down!"

afterwards he identified himself by name, but I didn't catch it.

Hernãni Carvalho:

"The hunting season is open for people with long hair and beards"

Present in the studio was a childhood friend of Agostinho and a member of the village council (Junta de Freguesia), N├®lia Mateus, both vouching 100% for his innocence and good caracter, namely as regards children.

Agostinho came out as a very pleasant and cheerful man with a sense of humour. Asked if he thought the George Harrison photofit bore any resemblance to him, he said more or less:

"That ruffian doesn't resemble a good looking guy like me at all! [much laughter in the studio]

He said also he was never questioned by the police.

Hernâni Carvalho said that since May 4 the important thing has been to find someone to blame while time elapses, and that "strange mechanisms are operating" to stall the investigation: "We all have already understood: The important thing is that the deadlines are attained and the case is filed away".

Hernâni Carvalho:

"Who is folling whom? Who's plantig facts? It's not the McCanns or Clarence Mitchell, they only comment on them."

"Let us imagine this gentleman [Agostinho] had a rich lawyer. How much would he ask for damages? And to whom?"

"What if a Brian Kennedy turns up and pays for the legal expenses [of Agostinho] ' [and says] let's go sue these people!"

There was also a very interesting detailed description of how Agostinho started being hounded by the owner of the local caf├®.

He said one night just as he was closing its doors two British men turned up [he said they were from the News of the World] ordered a beer and a mineral water and asked him at what time he would be opening up the next morning, leaving soon after.

A few minutes later a friend of the caf├® owner turned up and told him that he'd been accosted by two British men, the same who had just left the caf├®, who had shown him a picture of Agostinho on a laptop and expressed interest in contacting him regarding the sale of a pastry shop, leaving this friend of the caf├® owner naturally very perplexed about their real business.

Then the next morning as the caf├® open these two British man were already patrolling the area in front of it on foot, one busily talking on a cellphone. Agostinho turned up late that day for his daily delivery of the papers but when he arrived they immediately started photographing him. That's when the caf├® owner realized what was happening, for Agostinho's picture was on Correio da Manh├ú's cover that morning. So he accosted one of the two British and said to him: "So you got your news already?", to which he answered something about Maddie being missing. After this both of the NOTW journos left the scene.

It was also mentioned in the program that the caf├® owner called GNR at Agostinho's request after he started being stalked by these journos in a car, and that GNR did indeed approach them about their business there, but no further details were given. I'm unsure at the moment if this was before or after the episode described above, perhaps other posters who saw the program can clarify.


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Re: Joaohonesto's posts/snippets saved from Mirror Forum

Postby bomaris » Thu Apr 17, 2008 7:42 am

KazLux wrote:thanks to joaohonesto

this is only in the paper edition of today's 24horas:


Clarence Mitchell Threatens

Yesterday the spokesman of the McCann couple set up meetings with the chief editors of the main British newspapers. The latter didn't receive Clarence Mitchell and sent their editors instead. The former journalist allegedly warned those responsible to be careful about "writing unfounded stuff".The lawyers of the McCanns are monitoring all the news in Portugal and the UK in order to take legal action. Clarence went to the "Daily Star" and "The Sun".

Sónia Trigueirão

Thanks for that! Makes sense of the sudden "black hole" in the reporting just as things got really interesting "the Tanner reaction".

What other spokesperson for criminal suspects has ever had the right to summon chief editors of our newspapers to a ticking off?

This shows exactly why the McCanns are a real and present threat to our constitutional freedoms and have to be stopped.
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Re: Joaohonesto's posts/snippets from Mirror Forum & Bararguido

Postby KazLux » Thu Apr 17, 2008 8:06 am

Good morning Bomaris :D
I'm glad you find these useful.

Finally, Joaohonesto has uploaded many relevant, Portugese, video's on YouTube, under the name of Alvesdosreis2007: see ... arch_type=
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