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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby paulosgirl » Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:41 pm

A nice job and a good salary

Clarence Mitchell has a nice job with a good salary, working as a spokesman of a couple of suspects of the disappearance of a little child, almost one year ago. Finding Madeleine McCann, dead or alive, would mean the end of his job.

A friend of mine, also a journalist, thinks that Clarence Mitchell is a scum bag and a scoundrel, because he has no ethical boundaries in his attacks against Portugal and the Portuguese people. I don't agree with him.

Of course, I'm not insinuating that Mr. Clarence Mitchell has a personal interest in keeping the idea that the child was kidnapped, the McCann are innocent, the Portuguese police are a bunch of drunken incompetents and the Portuguese journalists are "stupid sardines" (as another British journalist said, recently, in Brussels). No.

Another friend of mine believes that Clarence Mitchell is mentally xxxxxxxx, because he asked for a foreign police force – FBI, Scotland Yard or Europol - to take action at the territory of a sovereign country, Portugal, when he called for a "a wide-ranging inquiry into the Portuguese handling" of the case "by officers from outside the country".

Well, I have to agree. Only a mentally xxxxxxxx could propose something like that. Scum bags, scoundrels and mentally xxxxxxxx people are quite common, among journalists from British tabloids. But you can, also, find some of those specimen among ex-BBC journalists.

Just read what an idiot, David Rose, wrote - "The damning case against the Portuguese police" - a story that I consider as the third most shameless manipulation of information I read, since May 3rd 2007 and I believe you will agree with me. Talking about the ranking of worst British journalists in Madeleine's case, first place belongs to Grant Hodgson, a real scum bag who wrote false news, and second place to that imbecile from Sky News, Martin Brunt.

This is not the starting of the "silly season", that period of time when newspapers have no news, politicians are all on holidays and editors must be "creative" to have a good headline. This is the beginning of another season of insults against all Portuguese people, marking one year of Madeleine's disappearance.

Does the British Media knows that there are limits for these kind of campaigns? That they can produce nasty results?

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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby DJ » Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:26 pm

http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogs ... ffect.html


The McCann effect

"TERRIFIED pensioners were mugged at gunpoint while on holiday in Portugal" - this the title of a tragic story, published by The Citizen, from Blackburn. Reading it, you can easily think that going to Darfur or Algarve is not very different, in what concerns risking your life. The persistent and powerful campaign of the McCann to undermine the credibility of Portugal, presenting it as a country with third world standards of life, shows its results. Next, probably, we will hear about cannibals hunting poor Irish pensioners in Faro and head-hunters collecting their souvenirs from innocent English schoolgirls in Portimão.

And all of this because the parents of three small children choose to have fun and a few drinks, instead of taking proper care of their sons. I was really touched by the quick and public apology of Clarence Mitchell, after newspapers run a story that could bring some damage to the image of Mark Warner, the company that owns the Ocean Club. It seems that Kate McCann said something, on a documentary to be broadcasted, that could be understood as a critic to Mark Warner. No, far from that, Mr. Clarence Mitchell told the Media, Kate McCann never had any intention of criticizing the company. Sounds strange, for me, this denial, so blunt and so fast... Were the McCann afraid of the reaction of Mark Warner? If yes, I wonder what could be the reason...

Anyway, we know that next May 3rd will be marked by a new, strong and violent attack to the Portuguese police investigation and, at the same time, the McCann will announce specific plans for future actions, in the field of child protection, where they want to play a key role. Allow me to suggest a slogan for their campaign to have an "Amber alert" in Europe: "Never live your children alone in an apartment to go out for diner with your friends..."

Posted by Paulo Reis at 00:02:00

Links provided in support of this article: ... terror.php ... ddy123.xml
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby HawkEyes1 » Wed Apr 30, 2008 7:47 pm

SOS Madeleine McCann, April 30, 2008

McCann veulent interdire "La v├®rit├® du mensonge"
L'annonce de la publication du livre "La v├®rit├® du mensonge", sign├® par l'inspecteur de la Police Judiciaire (PJ) Gon├ºalo Amaral, ancien responsable de l'enqu├¬te ├á la disparition de Madeleine, inqui├¿te Kate et Gerry McCann qui ont demand├® ├á leurs avocats de faire interdire toute publication.

Ind├®pendamment de l'idiome de publication, le couple McCann, selon un proche, est pr├¬t ├á entamer des poursuites en justice contre l'inspecteur si son livre r├®v├¿le certains d├®tails des ├®v├®nements qui ont entour├® la disparition de Maddie.

Au Portugal, les avocats du couple se sont d├®j├á pench├®s sur la question de savoir si l'inspecteur aurait, ou non, le droit de publier un livre qui r├®v├¿le les d├®tails d'une enqu├¬te qu'il ├á lui-m├¬me dirig├® et sur laquelle il doit garder une certaine r├®serve malgr├® son annonce de quitter les cadres de la PJ.

Des contacts informels ont ├®t├® faits aupr├¿s de la direction nationale de la Police Judiciaire afin de conna├«tre les ├®ventuels limitations ├á que Gon├ºalo Amaral serait oblig├®.

Gon├ºalo Amaral, coordinateur du D├®partement d'Investigation Criminelle (DIC) de la Police Judiciaire (PJ) ├á Portim├úo au moment de la disparition de Maddie, ├á ├®t├® responsable des investigations qui ont amen├® ├á que Kate et Gerry McCann soient constitu├®s arguidos, suspects d'avoir simul├® l'enl├¿vement de leur fille et la dissimulation de son corps.

Ecart├® de l'enqu├¬te en octobre 2007 par le directeur national de la PJ, officiellement en cons├®quence d'un article du Di├írio de Noticias, sign├® par Jos├® Manuel Oliveira, lui attribuant des d├®clarations critiquant le travail de la police britannique, l'inspecteur Gon├ºalo Amaral continue ├á b├®n├®ficier de la confiance inconditionnel de ses coll├¿gues mais ├®galement de l'Association Syndical des Fonctionnaires d'Investigation Criminelle (ASFIC).

L'arriv├®e de l'inspecteur Paulo Rebelo ├á permis une r├®vision du dossier mais la ligne d'enqu├¬te n'a jamais chang├® car toutes les pistes et indices suivies par Gon├ºalo Amaral ont maintenu sa valeur.

Apr├¿s son d├®part de la Police Judiciaire, Gon├ºalo Amaral compte entamer des poursuites en justice contre plusieurs m├®dias britanniques que, ├á default de trouver une faille ├á son parcours professionnel, avaient choisie de traiter l'inspecteur d'ivrogne, gros, etc.

3 livres : Maddie, l'enquête et la machine McCann
Si le livre "La v├®rit├® du mensonge" – encore sans date de publication d├®termin├®e– n'apporte pas l'opinion personnelle de Gon├ºalo Amaral ├á propos de la disparition de Madeleine, il permet toutefois aux lecteurs de comprendre le travail de la police portugaise et britannique qui ├á conduit les McCann ├á ├¬tre constitu├®s comme arguidos.

Selon l'avocat Ant├│nio Paulo Santos qui repr├®sente l'inspecteur, dans "La v├®rit├® du mensonge", Gon├ºalo Amaral ne donne pas son opinion personnelle ├á propos de la disparition de Madeleine.

"Le livre sera le r├®cit de quelqu'un qui ├á v├®cu l'investigation de l'int├®rieur, mais aussi de tous les faits qui l'entourent. Il interpr├¿te les faits et les indices", affirme l'avocat, soulignant que le sujet du livre, pr├®vu en portugais et anglais, n'est pas Maddie mais plut├┤t l'enqu├¬te ├á sa disparition.

En anglais, c'est au tour de Kate et Gerry McCann d'annoncer qu'ils n├®gocient la publication d'un livre qui raconte leur exp├®rience apr├¿s la disparition de leur fille. Selon plusieurs sources, une avance de plus d'un million et deux cents mil euros ├á ├®t├® propos├® au couple pour leur r├®cit.

Selon leur responsable en communication, le livre sign├® par les McCann raconte leur version de l'histoire. "L'unique livre officiel", souligne Clarence Mitchell.

Aucune date n'est encore avanc├®e pour la sortie du livre mais, selon les estimations de plusieurs experts de l'├®dition, il risque de devenir, au Royaume-Uni, un succ├¿s financier sans pr├®c├®dentes.

La machine McCann racont├®e en fran├ºais
Un troisi├¿me livre, cette fois-ci en fran├ºais, viendra apporter une vision diff├®rente de l'affaire McCann. Cosign├® par plusieurs journalistes et ├®dit├® au d├®part de la Belgique, le livre raconte comment et pourquoi la machine m├®diatique ├á ├®t├® mise en place avant m├¬me le d├®but de l'enqu├¬te ├á la disparition de Madeleine McCann.

Pr├®vu pour le mois de juin, il d├®montre comment la diplomatie britannique ├á influenc├® le d├®roulement des investigations, notamment par la mise ├á disposition des McCann des moyens de l'├®tat, mais il explique ├®galement quel ├á ├®t├® le r├┤le de chaque intervenant.

Divers documents confidentiels et transcriptions d'enregistrements d'appels t├®l├®phoniques vont illustrer le r├®cit.

Since I was translating this article to post on the UPDATE ON THE ROGATORY LETTERS AND THE ONGOING PJ INTERVIEWS thread, I thought it would be useful to post it here on the reference thread for the record:

McCann want to ban The Truth of Lies
The announcement of the publication of the book, The Truth of Lies, authored by Policia Judicaria (PJ) Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, former head of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, worries Kate and Gerry McCann, who have asked their lawyers to prohibit any publication.

Regardless of the language of the publication, the McCann couple, according to a close source, is ready to initiate proceedings against the inspector, if his book reveals some details of events surrounding the disappearance of Maddie.

In Portugal, the couple's lawyers have already addressed the question whether the inspector would have or not the right to publish a book revealing details of an investigation he, himself, directed, and in which it must keep a certain reserve, despite his announcement to leave the cadre of the PJ.

Informal contacts have been made to the National Directorate of the Policia Judicaria to find out the possible limitations Gonçalo Amaral would be obliged.

Gonçalo Amaral, coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Policia Judiciaria in Portimão at the time of the disappearance of Maddie, was responsible for investigations that led to Kate and Gerry McCann being declared arguidos, suspects in having simulated the abduction of their daughter and in the concealment of her body.

Around the investigation in October 2007 by the national director of the Policia Judiciaria, officially as the result of an article in the Diario de Noticias, by Jos├® Manuel Oliveira, attributing to him some critical statements of the work of the British police, Inspector Gon├ºalo Amaral continued to benefit from the unconditional trust of his colleagues but also by the Associa├º├úo Sindical dos Funcion├írios de Investiga├º├úo Criminal (ASFIC).

The arrival of Inspector Paulo Rebelo led to a revision of the dossier, but the line of investigation has never changed because all tracks and evidence followed by Gonçalo Amaral have maintained their value.

After his departure from the Policia Judicaria, Gonçalo Amaral continued his pursuit of justice against several British media that to default to find a loophole in his professional career, had chosen to treat the inspector as a drunk, gross, and so on.

3 books: Maddie, the investigation and McCann machine
If the book, The Truth of Lies - with no publication date as yet - does not agree with the personal opinion of Gonçalo Amaral about the disappearance of Madeleine, however, it allows readers to understand the work of the Portuguese and British police, which led to the McCanns being declared arguidos.

According to António Paulo Santos lawyer who represents the inspector, in The Truth of Lies, Gonçalo Amaral does not give his personal opinion about the disappearance of Madeleine.

"The book is the story of someone who lived in the inside investigation, but also all the facts that surround it. It interprets the facts and evidence," affirms the lawyer, stressing that the topic of the book, scheduled in both Portuguese and English, is not Maddie but rather the investigation into her disappearance.

In English, it is the turn of Kate and Gerry McCann to announce that they are negotiating the publication of a book that tells of their experience after the disappearance of their daughter. According to several sources, an advance of more than one million and two hundred thousand euros was proposed to the couple for their story.

According to their spokesman, the book signed by the McCanns tells their version of history. "The only official book," says Clarence Mitchell.

No date has yet been given for the release of the book, but according to estimates by several expert editors, it might become, in the United Kingdom, a financial success without precedence.

The McCann machine told in French
A third book, this time in French, will provide a different view of the McCann affair. Co-authored by several journalists and edited from Belgium, the book tells how and why the media machine had been put in place even before the start of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Scheduled for the month of June, it demonstrates how British diplomacy has influenced the conduct of investigations, notably by the provision of assistance to the McCanns from the state, but it also explains what was the role of each stakeholder.

Other confidential documents and transcripts of recordings of telephone calls will illustrate the story.
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby celticcarla » Wed Apr 30, 2008 7:59 pm

Hawkeyes thank you very much for your work and giving us this to read.

The McCann machine told in French
A third book, this time in French, will provide a different view of the McCann affair. Co-authored by several journalists and edited from Belgium, the book tells how and why the media machine had been put in place even before the start of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Scheduled for the month of June, it demonstrates how British diplomacy has influenced the conduct of investigations, notably by the provision of assistance to the McCanns from the state, but it also explains what was the role of each stakeholder.

Other confidential documents and transcripts of recordings of telephone calls will illustrate the story.

this grench book is potentially explosive imo. i hope to get a copy and translate it or have it translated for me.

the mcs trying to stop amaral, good luck, he isnt the first and wont be the last detective tow rite about inside the investigation of a crime. i hope he gets a movie deal out of it as well. hollywood will come calling mr amaral and you will be a hero.
"We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else's business", says David Payne.
Gonçalo Amaral promises to clarify "all the lies created"
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby HawkEyes1 » Wed Apr 30, 2008 8:09 pm

You're welcome, celticcaria!

I think this third book will be the most explosive of all three books on the McCann affair!
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby KazLux » Sat May 03, 2008 10:15 am
Google translation

McCann invite the witnesses to violate the secrecy of justice
Kate and Gerry McCann, arguidos in the investigation with the disappearance of their Madeleine daughter, launched a call to all the witnesses who provided information to the Judicial police within the framework of the investigations, requiring of them to contact the new phone number brought into service today of the United Kingdom.

Fault of having succeeded in having access to the file of the Judicial police, still under secrecy of justice, the couple seeks to take note of what the witnesses could say to the Judicial police.

"What we ask you to do it is, if you provided information to the police force (British), Crimestoppers, or the Portuguese police force, we ask you to also communicate them to us," with asked Gerry McCann.

According to a source of the Public ministry in Lisbon, "the call launched by the McCann couple be equivalent to an incentive with the crime, because all the witnesses must respect the secrecy of justice and do not have to reveal information of the file, excludes in the cases envisaged by the law."

The new number (00 44.845 8384699), formally presented this Friday by interviews of Kate and Gerry McCann preregistered in a hotel of London, replaces the line brought into service by Metodo 3 in Barcelona (Spain) and which forever brought least credible information in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine.

Madeleine disappeared on May 3, 2007, a few days before its fourth birthday, of the interior of the apartment of holidays chosen by her parents with the Ocean Club, a tourist complex with Praia da Luz, the south of Portugal, under management of the British company Mark Warner.

Kate and Gerry McCann, after having failed to obtain the abandonment, by the Portuguese authorities, about their statute of arguidos, complain not to have had access to information under secrecy of justice.

In spite of the intervention of the person in charge in communication, Clarence Mitchell, former head of the Unit of Monitoring of the Media of the government of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and the pressure exerted by the British diplomacy near the Portuguese authorities, the lawyers of the couple in the United Kingdom and Portugal did not succeed in taking note of the true nature of the elements joined together by the Judicial police and her colleagues of Leicestershire.

Always without any help of the British authorities, Robert Murat requests accounts from the media

Correio da Manhã and the Newspaper of Noticias are the first Portuguese media with becoming the target of the lawsuits in justice of the British Robert Murat, first arguido in the investigation with disappearance of Madeleine McCann, who shows them slandering. According to its lawyer, Francisco Pagarete, the 24 Horas and television channels TVI and RTP will be the next ones to join an enormous list or appear already all the great British media.

The amount of the alleged compensations was not revealed yet because the British gives preference to the negotiations into private before advancing towards the rooms of the courts.

In the United Kingdom, Robert Murat already showed slandering 13 newspapers and a television channel. The British, who forever received in Portugal the least help of its embassy or consulate, request with the media of its country the sum record of 2 million books, more than 2,5 million euros, one of the greatest compensations in the history of the United Kingdom.
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby KazLux » Sat May 03, 2008 1:44 pm

Cleaned-up Google translation

4 burglaries around the McCann case.

According to Martin Brunt, the envoy of Sky News in Portugal, two of the friends that Kate and Gerry McCann have left in Praia da Luz, the Anglican priest Haynes Hubbard and his wife were burglarized, losing the laptop which contained several documents in connection with the Madeleine case.

The computer contained the notes on which the priest based himself to prepare the sermon for the ceremonies intended to mark the first anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine, but also all personal and confidential emails exchanged with Kate and Gerry McCann, even after their departure in the United Kingdom. The burglar also took a cellphone containing all the private phone numbers, included there those of Madeleine's parents.

This burglary is not the first that happened to people who are, direct or indirectly, involved with the McCann case: in a hotel in London, a journalist had his cellphone and his laptop stolen. In spite of a wallet and a few thousands of euros on the night stand, the burglar had preferred to carry away the computer containing the only copy filtered towards the media of a report of the intelligence services concerning the Madeleine case. The article remained unfinished forever.

Another victim of a burglary, a holiday maker of Belgian origin, residing in Spain, had his camera stolen, containing the images taken during his holidays with Praia da Luz, from his home. The burglar had not hesitated to be penetrate into the house during the night, while everyone slept on the floor above, and in spite of the presence of objects of priceless value, the photo camera was the only victim.

More recently, in Portugal, the neighbouring house to that of inspector Gonçalo Amaral was also the target of burglars. According to a source of the local police, the burglar would have been mistaken in house, ultimately stealing only documents.
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby DJ » Sat May 03, 2008 3:23 pm

http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogs ... awyer.html


Is Mr. Rog├®rio Alves just a stupid lawyer who thinks everybody is stupid?

The McCann "never lost faith in the Portuguese Police", Mr. Rog├®rio Alves, former president of Portuguese Bar Association told, a few minutes ago, during a TV program, broadcasted by SIC. I remember Kate McCann accusing Portuguese police of running out of budget and wanting to close the case, making the parents a scapegoat.
So, I ask again: is Mr. Rog├®rio Alves just a stupid lawyer, not worth the large amount of money he is being paid? Is he just so incompetent that he has no idea of what his clients told to the Media? Or is he just lying?

Just for the record, let me quote Kate McCann, in a interview with the Sunday Mirror (*): ... -19758451/

"Breaking down in tears, distraught Kate said of the Portuguese police: "They want me to lie - I'm being framed. Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."

Gerry McCann also told the News of the World ... up__Extra_

"that Portuguese officers were looking for a quick end to the case and were exploiting apparent discrepancies in the couple's account of what happened. 'In a system that you don't know and don't really trust it's incredibly frightening,' he said."

(*) The News of the World and the Daily Express had these same comments of Kate and Gerry McCann on-line, on September last year, but they deleted or changed the story, later – like most sites did. Anyway, there is a dozen of sites – more or less – where you can still read the McCann accusations against Portuguese police. Hurry up, before these pages are deleted: ... -19758451/ ... icion.html ... _court.php ... olice-moc/ - Article now deleted - Article now deleted
http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogs ... ccann.html
http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogs ... -town.html
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby DJ » Sat May 03, 2008 3:24 pm

http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogs ... esses.html


Suspects want to know what witnesses told police

A year after Madeleine McCann, a three year old child, disappeared, Kate and Gerry, both formal suspects in her disappearance, made a public appeal to everybody that gave statements to police to contact them: "You may have told the Portuguese police, but tell us. We need to know and we want to know (...) We have not had access to that information and we want it. We want to know what has been done and what hasn't been done." That's normal. It doesn't surprise me that a couple of formal suspects of a crime want to know what kind of information police has, about that crime... ... -20402025/
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby DJ » Sat May 03, 2008 3:26 pm

http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogs ... nd-tv.html


Small children, hotels, and TV documentaries

"Emma Loach, the director of 'Madeleine McCann: One Year On': 'The setting may sound formal, but the glorious garden vistas (meals can be served outside in the summer months) must make dinner the most alluring element of the hotel for most guests, and the sneak preview merely offers more incentive to get the kids bathed and bedded as soon as possible so we can have our turn come dinnertime." - Rectory Hotel, Cotswolds, Emma Loach review

Read the full text here. ... ticolo=112
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby DJ » Sat May 03, 2008 3:29 pm

http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogs ... rsary.html


Gerry McCann: planning for the anniversary (*)

Sunday June 3, 2007

There was talk of establishing a special Madeleine Day, to be marked by a global pop concert. Sir Elton John had been playing a DVD of Madeleine at recent concerts and it was thought that a host of big-name stars could join him from around the world.

"One of the ideas is getting all of the people who have publicly supported us to come together," said Gerry. "I don't just mean from the UK but from different parts of the world. We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing.

"It will be some sort of focus around an anniversary to tell people Madeleine's still missing. I think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up.

"It wouldn't be a one-year anniversary; it would be sooner than that.

"What we're doing at the minute has its role but doing that down the line in a few months won't have anything like the same impact. We might have a sporting event, something arts, something music. We've had backing from sporting people up to now.

"We have had backing from certain musical celebrities as well. We've got some other musical contacts who are happy to offer support. We're not saying it would necessarily be one big concert, it might be that on a certain day they are playing her DVD.

"What we want is maximum message out there now, about her disappearance, but then events occasionally to remind people if she's not found."

It was a measure of how professional the campaign to keep Madeleine in the spotlight had become. There was a short-term strategy, along with a longer-term strategy – and also, perhaps for the first time on the part of the parents, an acceptance that Madeleine might never be found.

Difficult as it must have been to discuss, Gerry acknowledged what was on so many minds. "Of course we believe Madeleine is still alive but you would be incredible if you hadn't considered the worst scenario, that she's dead," he said.

Worldwide support continued at the Epsom Derby where all the jockeys wore yellow ribbons to highlight the fact that Madeleine was still missing. Jockey and father of two Martin Dwyer came up with the initiative and said:

"People all over the globe are watching the Derby and we owe it to this little girl to do what we can to help."

By now, Find Madeleine had broadened into a campaign to highlight the plight of other missing children as well. To mark the 50 days since Madeleine's disappearance, plans were made to release 50 balloons in 50 countries, including Germany, France, Australia, Dubai, Canada, America and El Salvador.

"We will probably have 10 centres in the UK, like Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester, as well as Ireland and Guernsey, where we have friends," Gerry said.

"We are going to tie it in with other missing kids. We were anxious about going to their countries and asking for help in finding Madeleine. But they have said to us: 'What you are doing is amazing and it is helping us.'"

(*) This story is no more available online. The title is from Gazeta Digital.

Posted by Paulo Reis at 00:08:00
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby frencheuropean » Tue May 06, 2008 12:11 pm

SOS Madeleine 5/05/2008 ( with corrections)

Conna├«tre le sort de Maddie d├®pend du retour des McCann

Absents de Praia da Luz pour le premier anniversaire de la disparition de leur fille Madeleine, Kate et Gerry McCann ont, une nouvelle fois, ├®t├® invit├®s par la Police Judiciaire ├á retourner au Portugal afin d'y participer ├á la reconstitution de leurs mouvements le jour et la nuit du 3 mai de l'ann├®e pass├®e.

Le couple, qui n'est plus retourn├® au Portugal depuis qu'ils ont ├®t├® constitu├®s arguidos dans l'enqu├¬te sur la disparition de Madeleine et leur imm├®diat retour ├á Rothley, continue ├á refuser tout d├®placement malgr├® l'importance accord├®e par la police portugaise et britannique ├á cette reconstitution que permettrait de faire ├®voluer les investigations.

Hier, Alipio Ribeiro, directeur nationale de la Police Judiciaire (PJ) ├á r├®affirm├® l'importance du retour des McCann ├á Praia da Luz dans le cadre de l'enqu├¬te, soulignant que Kate et Gerry doivent se plier aux exigences de la loi portugaise.

Une opinion partag├®e ├á Enderby (Leicestershire – RU) o├╣ plusieurs officiers britanniques ont confirm├® l'importance du retour de Kate et Gerry McCann, accompagn├®s des sept amis du couple, ├á Praia da Luz : "Conna├«tre le sort de Madeleine peux d├®pendre de leur retour et de leur participation aux diverses diligences demand├®es par la police," ├á dit un des officiers.

Jusqu'ici, malgr├® les affirmations contradictoires de leur avocat au Portugal et de leur charg├® en communication au Royaume-Uni, Kate et Gerry McCann ont toujours refus├® d'effectuer le voyage, imposant comme condition ├á leur retour que leur statut d'arguidos soit lev├®.

Contrairement aux McCann, Robert Murat, l'autre arguido dans l'enqu├¬te, ├á manifest├® sa totale disponibilit├® pour participer aux nouvelles diligences demand├®es par les enqu├¬teurs, comme le confirme son avocat, Ma├«tre Francisco Pagarete.

Murat, voisin du complexe touristique de la Mark Warner, ├®tait devenu arguido dans l'enqu├¬te ├á la disparition de Madeleine apr├¿s avoir ├®t├® d├®nonc├® par deux autres britanniques, parmi elles la journaliste Lori Campbell, qui continue ├á accompagner l'affaire McCann pour le tablo├»de The Mirror.

"J'ai trouv├® tr├¿s ├®trange qu'il parle beaucoup de la fillette, surtout du travail de la police et de l'├®tat de l'enqu├¬te. Par ailleurs, il ├®tait tr├¿s flou sur son pass├®", avait racont├® Lori Campbell aux autres journalistes apr├¿s avoir fait part de ses soup├ºons ├á la police britannique et ├á l'ambassade du Royaume-Uni au Portugal, qui ne s'est pas priv├®e d'intervenir dans l'enqu├¬te de la PJ.

Brian Kennedy avait rencontr├® Murat

Les enqu├¬teurs de la Police Judiciaire et leurs coll├¿gues britanniques s'interrogent toujours ├á propos des r├®elles intentions du multimillionnaire Brian Kennedy apr├¿s la r├®cente r├®v├®lation de que celui-ci est retourn├® au Portugal, ├á la fin de l'ann├®e pass├®e pour y rencontrer Robert Murat, un des arguidos de l'enqu├¬te sur la disparition de Madeleine McCann.

Le multimillionnaire soutient financi├¿rement Kate et Gerry McCann depuis plusieurs mois, c'est lui qui prend en charge une partie des honoraires et frais de l'agence de d├®tectives espagnols Metodo 3 et la totalit├® des salaires de Clarence Mitchell, le responsable en communication du couple.

Avec un nouveau contrat Metodo 3 "se doit de penser que Maddie est en vie"

L'agence de d├®tectives Metodo 3, bas├®e ├á Barcelone, a vu le contrat avec Kate et Gerry McCann prolong├® pour six mois de plus, comme l'a confirm├® son directeur, Francisco Marco, dans une entrevue ├á la t├®l├®vision espagnole.

Plus prudent que par le pass├®, le controvers├® directeur de Metodo 3 n'a pas affirm├® cat├®goriquement que Madeleine est toujours en vie, comme il l'avait fait ├á plusieurs reprises par le pass├®. Selon Francisco Marco, quand il parle ├á la famille de Madeleine, il se doit de penser que l'enfant est encore en vie sinon "il est tr├¿s difficile de faire son travail."

Francisco Marco ├á encore affirm├® que son ├®quipe aurait suivi des signalements de Maddie dans 25 ├á 30 pays, sans toutefois pr├®ciser comment son agence, tr├¿s limit├®e en personnel, aurait pu le faire.

Pour le directeur de Metodo 3, "les parents de Madeleine sont absolument innocents" m├¬me si le d├®tective reconna├«t baser son opinion sur ses convictions personnelles prises apr├¿s avoir vu le comportement des parents avec les deux autres enfants du couple (Sean et Am├®lie) et un entretien de cinq minutes avec Kate McCann.

"Ils ├®taient dans un pays ├®tranger, ne parlaient pas la langue, alors quand leur enfant a disparu leur premi├¿re r├®action a ├®t├® de prendre contact avec des personnes et les m├®dias au Royaume-Uni," ├á conclu Francisco Marco.

Nouveau cas de n├®gligence par des parents britanniques dans l'Algrave.

Un nouveau cas de n├®gligence, mettant en cause un couple de nationalit├® irlandaise et ses trois enfants, devra ├¬tre examin├® aujourd'hui par le Tribunal de Faro (Algarve). Selon le magistrat de permanence, la GNR - l'├®quivalent de l'ancienne gendarmerie belge - ├á ├®t├® alert├®e ce week-end par le personnel d'un h├┤tel de Loul├® signalant la pr├®sence d'un couple compl├¿tement ivre, dans un ├®tat proche du coma ├®thylique, en compagnie de trois enfants.

Constatant l'├®tat des parents, les agents de la police ont pris en charge les trois enfants, un b├®b├® d'un an et ses fr├¿res de trois et six ans, jusqu'├á l'arriv├®e d'une assistante sociale.

Pendant que le couple, de 32 et 35 ans, a ├®t├® conduit sans connaissance par une ambulance vers l'h├┤pital de Loul├® (Algarve), les enfants, apr├¿s avoir ├®t├® examin├®s par un m├®decin, ont ├®t├® confi├®s au Ref├║gio Aboim Ascens├úo, un centre d'accueil et d'aide ├á l'enfance, o├╣ ils sont arriv├®s vers cinq heures du matin.

Le m├¬me jour o├╣, ├á Praia da Luz, on signalait le premier anniversaire de la disparition de Madeleine McCann, que ses parents avaient laiss├®e sans surveillance dans leur appartement de vacances, ce nouveau cas de n├®gligence renforce la conviction des autorit├®s portugaises qu'il est n├®cessaire de sensibiliser les milliers de touristes, ├á majorit├® des britanniques, qui chaque ann├®e choisissent le sud du Portugal pour ces vacances, ├á propos des consignes de s├®curit├® ├á prendre avec des enfants.

Malgr├® la mise en danger des enfants, le magistrat du Minist├¿re Public (MP), contre l'avis du responsable du centre d'aide ├á l'enfance, a permis que les parents puissent r├®cup├®rer les enfants apr├¿s leur sortie de l'h├┤pital. Le couple risque une peine de prison allant de 2 ├á 5 ans pour mise en danger, voire abandon d'enfants.

Selon Luis Villas-Boas, responsable du centre d'accueil et d'aide ├á l'enfance, "il s'agit d'un cas grave de n├®gligence" ou, heureusement, un drame ├á ├®t├® ├®vit├® gr├óce ├á la r├®action du personnel de l'h├┤tel qui avait fait appel aux pompiers et ├á la police.

Selon les agents de la police locale, dans le frigo de l'appartement de vacances occup├® par cette famille il n'y avait rien de pr├®vu pour les enfants, uniquement de l'alcool pour les parents.

L'information est reprise aujourd'hui par la presse britannique et portugaise o├╣, une fois encore, on constate la diff├®rence de traitement donn├® par les journalistes des deux pays : si les portugais ont gard├® l'habituel anonymat du couple, la presse britannique n'a pas h├®sit├® ├á divulguer l'identit├® des parents et, par cons├®quence, des enfants.

Google Translation ( a bit )improved

Knowing the fate of Maddie depends on the return of McCann

Missing from Praia da Luz for the first anniversary of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, Kate and Gerry McCann have once again been invited by the police to return to Portugal to participate in the reconstruction of their movements on the day and the night of May 3 of last year.

The couple, who no longer returned to Portugal since they were formed arguidos jn the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine and their immediate return to Rothley, continues to refuse any movement despite the importance attached by the Portuguese and British police to a reconstitution that that could change the investigations.

Yesterday, Alipio Ribeiro, national director of the Judicial Police (PJ) reaffirmed the importance of the return of McCann in Praia da Luz in connection with the investigation, stressing that Kate and Gerry must comply with the requirements of Portuguese law.

An opinion shared in Enderby (Leicestershire - UK) where several British officers have confirmed the importance of the return of Kate and Gerry McCann, accompanied by seven friends of the couple, in Praia da Luz: "Knowing the fate of Madeleine can depend on their return and their participation in various due diligences requested by the police, "said one of the officers.

So far, despite contradictory statements by their counsel in Portugal and their responsible of communication in the United Kingdom, Kate and Gerry McCann have always refused to make the trip, imposing as a condition for their return that their status is arguidos lifted.

Unlike McCann, Robert Murat, another arguido in the investigation, expressed its complete readiness to participate in the new diligence requested by the investigators, as confirmed by his lawyer, Senior Francisco Pagarete.

Murat, adjacent to the tourist complex of the Mark Warner, became arguido in investigating the disappearance of Madeleine after being denounced by two other British, among them the journalist Lori Campbell, who continues to follow the case of the McCann for the tabloid The Mirror.

"I found it very strange that he talks a lot about the little girl , especially of police work and the status of the investigation. In addition, it was very vague about his past," Lori Campbell had told the other journalists after having made told the British police about her suspicions, and also the Embassy of the United Kingdom , which had no hesitation in interfering in the private investigation of the PJ.

Brian Kennedy had met Murat

Investigators of the Judicial Police and their British colleagues always wonder about the real intentions of multimillionaire Brian Kennedy after the recent revelation that it is returned to Portugal at the end of the year past, to meet Robert Murat, one of arguidos in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The multimillionaire financially supports Kate and Gerry McCann past several months, he supports a portion of fees and agency detectives Spanish Metodo 3 and the total wages of Clarence Mitchell, responsible couple communication .

With a new contract, Metodo 3 "must think that Maddie is alive"

The agency detectives Metodo 3, based in Barcelona, saw the contract with Kate and Gerry McCann extended for six more months, as confirmed by its director, Francisco Marco, in an interview with Spanish television.

More cautious than in the past, the controversial director of Metodo 3 has not stated categorically that Madeleine is still alive, as he had done several times in the past. According to Francisco Marco, when he spoke to the family of Madeleine, he must believe that the child is still alive if not, "it is very difficult to do its job."

Francisco Marco to further claimed that his team have followed reports of Maddie in 25 to 30 countries, but did not specify how his agency is very limited staff could have done.

For the director of Metodo 3, "Madeleine's parents are absolutely innocent" even if the detective acknowledged basing his opinion on his personal convictions taken after seeing the behaviour of parents with two other children of the couple (Sean and Amelie) and a five-minute interview with Kate McCann.

"They were in a foreign country, could not speak the language, so when their child has disappeared their first reaction was to get in touch with people and the media in the United Kingdom," concluded Francisco Marco.

New case of negligence by parents in the British Algrave.

A new case of negligence, involving a couple of Irish nationality and her three children, will be examined today by the Court of Faro (Algarve). According to the magistrate of permanence, the GNR - the equivalent of the former Belgian gendarmerie - was alerted this weekend by the staff of a hotel of Loul├® indicating the presence of a couple completely drunk, in a state of near Ethyl coma, accompanied by three children.

Noting the status of parents, police officers took care of three children, one baby a year and his three brothers and six years, until the arrival of a social worker.

While the couple, 32 and 35 years, was taken unconscious by ambulance to a hospital Loul├® (Algarve), children, after being examined by a doctor, have been entrusted to Ref├║gio Aboim Ascens├úo, a centre Reception and assistance to children, where they arrived around five o'clock in the morning.

The same day, in Praia da Luz, reported on the first anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, his parents had left unattended in their holiday apartment, new cases of negligence strengthens the belief of the Portuguese authorities that it is necessary to educate thousands of tourists, a majority of British, who annually choose southern Portugal for these holidays, about the security to take with children.

Despite the endangerment of children, the magistrate of the Public Ministry (MP), against the opinion of the head of the centre for children, has allowed parents to retrieve their children after leaving the hospital. The couple faced a prison sentence ranging from 2 to 5 years for endangerment, or even abandonment of children.

According to Luis Villas-Boas, head of shelter and assistance to children, "it is a serious case of negligence" or, fortunately, a tragedy was averted thanks to the reaction of staff the hotel, which had appealed to the firefighters and police.

According to local police, in the refrigerator of the holiday apartment occupied by the family there was nothing planned for children, only alcohol for parents.

The information is taken today by the British press and Portuguese where once again we see the difference in treatment given by journalists from both countries: while the Portuguese have kept the usual anonymity of the couple, the British press has not hesitated to disclose the identity of parents and, by consequence, children.

SOS Madeleine 6/05/2008

The replacement of the director of the PJ brings a new impetus to the investigation McCann

In Portugal, several inspectors contacted this evening, expressed their surprise and satisfaction at the appointment of their colleague Almeida Rodrigues at the head of the Judicial Police (PJ), replacing Alipio Ribeiro, the national director resigned.

According to the inspectors, "This appointment brings a new impetus to the Judicial Police and in particular the ongoing investigations, including investigations concerning the disappearance of Madeleine."

Alipio Ribeiro, the national director resigned, had lost the support of almost all inspectors from the PJ having rejected Gonçalo Amaral for the Coordination of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimão, removing him at the same time the responsibility the investigation Madeleine.

The warrant Alípio Ribeiro as national director of the PJ, which ended in April next year has been marked by several controversies, the latest leading to the resignation: Alipio Ribeiro had said the media that the passage of PJ, supervised by the Ministry of Internal Administration, would provide greater efficiency. "

His position within the Judicial Police was already seriously weakened as a result of an earlier controversial statement, about the investigation Maddie, where Alípio Ribeiro had said in an interview that there had been "hasty" in McCann constitution of the couple as arguidos.

Carlos Anjos, president of the Association of Civil Servants Trade Union of Criminal Investigation (ASFIC) PJ, welcomed the choice of government stressing "it is the first time a career police officer is appointed to lead Institution, a post usually given to a magistrate.

The announcement of the appointment of new national director of the PJ has been made this afternoon by the Ministry of Justice, through a press release stating that the minister had "accepted the resignation request of Alipio Ribeiro . "

The inspector Jose Maria d'Almeida Rodrigues, aged 49, has a law degree and had hitherto served as coordinator of the DIC of Coimbra. Throughout his career in PJ, he was faced with some difficult cases and media, including the investigation of crimes motivated by a satanic Aveiro and serial killer of Santa Comba Dão. More recently, he was found behind the arrest of the public enemy number one from Spain, known as "El Solitario", accused of killing three people and more than thirty attacks, with a deadly weapon, banks.

According to a source close to the new director, one of his deputies, on a return of inspectors in charge of the investigation file on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Surveillance video called into question the United Kingdom

One criticism too often put forward by the British media about cases of missing Madeleine McCann was now seriously shaken after the director of the department of images of Scotland Yard, Mike Neville, revealed that only 3% of crimes committed in the streets of London have been solved thanks to video images.

After the disappearance of Madeleine McCann of the holiday apartment of his parents, several British media had pointed the finger at virtually no video cameras in the streets Portuguese.

The video surveillance on public roads, Portugal, subject to very strict rules, that has not prevented the inspectors from the Judicial Police put their hands on images captured by Madeleine in Praia da Luz.

According to the British officer, who did not speak as part of the McCann case, the use of video surveillance cameras, despite the huge investment, does not reduce crime.

The presence of cameras is not a deterrent because, says the detective, if criminals leave often assumed that they are out of service, police officers, in turn, do not look at the records, considering "it is a work too hard."

The Irish couple took the leak so as not compare to the court

The Irish couple who had been found in a state of coma ethyl and unable to care for her three children, aged one to six years, has left Portugal without appearing before the judge Beatriz Borges of the Court of Family and Minors Faro , Where he was expected today.

When contacted, the embassy in Lisbon was limited to confirm that the couple had taken a plane back to his country even before the end of his vacation.

According to a source of the Public Ministry, the case will be sent to the United Kingdom so that local authorities can check the welfare of children and decide on possible sanctions to take against the couple. In Portugal, is now the judge Beatriz Borges to assess whether to continue the proceedings.

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Since I was translating this article for the UPDATE ON THE ROGATORY LETTERS & ONGOING INTERVIEWS, I thought I would add my translation of this article here for reference:

SOS Madeleine McCann, 09.05.2008
Plusieurs t├®moins pr├¬ts ├á aider la PJ mais pas encore les McCann
Plusieurs t├®moins ont d├®j├á manifest├® leur disponibilit├® pour retourner ├á Praia da Luz, le village d'o├╣ Madeleine McCann a disparu, en r├®ponse ├á la demande de la Police Judiciaire (PJ) qui souhaite effectuer une reconstitution plus compl├¿te des ├®v├®nements du 3 mai 2007.

L'information a ├®t├® doublement confirm├®e aujourd'hui ├á Portim├úo (Portugal) et ├á Enderby (Royaume-Uni), m├¬me si les deux sources ont reconnu qu'il n'y a pas encore une date bien d├®termin├® pour cette diligence.

"Nous avons encore l'espoir que les parents de Madeleine se d├®cident ├á participer... logiquement, ils devraient ├¬tre les premiers ├á s'y int├®resser," affirme un officier de la police du Leicestershire.

Malgr├® les d├®clarations de ses avocats au Portugal, Kate et Gerry McCann ont fait savoir qu'ils n'avaient pas l'intention d'effectuer le voyage tant que les autorit├®s ne ce d├®cident pas ├á lever leur statut d'arguidos, ce que, dans la pratique, semble impossible, comme le couple doit le savoir.

Apr├¿s que Kate et Gerry avaient ├®t├® d├®clar├®es arguidos, en septembre dernier, les services diplomatiques du Royaume-Uni au Portugal avaient fait pression sur les autorit├®s portugaises pour que le couple puisse repartir, donnant leur garantie que les parents de Madeleine seraient de retour aussi t├┤t que la police le demande.

Huit mois apr├¿s, les diplomates ne sont plus en poste et la promesse ├á ├®t├® oubli├®, cot├® britannique.

Sans aucune aide de son gouvernement, l'autre arguido dans l'enqu├¬te ├á la disparition de Madeleine, le britannique Robert Murat, est disponible ├á participer ├á une reconstitution m├¬me si son avocat, ma├«tre Francisco Pagarete, contact├® par SOS Madeleine, affirme ne pas avoir re├ºu une demande officielle dans ce sens.

Le statut d'arguido peux ├¬tre maintenu, sous certaines conditions, pendant vingt ans, et Murat voudrait bien que l'enqu├¬te soit acc├®l├®r├® de forme ├á reprendre une vie aussi normale que possible, m├¬me si pour le moment, le britannique essaie de comprendre pourquoi, comment et qui serait derri├¿re les accusations qui ont ├®t├® faites ├á sa rencontre.

Au Royaume-Uni, Robert Murat a d├®j├á accus├® de diffamation 13 journaux et une chaine de t├®l├®vision. Le britannique demande aux m├®dias la somme record de 2 millions de livres, plus de 2,5 millions d'euros, une des plus grandes indemnisations dans l'histoire du Royaume-Uni, ce qu'explique que certains m├®dias ont pris la d├®cision d'effacer sur internet plusieurs articles ├á propos des accusations faites par le pass├®.

Les indices sont contre les McCann
Parmi les t├®moins que la police compte voire revenir ├á Praia da Luz, il y a une touriste allemande qu'├á affirm├® aux enqu├¬teurs avoir vu Kate McCann retourner ├á l'appartement pendant le diner, bien avant l'heure ├á laquelle la maman de Madeleine ├á donn├® l'alarme. Son t├®moignage est corrobor├® par un deuxi├¿me t├®moin, fonctionnaire de l'Oc├®an Club.

Ces t├®moignages peuvent aider ├á la reconstitution des mouvements de chaque ├®l├®ment du groupe d'amis, les neuf du Tapas Bar, mais, seules, n'expliquent pas les indices que l'├®quipe sp├®ciale de la police britannique avait retrouv├® avec les inspecteurs de la PJ.

Dans l'appartement 5A de l'Oc├®an Club, les chiens de la police britannique ont signal├® l'odeur d'un cadavre derri├¿re le sofa qui se trouve ├á proximit├® de la fen├¬tre arri├¿re. Sur les rideaux de cette fen├¬tre la police ├á retrouv├® des traces minuscules de sang, malgr├® le fait qu'ils avaient ├®t├® nettoy├®s, tout comme le mur.

Les seules impressions digitales retrouv├®es sont celles de Kate, Gerry et des amis du couple.

Plus tard, dans la Renault Sc├®nic lou├® le 27 mai par les McCann, l'├®quipe luso-britannique retrouve l'odeur ├á cadavre mais ├®galement des fluides humains et des cheveux. Les expertises effectu├®s dans les laboratoires auxquelles la police ├á fait appel ont r├®v├®l├® une forte probabilit├® de qu'il s'agissait de Madeleine, les enqu├¬teurs ne parlent pas de 100% car ce degr├® de fiabilit├® n'est jamais donn├® par les scientistes quand il s'agit d'ADN.

Dans la maison o├╣ les McCann se sont install├®s apr├¿s avoir quitt├® le complexe de la Mark Warner, Vivenda Vista Mar, les chiens britanniques ont une nouvelle fois signal├® l'odeur de cadavre, cette fois-ci sur des v├¬tements appartenant ├á Kate McCann.

Several witnesses ready to assist the PJ but not yet the McCanns
Several witnesses have already expressed their readiness to return to Praia da Luz, the village where Madeleine McCann disappeared, in response to the request of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) who wishes to make a more complete reconstruction of the events of May 3, 2007.

The information has been doubly confirmed today in Portimão (Portugal) and Enderby (United Kingdom), although both sources have acknowledged that there is not yet determined a date for this diligence.

"We still hope that Madeleine's parents decide to participate ... logically, they should be the first to be interested," says a police officer of Leicestershire.

Despite the statements by his lawyers in Portugal, Kate and Gerry McCann have indicated that they did not intend to make the trip as the authorities do not decide what to raise their status arguidos, what, in practice, seems impossible, as the couple must know.

After Kate and Gerry had been declared arguidos last September, the diplomatic services of the United Kingdom in Portugal had put pressure on the Portuguese authorities so the couple can start afresh, giving their assurance that the parents of Madeleine would be returned as soon that the police request.

Eight months later, the diplomats are no longer in office and the promise was forgotten, the British side.

Without any help from his government, the other arguido in investigating the disappearance of Madeleine, the British Robert Murat, is available to participate in a recovery even though his lawyer, master Francisco Pagarete, contacted by SOS Madeleine, says not having received a formal request in this regard.

The arguido status can be maintained under certain conditions, for twenty years, and although Murat would like the investigation to be accelerated so as to resume as normal a life as possible, even if for the moment, the British try to understand why , How and who would be behind the accusations that were made to meet him.

In the United Kingdom, Robert Murat has already accused 13 newspapers and a chain of television stations of defaming him. The Britisher calls upon the media for the record sum of 2 million pounds, more than 2.5 million euros, one of the greatest compensations in the history of the United Kingdom, which explains why some media took the decision to delete several articles on the Internet about accusations made in the past.

The indices are against the McCann
Among the witnesses the police hopes to see return to Praia da Luz, there is a German tourist who affirmed to investigators that he had seen Kate McCann returned to the apartment during the dinner, well before the time the mother of Madeleine gave the alarm. His testimony is corroborated by a second witness, an official of the Ocean Club.

These stories can help in the reconstruction of the movements of each element of the group of friends, the Tapas 9, but, alone, do not explain the evidence that the Task Force of the British police had found with the inspectors PJ.

In the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, the dogs of the British police have reported the smell of a corpse behind the sofa, which was found near the rear window. On this window's curtains police found tiny traces of blood, despite the fact that they had been cleaned, just like the wall.

The only digital prints recovered are those of Kate, Gerry and friends of the couple.

Later in the Renault Scenic hired on May 27 by the McCanns, the Luso-British team not only recovered a cadaver scent but also human fluids and hair. The studies carried out in laboratories which police appealed revealed a strong probability that it was Madeleine, investigators do not talk about 100% as this degree of reliability is never given by scientists when it is DNA.

In the house where McCanns installed themselves after having left the Mark Warner complex, Vivenda Mar Vista, British dogs have once again signalled the cadaver scent, this time on clothing belonging to Kate McCann.
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

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SOS Madeleine McCann, May 23, 2008

Officier britannique accuse les McCann d'avoir un accord pour empêcher reconstitution

Selon un haut responsable de la police britannique ├á Enderby, dans le Leicestershire, "Kate et Gerry McCann ont ├®tablie un accord avec leurs sept amis visant emp├¬cher la r├®alisation de la reconstitution demande par les autorit├®s portugaises. "

"Ils savent que cette reconstitution n'aura pas lieu si le groupe n'y est pas au complet," affirme l'officier rajoutant "qu'il est ├®vident que Kate et Gerry ne peuvent pas refuser directement et en public leur participation, sous peine de voir l'opinion publique au Royaume-Uni se retourner contre eux. "

"C'est pourquoi ce sont les amis qui font savoir qu'ils ne participeront pas," affirme l'officier britannique qui avait accompagn├® les investigations au Portugal.

Presque au m├¬me moment ou l'officier avan├ºait ces accusations, Kate et Gerry McCann ont fait savoir aujourd'hui, via leur porte-parole, qu'ils seraient dispos├®s ├á ob├®ir ├á une notification des autorit├®s portugaises afin de participer ├á la reconstitution mais que leurs amis continuaient ├á contester la diligence mettant en cause son utilit├®.

Soulignant que Kate et Gerry McCann ont toujours le statut d'arguidos, Clarence Mitchell ├á confirm├®e, en d├®clarations ├á l'agence portugaise d'information Lusa, que "si leur pr├®sence est exig├®, ils iront, ils doivent y aller."

La Police Judiciaire pr├®tend effectuer une reconstitution des mouvements que les parents et leurs amis, pr├®sents ├á l'occasion de la disparition de Madeleine, avaient d├®clar├®e avoir effectu├®. Initialement la suggestion de la PJ avait ├®t├® transmise via les avocats du couple pour aboutir ├á des convocations individuelles car la validit├® de la diligence passe par la pr├®sence du groupe au complet, ce que semble de plus en plus improbable.

"Tout d├®pend des amis, qui ont ├®t├® invit├®s ├á y aller mais, comme ils ne sont pas arguidos, ont le droit de mettre en cause l'utilit├® de la diligence et si elle va aider ├á retrouver Madeleine - et leur r├®ponse en ce moment semble ├¬tre n├®gative", ├á expliqu├® Clarence Mitchell.

Les sept amis - Jane Tanner et Russell O'Brien, Matthew et Rachael Oldfield, David et Fiona Payne, et la m├¿re de celle-ci, Diane Webster – ont ├®t├® interrog├®s comme t├®moins au Portugal et au Royaume-Uni affirmant vouloir aider l'enqu├¬te ├á la disparition de Madeleine, mais aujourd'hui ils auraient impos├® des conditions ├á leur retour ├á Praia da Luz.

Selon Clarence Mitchell, vu la proximit├® de la deuxi├¿me date propos├®e par les autorit├®s portugaises, et le manque de r├®ponse aux exigences du groupe, "il est tr├¿s improbable que la reconstitution puisse avoir lieu."

La principale raison invoqu├®e par les sept britanniques pour mettre en cause l'initiative des autorit├®s portugaises serait, selon Clarence Mitchell, li├® au fait que "la police aurait rejet├®, l'ann├®e pass├®e, une proposition du programme Crimewatch de la BBC" pour effectuer une reconstitution.

Une explication que n'a pas l'air convaincre les enqu├¬teurs portugais et britanniques car ce genre de diligence, dans le cadre d'une ├®mission comme Crimewatch, n'a pas le m├¬me objectif. Si au Royaume-Uni, elle est utilis├®e pour rechercher des t├®moignages, au Portugal le recours ├á ce genre de diligence, comme il arrive d'ailleurs dans la pluparts des pays europ├®ens, sert ├á consolider – ou pas – une enqu├¬te qui est proche de ses conclusions.

Pourquoi une reconstitution après un an ?
"La reconstitution demand├®e par la Police Judiciaire est un acte incontournable pour Kate et Gerry McCann, car il s'agit d'une diligence n├®cessaire ├á l'enqu├¬te et qui ├á toute sa raison d'├¬tre car elle a plusieurs objectifs."

Le premier objectif est celui de pouvoir constituer un album d'images qui sera ensuite utilis├® pour d├®montrer de quelle fa├ºon la sc├¿ne s'est d├®roul├®e.

Le deuxi├¿me, probablement le plus important, est celui de pouvoir confronter et v├®rifier les d├®clarations des arguidos et des t├®moins avec les constatations mat├®rielles r├®alis├®es sur place. Il arrive, par exemple, qu'ont se rende compte que tel t├®moignage ne colle pas avec la configuration des lieux.

Les d├®clarations des personnes li├®s ├á l'enqu├¬te peuvent varier entre ce qu'├á ├®t├® dit aux enqu├¬teurs dans les installations de la police et le lieu du crime.

Des informations, des d├®tails, peuvent aussi leur revenir en m├®moire : l'arguido ou le t├®moin peut ainsi apporter des pr├®cisions ou faire de nouvelles d├®clarations.

On peut progresser ├®norm├®ment dans une enqu├¬te avec les d├®clarations faites sur la sc├¿ne du crime, une fois que la personne s'exprime dans une situation particuli├¿reÔǪ Elle est oblig├®e ├á refaire les gestes qu'elle pr├®tend avoir fait, cette fois-ci sous les regards des autres et en particulier celui des enqu├¬teurs."

Une reconstitution permet ├®galement de confronter les points de vue des diff├®rents "acteurs", notamment celui du suspect avec celui des t├®moins.

Trio pr├®parait action d'intimidation ├á Robert Murat
Deux britanniques et un espagnol, r├®sidents en Espagne, ont ├®t├® mis sous ├®troite surveillance par les autorit├®s apr├¿s l'interception d'un courrier ├®lectronique avec les d├®tails des pr├®paratifs d'un voyage ├á Praia da Luz visant mener des actions d'intimidation ├á l'encontre de Robert Murat et de son amie Michaela Walczuch.

Selon une source de la police, le trio se serait connu autour d'Helping To Find Madeleine (HTFM), une organisation cr├®e sur internet pour venir en aide ├á la campagne lanc├® par Kate et Gerry McCann apr├¿s la disparition de leur fille.

Les trois sympathisants, apr├¿s avoir pris connaissance de la visite du multimillionnaire Brian Kennedy ├á Praia da Luz pour une rencontre avec Robert Murat, sont rest├®s convaincus que l'arguido britannique aurait des informations capitales dans l'affaire de disparition de Madeleine.

Contact├® par t├®l├®phone, une responsable d'HTFM ├á confirm├®e qu'aucun des trois sympathisants n'a jamais ├®t├® membre de l'organisation, soulignant qu'il n'y aurait qu'un seul membre masculin dans ses fili├¿res. Selon la m├¬me responsable, l'activit├® principale d'HTFM serait la distribution d'affiches de recherche de Maddie.

Apr├¿s l'incendie criminelle de la voiture de Sergey Malinka, t├®moin dans l'affaire de disparition de Madeleine et ami de Robert Murat, la police ├á d├®cid├® de maintenir le trio sous surveillance, sans toutefois proc├®der pour le moment ├á aucune d├®tention.

"Nous avons affaire ├á trois personnes, ├óg├®es de 20 ├á 34 ans, sans ant├®c├®dents criminelles connus, du moins en Espagne, mais qui ont ├®t├® fortement influenc├®s par la m├®diatisation de l'affaire, " affirme le porte-parole de la police soulignant que "les trois personnes n'ont aucune liaison directe ou indirecte au couple McCann.

British Officer accuses the McCanns of having an agreement to prevent reconstruction

According to a senior British police officer in Enderby, in Leicestershire, "Kate and Gerry McCann have established an agreement with their seven friends to prevent the realization of the reconstruction request by the Portuguese authorities."

"They know that this recovery will not take place if the group is not complete," affirmed the officer, adding that "it is evident that Kate and Gerry cannot refuse directly and publicly discuss their participation, under penalty of seeing public opinion in the United Kingdom turn against them."

"That is why they have friends who know they will not participate," said the British officer, who had accompanied the investigation in Portugal.

Almost simultaneously as the officer made these accusations, Kate and Gerry McCann have said today, through their spokesperson, they would be willing to obey a notification from the Portuguese authorities to participate in the reconstruction but their friends continued to challenge the diligence involving its usefulness.

Stressing that Kate and Gerry McCann have always the status of arguidos, Clarence Mitchell confirmed in statements to the Portuguese agency Lusa information that "if their presence is required, they will, they must go there."

The Policia Juducaria, in carrying out a re-construction of the movements of the parents and their friends present on the occasion of the disappearance of Madeleine, have said that it would be effective. Initially, the suggestion of the PJ had been transmitted via the lawyers of the couple to reach out to the group individuallyl, because the validity of the diligence requires the presence of the full group, which seems increasingly unlikely.

"All depends on the friends who were invited to go but, as they are not arguidos, have the right to question the usefulness of diligence and if it will help find Madeleine - and their response at this time seems to be negative, "explained Clarence Mitchell.

The seven friends - Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien, Matthew and Rachael Oldfield, David and Fiona Payne, and the mother of the latterin , Diane Webster - were questioned as witnesses in Portugal and the United Kingdom, claiming to help the investigating the disappearance of Madeleine, but today they have imposed conditions on their return to Praia da Luz.

According to Clarence Mitchell, given the proximity of the second date proposed by the Portuguese authorities, and the lack of response to the demands of the group, "it is very unlikely that recovery can take place."

The main reason invoked by the seven British to challenge the initiative of the Portuguese authorities, according to Clarence Mitchell, is linked to the fact that "police reportedly had rejected, last year, a proposal by the BBC's Crimewatch programme" to carry out a reconstruction.

An explanation that did not seem to convince the Portuguese and British investigators because this type of diligence, in a program such as Crimewatch, does not have the same goal. If in the United Kingdom, this is used to search for evidence, in Portugal recourse to this kind of diligence, as happens elsewhere in the other European countries, serves to consolidate - or not - an investigation that is close to its conclusions.

Why a recnstruction after a year?
"The reconstruction requested by the Policia Judicaria is a must for Kate and Gerry McCann, because it is acts as a necessary diligence and which is all the raison d'etre because it has several objectives."

The first objective is to be able to establish an album of pictures that will then be used to demonstrate how the scene took place.

The second, probably most important, is that of being able to confront and verify the statements of arguidos and witnesses with physical findings made on the spot. Sometimes, for example, it is realized that such testimony does not stick with the configuration of places.

The statements of persons linked to the investigation can vary between what has been told the investigators in the facilities of the police and at the crime scene.

Information, details, may also return to their memory: arguido or witness can thus provide information precisely or make new statements.

It can progress enormously in an investigation with the statements made at the crime scene, once the person is expressed in a particular situation She is obliged to repeat the actions that she claims has made, this time under the glances of others and especially that of investigators. "

A reconstruction can also compare the views of the various "actors", including the suspect with that of the witnesses.

Trio preparing action of intimidation towards Robert Murat
Two British nationals and a Spanish national, resident in Spain, were put under close surveillance by authorities after the interception of an electronic mail message with details of preparations for a trip to Praia da Luz for actions of intimidation against Robert Murat and his girlfriend Michaela Walczuch.

According to a source from the police, the trio would be known around the Helping To Find Madeleine (HTFM), an organization created on the Internet to help the campaign launched by Kate and Gerry McCann after the disappearance of their daughter.

The three supporters, after taking note of the visit of multimillionaire Brian Kennedy in Praia da Luz for a meeting with Robert Murat, remained convinced that the British arguido would have vital information in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine.

Contacted by telephone, a head of HTFM confirmed that none of the three supporters has never been a member of the organization, stressing that there would be only one male member in its membership. According to the same official, the principal activity of HTFM would be the distribution of posters in the search for Maddie.

After the criminal incendiary (torching) of Sergey Malinka's car, a witness in the case of missing Madeleine and friend of Robert Murat, the police decided to keep the trio under surveillance, without detaining them, however, at this time.

"We are dealing with three people, aged 20 to 34 years without known criminal history, at least in Spain, but who have been heavily influenced by media coverage of the case," said the police spokesman, stressing that "the three persons have no direct or indirect link to the McCann couple."
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Re: Paulo Reis Gazeta Digital/Duarte Levy Thread

Postby HawkEyes1 » Thu May 29, 2008 11:37 pm

SOS Madeleine, May 29, 2008:

Enqu├¬teurs voulaient confondre le 10├®me "Tapas"

"Le refus d'acc├¿s au contenu des messages ├®crits re├ºus par Gerry McCann avant et apr├¿s la disparition de sa fille Madeleine, ou le refus des Tapas neuf de revenir au Portugal, ne vont pas emp├¬cher les inspecteurs de progresser dans leur enqu├¬te," affirme un responsable de la Police Judiciaire apr├¿s la divulgation hier de la d├®cision du Tribunal de la Relation d'├ëvora.

Selon la m├¬me source, avec leur acc├¿s au contenu des messages ├®crits re├ºus par Gerry McCann, "les enqu├¬teurs voulaient confondre un personnage encore dans l'ombre mais que la police sait ├¬tre li├®e ├á l'affaire".

Certains inspecteurs parlent m├¬me du 10 ├®me Tapas.

L'existence d'un dixi├¿me personnage, connu de Gerry et Kate McCann, est un fait ├®galement soutenu au Royaume-Uni o├╣ un membre de l'Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) ├á confirm├® que "les officiers envoy├®s au Portugal avaient m├¬me sugg├®r├® quelques possibilit├®s parmi les britanniques qui habitent en permanence la r├®gion d'Algarve".

Hier, un arr├¬t du Tribunal de la Relation d'├ëvora est venu soutenir la d├®cision du juge d'instruction criminelle de Portim├úo, Pedro Frias, qu'avait interdit l'acc├¿s des enqu├¬teurs de la Police Judiciaire au contenu des messages ├®crits (SMS) re├ºus par Gerry McCann.

Selon le document, le papa de Madeleine McCann a re├ºu 14 messages ├®crits le 2 mai, la veille de la disparition de sa fille, au d├®part d'un num├®ro de t├®l├®phone officiellement non identifi├®. Le m├¬me portable est ├á l'origine de 4 autres messages que Gerry McCann ├á re├ºu apr├¿s la disparition.

Gerry et Kate McCann ont toujours refus├® de divulguer aux enqu├¬teurs le contenu des messages, ce que n'a pas emp├¬ch├® la police d'obtenir ces renseignements.

C'est l'utilisation du contenu de ces informations, notamment dans un proc├¿s, qui est mise en cause par la d├®cision du juge d'instruction criminelle.

Selon le m├¬me document, le premier arr├¬t de justice divulgu├® jusqu'├á pr├®sent publiquement, les investigations de la Police Judiciaire, suite ├á la disparition de Madeleine, portent bien sur l'├®ventualit├® des crimes d'abandon, mise en danger, homicide et dissimulation de cadavre.

Pour rappel, l'Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) et la police du Leicestershire, ont collabor├® dans l'enqu├¬te des autorit├®s portugaises, comme l'a confirm├®e Patricia Scotland, Ministre d'Etat et Attorney General pour l'Angleterre et le Pays de Galles.

Si la d├®cision du juge emp├¬che l'utilisation des donn├®s ant├®rieurs ├á la disparition de Madeleine, elle n'a pas emp├¬ch├® les enqu├¬teurs d'en prendre connaissance des appels et les inspecteurs savent qui ├á parl├® avec qui.

Les hommes de Gon├ºalo Amaral, aujourd'hui remplac├® par l'inspecteur Paulo Rebelo, ont eu ├®galement l'occasion de proc├®der ├á des ├®coutes t├®l├®phoniques apr├¿s la disparition de Madeleine et pendant que le couple et ses amis se trouvaient au Portugal. Une fois le couple et ses amis de retour au Royaume-Uni, la PJ attendait des autorit├®s britanniques la continuation du travail mais il est encore incertain si toutes les informations ont pu leur ├¬tre communiqu├®es.

Selon l'interpr├®tation donn├®e par le juge d'instruction criminelle du Tribunal de 1┬¬ instance de Portim├úo, Pedro Frias, ├á la l├®gislation portugaise, confirm├®e par le Tribunal de la Relation, les enqu├¬teurs peuvent uniquement utiliser les donn├®es obtenus en temps r├®el. Dans la pratique, il aurait fallu aux enqu├¬teurs avoir obtenu une autorisation avant la disparition de Madeleine.

Pedro Frias n'a pas refus├® l'utilisation ou l'acc├¿s ├á toutes les ├®coutes ou enregistrements effectu├®s dans le cadre de l'enqu├¬te, mais il n'accorde aux enqu├¬teurs le droit d'utiliser le contenu des SMS envoy├®s et re├ºus par le couple McCann avant le 3 mai 2007.

Le Minist├¿re Public et la Police Judiciaire voulaient ├®galement demander aux trois operateurs de t├®l├®phonie mobile existent au Portugal – TMN, Vodafone et Optimus – les listings sous support digital (CD ou DVD) de toutes les communications concernant le couple et ses amis pour la p├®riode du 28 avril au 9 septembre 2007.

L'urgence de faire passer l'image d'un "Tapas sept" uni et solide
L'annonce par le cabinet du Procureur G├®n├®rale de la R├®publique (PGR) de l'annulation de la reconstitution demand├® par la Police Judiciaire, indiquant que cette d├®cision ├®tait la cons├®quence du refus de quatre amis des parents de Madeleine d'effectuer leur voyage de retour ├á Praia da Luz, ├á provoqu├® un ├®norme tolet obligeant Clarence Mitchell ├á r├®agir.

Si l'annulation de la diligence n'├®tait pas une v├®ritable surprise, la confirmation par le PGR de qu'il y aurait que quatre t├®moins ├á refuser de collaborer officiellement avec les autorit├®s portugaise soul├¿ve une question : pourquoi les autres trois ont' ils accept├®, sans aucune condition, de coop├®rer avec les autorit├®s portugaises ?

La question devenant g├¬nante, surtout apr├¿s que l'information soit arriv├®e dans les m├®dias britanniques, le responsable en communication du couple McCann s'est empress├® de dire que finalement "tout le groupe ne voulait pas retourner au Portugal".

Sans jamais s'attaquer ├á la note du cabinet du Procureur, le sp├®cialiste en manipulation des m├®dias s'est attach├® ├á justifier la d├®cision du couple McCann et de ses quatre amis, voulant ├á tout prix calmer l'opinion public et faire passer l'image d'un groupe solide et uni contre la police portugaise, oubliant volontairement que l'enqu├¬te ├á la disparition de Madeleine est un travail conjoint avec la police britannique.


Here is my translation of the above article:

Investigators wanted to know the 10th "Tapas"

"The refusal of allowing access to the content of messages received by Gerry McCann before and after the disappearance of his daughter, Madeleine, or the refusal of the Tapas 9 to return to Portugal, will not prevent the inspectors to make progress in their investigation," said an official of the Policia Judiciaria yesterday after the disclosure of the decision of the Court of Appeal of Evora.

According to the same source, with access to the content of messages received by Gerry McCann, "the investigators wanted to know a person, still in the shadow, but that the police knew to be linked to the case."

Some inspectors speak similarly of a 10th Tapas.

The existence of a tenth person, known to Gerry and Kate McCann, is a fact also supported in the United Kingdom, where a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has confirmed that "officers were sent to Portugal had similarly suggested a few possibilities among the British who live permanently in the Algarve region."

Yesterday, the Court of the Appeal of Evora has come to support the decision of the criminal judge of instructiuon of Portimão, Pedro Frias, who had banned investigators from the Policia Juducaria in accessing the content of text messages received by Gerry McCann.

According to the document, the father of Madeleine McCann has received 14 text messages on May 2, the day before the disappearance of her daughter, from a phone number officially unidentified. The same laptop is at the root of 4 other messages that Gerry McCann received after the disappearance.

Gerry and Kate McCann have always refused to disclose to investigators the content of the messages, but that has not prevented the police to obtain this information.

It is the use of the contents of this information, especially in a trial, which is questioned by the decision of the criminal judge of instruction.

According to the same document, the first judiciary dispatch released publicly, of the investigations of the Policiaria Judiciaria Police, following the disappearance of Madeleine, carry well the possibility of crimes of abandonment, endangerment, murder and concealment of a corpse.

As a reminder, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Leicestershire police have cooperated in the investigation of the Portuguese authorities, as was confirmed Patricia Scotland, Minister of State and Attorney General for England and Wales.

If the judge's decision prevents the use of the given messages prior to the disappearance of Madeleine, it has not prevented the investigators to take note of the calls, and inspectors know who talked to whom.

The men of Gonçalo Amaral, today replaced by the inspector Paulo Rebelo, also had the opportunity to conduct wiretaps after the disappearance of Madeleine and while the couple and their friends were in Portugal. Once the couple and their friends returned to the United Kingdom, the PJ waited for the British authorities to continue the work, but it is still uncertain whether all the information could be communicated to them.

According to the interpretation given by the criminal instruction judge of the First Court of Portimão, Pedro Frias, in Portuguese law, as confirmed by the Court of Appeal, investigators can only use the data obtained in real time. In practice, it would have tbeen necessary for the investigators to obtain a permit before the disappearance of Madeleine.

Pedro Frias did not refuse the use of or access to all eavesdropping or recordings made in connection with the investigation, but it doesn't allow the investigators to use the content of the text messages sent and received by the McCann couple before May 3, 2007.

The Public Ministry and the Policiara Judiciaria also wanted to ask the three operators of mobile telephone companies in Portugal - TMN, Vodafone and Optimus - for listings in digital media (CD or DVD) of all communications of the couple and friends for the period April 28 to September 9, 2007.

The urgency of getting the image of a "Tapas seven" united and strong
The announcement by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) of the cancellation of the reconstruction requested by the Policaria Judiciaria, indicating that this decision was the consequence of the refusal of four friends of Madeleine's parents to make the trip back to Praia da Luz, caused a huge backlash, requiring Clarence Mitchell to react.

If the cancellation of diligence was not a real surprise, the confirmation from the PGR that there are four witnesses who have refused to cooperate formally with the Portuguese authorities raises a question: why have the other three accepted, unconditionally, to cooperate with the Portuguese authorities?

The question becomes annoying, especially after that information is arriving in the British media, the responsible person for communications for the McCann couple was quick to say that finally "the entire group did not want to return to Portugal."

Without ever addressing the note of the Attorney's office, the specialist in handling the media sought to justify the decision by the couple McCann and their four friends, wanting at any price to calm public opinion and pass the image of a strong and united group against the Portuguese police, forgetting voluntarily that the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine is a joint work with the British police.
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