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Postby euro » Mon Mar 03, 2008 2:10 pm

"We will always feel guilty that we weren't with her at that moment".
Translation: See, we are nice people, but it weren't us guv.
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Postby ELR » Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:57 pm

Gerry McCann:
- "We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...) It wouldn't be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that" (June 3, 2007)
- "I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleines disappearance in the long term." (June 28, 2007)

These 2 really hit me as strange...planning far down the future after only a month.

Madeleine's parents: 'We will take lie detector test to clear our names'
When they were offered an independant test the story changed.....
"The couple's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Of course they are not going to take the test.

The phone calls to friend's & family only hour's after Madeleine went missing, all of whom say they were told the shutter's had been smashed or jemmied.
Seem to be setting up the story right away of abduction. Why would you worry friend's & family who can do nothing when Madeleine could still shortly be found.

And, of course the obvious "They've taken her!"...Who? and which Her?
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Postby newperson » Mon Mar 03, 2008 6:52 pm

most of km's prattling on on panorama
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Postby newperson » Mon Mar 03, 2008 6:53 pm

gm saying whilst driving to spain to jon corner, about the twins not awaking in the commotion that night, who knows maybe the twins were sedated

the gall?
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Postby Leaser » Mon Mar 03, 2008 9:30 pm

Gerry said to one of the Tapas on 3rd May ....when at tennis....

"can you look in on Kate, I am worried about her state of mind today" ..

Justice for Madeline
Unfortunately democracy cannot function without a free press

I doubt we will see ...... Justice for Madeline
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Postby Leila » Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:00 pm

'The Wider Agenda' - what exactly was that?

Gerry on turning Madeleine's coloboma into a logo - 'It was risky, but it was a good marketing ploy' (Vanity Fair Interview). That comment made my blood run cold.

The name of Madeleine's Fund ('Leaving No Stone Unturned') - inspired by a book about real life 'cold cases' that almost defeated the police due to lack of evidence. Not exactly an appropriate name for a fund dedicated to finding a living child.

Most of Kate's incoherent answers to basic questions such as 'Did you search for Madeleine?' or 'When did you become aware of the ribbon campaign?' which usually elicited 'We are very grateful to the public' type responses.

There are also some very strange comments made by some of the T9, which are worth highlighting:

JT on the T9 group - 'We were so into each other' - what did she mean by that?

DW on why she remained at the table while the rest of the group went back to the McC's apartment - 'I thought they were playing just another one of their games' - what kind of games were these, then?

The list goes on and on...
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Postby heart_for_maddy » Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:18 pm

they should have used money from "the fund" for loads and loads of tape....

for their insane mouths !!!!!!!
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Postby HawkEyes1 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:01 am

This is a duplicate thread. See QUOTES FROM THE MCCANN CASE at:

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Postby heart_for_maddy » Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:08 am

thank you hawk
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Postby Badboy » Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:08 am

I don't think it is a duplicate thread.
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Postby heart_for_maddy » Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:08 am

bumpy bump
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Postby weissnicht » Tue Mar 04, 2008 7:16 am

Kate McCann: I feel-- I feel sad. And I feel lonely. And-- and life obviously not as happy without Madeleine.

"We have not cooperated in any shape or form"
Clarence Mitchell
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Postby blossom » Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:08 pm

As the threads are merged may i include a pro McC poster strange comment i read recently. It may be one of the 'innocent explanations' in the McCs defence dossier.

Poster said the reason the sniffer dogs alerted to the church was because there would have been lots of funerals there!!!!!!! :lol:
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Postby Magali » Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:12 am

Cody wrote:
HawkEyes1 wrote:Here is another classic:

Gerry. "A few nights ago, we had a curry with some friends." Kate, "It was just a takeaway, we weren't out having a meal." Gerry, "And the waiters in the restaurant, the staff - they were so good."



Love this one !


Oh they don't hear themselves talk!Can't believe what I'm reading here...!

And this one:
Very good thread Hawkeyes -it's amazing how many foot-in-mouth quotes there are.

And how many I'd forgotten.

I can't put quotes round this as I've lost the link - but I remember Gerry saying that there was so much information out there that it was impossible for people to know what was true.

To which I thought - so you think that your campaign of misinformation is working. ? Hmmm.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

Jean Genie,may I pinch it for my sticky please?I wonder if they were including the confusing photos,leading a few of us to think that there were different children as "Maddy",not just one!

Hawkeyes, well done and keep it up!

Kate: "We'll do everything we can to find Madeleine.She deserves that!"

"Madeleine was everything to us"

"...she's lov'ly!"(quickly uttered then baaad CORNER LOOK onto Gerry,with sudden change of expression)

"Madeleine I know it's not very likely,but in case you would listen,[..]Lov'u."


Postby HawkEyes1 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 6:40 pm


Madeleine McCann, "I had the best day ever, mommie!"

GM, "We have been advised our behaviour was legally well within the bounds of responsible parenting and have been assured no action will be taken."

KM, "It was during one of my checks that I discovered she'd gone."

GM, "I think, em, you know, we are not looking at what has been done, and I don't think it helps at this stage to look back at what could and couldn't have been done ... The time for these lessons to be learned is after the investigation is finished and not now... Of course the world has changed in terms of information technology and the speed of response, you know, in terms of the media coming here and us being prepared, em, to some extent to use that to try and influence the campaign, but above all else, it's touched everyone. Everyone."

GM in The Tablet, "When I was praying I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots and lots of ideas in my head and how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed. I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions. I talked to you [Kate] about it and said, 'I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things... It was almost like something'I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit'came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path."

Carlos Anjos (an English translation from a Portuguese TV interview), "When we realized that the first contact the McCann couple made after the disappearance of their daughter was not to the authorities, to any authorities, but to Sky News, the image was given of the place where they wanted the investigation to be carried out, or the motto had been given, that we were going to have a media-saturated investigation."

CM, "Kate and Gerry are realistic enough to know that Madeleine may be dead and it would be a tragedy that she is found as such, because it rules out the hope that she is alive... But any widening of the search area is encouraging and we would welcome that. If she is dead then she is dead, but not by their hand."

KM, "Cuddle Cat WAS very special to Madeleine."

CM, "There are wholly innocent explanations for any material that the police may or may not have found."

KM "believes she is being persecuted because of her appearance," her mother revealed today. In an extraordinary interview, Susan Healy described how her distraught daughter claimed "if she was heavier'and had bigger breasts'people would be more sympathetic."

The McCanns were said to be "emotionally torn" to learn that Portugal's biggest ever anti-paedophile operation has failed to turn up a single lead in the hunt for their four-year-old daughter, who went missing during a family holiday on May 3.

KM was nicknamed "Hot Lips Healy" during her student days at Dundee University, according to her year book. Kate Healy, as she was then, was one of the most popular students in the medical department, where classmates said "the Liverpudlian loved parties and trips to the pub, but still passed all her exams with ease."

KM's year book entry also reads: "Renowned for frequently indulging in alcoholic binges and "dance till you drop" nocturnal activities, she immediately led the rest of her fellow colleagues astray... Hot Lips Healy maintained a consistent Friday night appearance in the Union throughout the whole of first year."

CM, "For the record Gerry McCann is the biological father of his daughter Madeleine. A report suggesting otherwise is nothing short of lies. It is indeed an absolutely untrue fabrication."

GM just days after Madeleine's disappearance, "Kate and I have to concentrate on our own well being."

Brian Healy, "Anger keeps me going, so I'm doing pretty well because there has been a lot to be angry about."

CM stated that while the couple were confident nothing incriminating would be found, they were concerned the relevance of the results could be exaggerated in the Portuguese press.

KM, "I know the situation we were in that night,"

KM, "It cannot be considered a crime. Someone committed one, but not us."

KM, "I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances."

KM, "I was sure immediately that she didn't walk out of that room"

GM, "Kate and I are totally 100% confident in each other's innocence".

GM, "I know 100 per cent Kate could NOT have done anything. I know that's true from what I did that night...and in terms of what Kate knows about me, I was away from her for just ten minutes."

Overheard at the Tapas Bar from one of the Tapas 9, "It wasn't supposed to happen this way."

GM, " "Find the body and prove we killed her."

KM, wishing she could have been there "at the moment when Madeleine was taken."

GM, "Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand. An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended."

GM, "It seems like a disaster that we've got this huge donated fund and now we're not allowed to use it for legal costs because we're under suspicion."

KM, " It really isn't easy... some days are better than others... There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're all gone, and it's all finished, and we're all together and gone. Wherever. But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do. And you can't help but think that."

KM, "Haven't I suffered enough without all these new lies coming out?"

KM, 'This is my job now. I can see this becoming my full-time career, with this whole issue of child welfare and opposing paedophiles'."

"She [Kate] is not of a mind to go back into medicine," said one friend. "She hasn't ruled it out entirely but she doesn't feel it would appeal to her any more."

CM, "No decision has been taken on Kate's future yet. She hasn't approached, or been approached by, any children's charities."

GM, "We welcome the announcement from Mr Ribeiro, the National director of the Judicial Police in Portugal, that our friends who were on holiday with us in Portugal are to be re-interviewed."

GM, "We have our own children now anyway to look after."

KM, "It was our holiday too, you know."

KM, "We were just so into each other."

GM, "The situation that Madeleine finds herself in"

GM, "We have our own children now anyway to look after."

GM telling the world shortly after the fund was set up, " Keep the money rolling in."

Kate on Radio 4 Womens Hour: Interviewer : "Was Maddy sleeping when you left for dinner?" LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG PAUSE... KM, "Er, ah, yeah, yeah she was."

GM, "I'm not here to enjoy myself."

Robert Murat, "I am an innocent victim in the world's biggest f*ck up."

Detective Sousa, "This is a very complicated and complex investigation."

Detective Sousa, "There is one piece of stand alone evidence."

Detective Sousa, " This is a case that any police force in the world would love to solve."

KM, before becoming a suspect, "The police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."

GM, "We are being absolutely stitched up."

GM, "We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing... It wouldn't be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that."

GM, "I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine's disappearance in the long term."

KM, "Yyyeeah, yeah you're right! (voice reaches a crescendo) It was a very small window of opportunity but they saw it and then "whoosh clunk."

GM, "One good thing to come out of all of this is that there is so much in the press, nobody knows what is true, and what isn't."

GM, press statement in his blog, condemning the Telegraaf for publishing something, which they had not yet published.

GM, On finding Madeleine gone, "it was like going to the bank and finding yourself over your student overdraft."

GM, in Vanity Fair, The iris is "Madeleine's only true distinctive feature. Certainly we thought it was possible that this could potentially hurt her or"'he grimaces'"her abductor might do something to her eye. But in terms of marketing, it was a good ploy."

CM, "There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found".

KM, "Please continue to pray for Madeleine. She's lovely."

CM, "We have not cooperated in any shape or form."

GM, "We're always left with the fact that Kate and I were not in the apartment when it happened, and we've got to face up to that."

KM, "There's not a day that goes by that I think to myself why did I think that was okay? Was I wrong in thinking that was okay? All I can think to myself is I know how much I love my children, and I know I am a responsible parent."

GM, "We, like everyone else, await the results of the forensics from the recent searches. We do not know who has taken Madeleine or why. Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand. An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended. Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear. If you have done something you regret, if you find yourself in a situation you never intended, it is not too late to do the right thing. Please come forward, return Madeleine, leave her in a place of safety. At the very least, help us by letting us know what has happened to our beautiful little girl".

GM, "We haven`t done any chat-shows up 'til now, as we wanted to be seen as ordinary parents rather than celebrities."

GM, "If we had any hard leads we wouldn`t be telling the public, it would be handled quietly!"

Jane Tanner, "In hindsight again ---"

KM, "Definitely, I mean I think, you know, the public can help so much. If people know something, if they can ummmm;" wipes her cheek and tucks her hair behind her ear, "Just," deep breath, "I guess search their heart really, sombody knows something, they might not realise;" hand gesture, "they might just suspect something but every... everybody can make a difference to this. It's not about us: we miss her like crazy but this is Madeleine: this is a four year old girl: we haven't even seen her since she was four. You know. Madeleine's there and she needs our help. She needs to be with her family."

GM, "A few nights ago, we had a curry with some friends." KM, "It was just a takeaway, we weren't out having a meal." GM, "And the waiters in the restaurant, the staff - they were so good."

KM, " Whoever Madeleine's with she'll be giving them her tuppence worth. "

CM, "An outcome similar to Holly and Jessica is possible. I don't want to, and I can't, talk about Robert Murat but some journalists who worked with me in Soham, and that were now in Portugal, saw resemblances between that case and Robert Murat. And I won't say more."

CM, "It was suggested in the press that Kate and Gerry went to Fátima to bury Maddie's body. I went along with them on that trip and I guarantee we didn't bury anyone there."

CM, "I was the head of the government's Media Monitoring Unit. Forty people work there and their function is to control what comes out in the media."

Gonçalo Amaral, "This is very weird for an abduction". Upon hearing Gonçalo Amaral, a young inspector asked him, "Chief, do you believe Kate is responsible for the death of her daughter?" The answer couldn't be more direct, "I'm still not sure, but I wouldn't like her to be my mother."

Gerry, in his JFK speech voice (outside the church after mass), "...I would like to thank everybody for their support... It has gave us HOPE (getting teary eyed)... and COURAGE...!"

KM, on the "hot seat" after GM storms out of a TV interview after being asked about the blood found in the apartment, blustering, "We're no going to go into the investigation...", "He is upset. Give him a minute... let him get some air, don't worry." Interviewer, "Do you want to know the subsequent questions?" KM, "Yeah, well, don't worry. It's only this is very difficult, because everyone asks things about the investigation, and we cannot do that. Furthermore, it's very frustrating, because all that you see in the media is inaccurate, uncertain, very mixed up, and we would like very much to "enlighten" it, but we can't."

GM, "we are hoping for the best possible outcome for us.... and Madeleine."

KM, "At worst we were naive."

GM, "The chances of her being abducted were more than 100 million to one."

KM, "We're good parents, not suspects."

John McCann, "Even if she has been damaged, I believe she is still recoverable."

A relative on the demeanor of the McCanns, "They were on the floor for a few days, but soon regained their poise."

GM, " I hope we are going to look back at the end of this and say we've done everything in our power."

CM, on the lack of tears, " They don't cry in public, but plenty of tears are shed 'backstage'."

GM, "We fear she has been taken out of Portugal and abducted"

Philomena McCann, "To suggest in any possible way that Kate and Gerry are negligable parents.., negligent parents... negligent parents... Sorry is just abhorrent to all of us."

Nora Paul,"They were six medical professionals...if there'd been an accidental... I mean a. If it were accidental and they were doing something bad they'd covered it ..they could of covered it up, if it was accidental they'd of taken care of it."

KM's mother, Susan Healy, "She was almost perfect...

Susan Healy, "They used to sedate her as she was a sleep walker."

GM, "Makes you think, why the twins did not wake up, they, he must have sedated them."

GM, "Madeleine did not spend much time with the twins really."

GM's Blog, "Sean is really getting a taste for sea-bass."

CM, "He/she must come forward to be eliminated from our enquiries."

KM, "I think that is a very small minority of people that are criticising us."

GM, If the worst happened...at least she will be in a better place."

GM paused over Madeleine, who – a typical doctor's observation, this – was lying almost in "the recovery position" with Cuddle Cat, the toy her godfather, John Corner, had bought her, and her comfort blanket up near her head, and thought how gorgeous, how lovely-looking she was and how lucky he was.

KM: "I feel.. (short pause) I feel sad.. (short pause) And.. (long pause) I feel lonely.. (short pause) And.. (scratches the back of her head quickly) Erm.. Our life is not as happy without Madeleine.. (very long pause, then tut and quick sigh) But.. (pause) You know, I still have hope, we still have hope.. (long pause, then bites her lip)" GM:(comes to the rescue) "Definitely... And still she's out there... We believe that..." KM:"I just feel anxious that she's out there and she's not with us..." Next, they say quite a lot about the twins, and their reaction. KM:"It's hard for us as parents to imagine the fun they'd be having together, if Madeleine was there..."

GM said, "I'm desensitised to the more common pictures of Madeleine."

Eileen McCann, Gerry's mother, in the hope that Madeleine would be back for twins Sean and Amelie's third birthday next month, "The party's on and it will be an even bigger one if wee Madeleine is back. All we can do is hope and pray. As difficult as it is, life has to go on. We are determined to give the twins as normal an upbringing as possible."

"Kate feels after all she's been through she feels she has a lot to offer child organisations."

Mrs Healy of KM: "One of her main goals in life is to work with children and assist with child safety."

David Payne: "We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else's business."

GM shortly after learning about the DNA evidence, including the bodily fluids, telephoned The Sun's editor Rebecca Wade directly to restate his innocence and keep the McCanns' side of the story alive, "There are large craters in every one of these theories, in these just ludicrous accusations."

Jane Tanner: "I saw a man carrying a child in their pyjamas and I thought to myself - well he's not a very good parent - as it was a cold night."

KM, "The situation Madeleine finds herself in."

KM, "I'm not so happy now that Madeleine has gone."

KM, "It was really just like being in your back garden."

Philomena McCann, "The policeman who came to do the forensics was only wearing a pair of gloves.

GM, "It could have been worse, we could have lost the twins too. There were three children in the room. That's the worst nightmare."

As they chatted, GM thought how lucky he was, his children asleep nearby, he and Kate free to come and enjoy some adult time at the restaurant and not have to sit with their children, as this couple were.

KM, "I just feel closer to Madeleine here in Portugal, I mean I might be wrong, she might be closer to the UK."

GM, "After 5 or 6 weeks things went very quiet and I was actually quite glad of that, we could get back to a more normal existance and a quieter form of campaigning... broader political issues, etc."

From the FindMadeleine website, "Madeleine is a warm, life-enriching little person and will never fail we're sure, to bring joy into the life of anyone she may encounter."

CM, "There is a wholly innocent explanation for anything which may or may not have been found."

GM's flipchart, "The Wider Agenda," the lozenge-shaped drawings suggesting paving-stones or a freemasonry code. The former a sublimal reference that maybe Madeleine rests under a paving-stone?

"Leaving No Stone Unturned," the subtitle of "Madeleine's Fund," when "Leave No Stone Unturned" was the title of a book about the forensic work of NecroSearch Unlimited.

GM? "We were being targeted, they were photographing little blonde girls and Madeline and spying on our movements..."

GM, "We have done nothing against the law...."

KM, in the Woman's Hour interview: Interviewer, "What do you remember about the last day of the holiday? KM, "I can't go into specifics." Interviewer, "How did you discover Madeleine wasn't there?" KM, "I can't go into details." Interviewer, "Guilt...what about your guilt?" KM, "I've come to terms with that." KM: "I don't want them to forget Madeleine. I want her to remain very much in their memory."

KM, just 5 days after Madeleine's disappearance, saying that she "was sleeping well."

KM laughing about Gerry being compared to "a Tiny Tears doll."

GM, "It is very encouraging that Mr. Rebelo's officers will be seemingly reviewing all the material in the inquiry, which will hopefully identify areas for further investigation."

GM blogging that he hoped Maddie was being "treated like a princess."

But over the months since Madeleine's disappearance GM has become increasingly convinced that the intruder was already in the flat. "He believes there was certainly something odd," a friend said today. "The bedroom door was ajar when he got in and he thought, 'That's strange.' He went into the room, checked that Madeleine was still asleep in bed; she was and he came out, closed the door. Initially he thought that she might have got up and gone to the toilet or gone to get a drink or something but now he thinks that the abductor must have been in there hiding." The friend added, "He believes he came in, opened the door and didn't have time to close it. Once Gerry had left, he would have known he had to come out very quickly and because Gerry went out through the patio door, went out through the window. He has no proof but that is what he believes."

GM telephoning his mother-in-law, saying "There's been a disaster! It's a disaster!"

GM saying to David Payne during one of his tennis lessons, "Can you look in on Kate, I am worried about her state of mind today."

Dianne Webster, on why she remained at the table while the rest of the group went back to 5A, "I thought they were playing just another one of their games."

Pro-McCann Poster, "The reason why the sniffer dogs were alerted to the church was because there would have been lots of funerals there."

KM, "We'll do everything we can to find Madeleine; she deserves that!"

KM, "Madeleine was everything to us."

KM, "...She's lov'ly!" (quickly uttered then baaad CORNER LOOK onto GM, with sudden change of expression). "Madeleine I know it's not very likely, but in case you would listen... Lov'u."

Trish Cameron, "Let's face it: if Kate were fat and spotty and aging, they wouldn't be selling all these papers."

GM, "Yes, yes, I know... Kate killed her in a frenzy, Madeleine was sedated by us, she fell down the stairs'in which case you would have thought they'd have found her body. I've heard all that! There have been a huge number of theories in the media. But what I want to know is'who told them all that?"

CM, "Missing Madeleine McCann: The Perfect PR Campaign."

KM, "I wish I could roll back time and go back to the day before Madeleine was abducted. I would slow down time. I would get a really good look around and have a really good think. And I'd think: Where are you? Who are you? Who is secretly watching my family? Because someone was watching my family very, very carefully. And taking notes."

GM "The scene was stark, on one bed the twins lay sleeping. In the next lay only the plush cat toy Madeleine was never without. That was when Kate came out screaming, "Madeleine has gone!'"

Philomena McCann, "Well, never in my life had I heard my wee brother so devastated. He was absolutely wailing on the phone. He was incomprehensible at times..."

Jon Corner, "So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I'd have to say very charismatic. She [Madeleine] would shine out of a crowd, so'God forgive me'maybe that's part of the problem. That special quality. Some bastar*d picked up on that."

GM telephoning Sky News and saying, "We're going home on EasyJet, be on it!"

CM, "...it is true that we have requested a meeting with the prime minister to show him the strength of our case, to explain Kate and Gerry's innocence'and yet all we've been offered is a medium-level-consular meeting, which we rejected."

GM's blog, "We hope and pray that they will never have another birthday without Madeleine here."

CM, "They don't want to do anything about 'woe is us a year on'. That is what the tabloids would like but we are not following their agenda, we are following our own agenda."

KM, "Gerry...was a bit crumbly I think. I think he was alright he got up and said: "I'm gonna go now" and then he lost it. And I got a text from Trish and it said: 'Nearly choked on my full English because of that Tiny Tears husband of yours,' you know, (laugh) but yeah."

Susan Healy, "Well I have to say that I'm surprised that Kate and Gerry left their children at all and I've thought about it a lot because they're such caring parents and I think - why?"

KM, "It's not about us, you know, we were bobbing back and forwards several times and I wanted to see the kids so.. you know, it's not about us. You know, I think that the problem is it's a predator basically who's been watching us, which gives you the shivers anyway, and broken into the apartment and taken Madeleine out of her bed."

*This includes additional quotes from the merged thread, STRANGE STATEMENTS BY McCANNS, where they were original to the QUOTES FROM THE McCANN CASE. This also includes all the Vanity Fair quotes listed on the post below. Now being updated only on page 1 at the end of the OP,
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