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15 = Original number of minutes between said checks of the children on the night of May 3
£50,000 = Amount paid monthly to Metodo3 from Madeleine's Fund
5 The Crescent = Address of the McMansion
5A= Number of the Ocean Club apartment from where Madeleine was "abducted"
40 yards = A distance as reported by Kate McCann between 5A and the Tapas Bar
4 = Said by Gerry McCann to be number of kilometres between his and Russell O'Brien's cell-phone call
£430,000 = Actual value of the Rothley McMansion
$4,000,000 = Reward, according to Vanity Fair, for information leading to Madeleine's return
14 = Number of bottles of wine, which waiters say were drunk on May 3; "8 bottles of red wine and 6 bottles of white wine," according to Tapas Bar records
19 = Number of minutes Gerry and Kate McCann took to run to a cliff-top monument
100 per cent = How much Gerry and Kate McCann believe in each other's innocence
103 per cent = An odd McCann percentage certain the case against them will remain secret for another three months
1,000 = Number of yellow balloons released at Praia da Luz
1 yard, according to Gerry McCann = 1.53 actual yards
6 = Number of bottles of wine, perhaps overlooking the 8 bottles of red, which the Tapas 9 say were drunk on May 3
£630,000 = Erroneous value of the Rothley McMansion reported by the UK press
10,000 emails = Number of emails sent to the Sun following a controversial article on the McCann Case
30 = Number of minutes between each check on the night of May 3
3Arguidos= Name given to the wonderful THE THREE ARGUIDOS website
25 = Actual number of kilometres between Gerry McCann's and Russell O'Brien's cell-phone call, as confirmed by "triangulation"
24Horas = Portuguese online tabloid newspaper
229 = Number of times Madeleine was on YouTube; thought to be a code on Gerry's Blog
2.29 PM = Time of the disputed "last" photograph taken of Madeleine, Gerry, and Amelie by Kate McCann
12,000,000 = Number of American viewers, who saw the McCanns' story on America's Most Wanted

AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AKA = Also Known As
ASFIC = Portugal's National Union of Criminal Investigators
Abduction = Term used by the McCanns to support Madeleine was kidnapped; see also Rare Stranger Abduction
Achilles Tendon = An injury sustained by Gerry McCann, in cancelling his last tennis lesson on May 3; later seen running up a steep hill with no sign of injury
Adult-Friendly Resort = Resort for swingers
Affleck, Ben = US movie star and director; see also Gone Baby Gone
Algarve = Region of Portugal taken over by the British
Amaral, Gonçalo = Lead investigator in the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão; later replaced by Paulo Rebelo
Anaesthesia = Partial or complete loss of sensation via administration of a drug or gas
Anaesthesiologist = One who administers anaesthetics; as practised by a doctor with postgraduate qualifications in that discipline
Anaesthesiology = Study of anaesthetics; as in the name of a hospital department
Anaesthetics = Drug or gas inducing insensitivity to pain or touch; in the UK, the name of a hospital department; Kate McCann's one-time specialty; see also Anaesthesiology
Anaesthetist = One who administers anaesthetics; as practised by a doctor, dentist, or nurse anaesthetist
Anger = Rage; see also Furious
Anjos, Carlos = President of Portugal's National Union of Criminal Investigators; advised against the media campaign
Anorak = Tabloid update pages for broadsheet readers; weatherproof, hooded jacket, as worn by the Inuit or by hikers
Antena3 = Spanish TV station
Antonio, Luis = Former poolman at the Ocean Club; ex-partner of Michaela Walczuch
Apartment 5A = Scene of Madeleine's "abduction" at the Ocean Club Resort
Arguidification = On being a suspect
Arguida = Female suspect, in Portuguese
Arguido = Male suspect, in Portuguese
Arguidos = Suspects, in Portuguese
Asperger's Syndrome = A milder form of Autism
Astroturfing = Use of paid shills by PR men to create an impression of a popular movement in politics/advertising
Autism = A complex developmental disability appearing during first three years of life and impacting social interaction and communication skills; result of a neurological disorder affecting brain function
Avatar = Descent of God or Incarnation, from the Sanskrit; an image to identify a poster on a forum

BRB = Be Right Back
BTW = By The Way
Babelfish = Fictional species in The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Google gadget to translate text from Portuguese into English
Baby Grace = Name given to a dead child, thought to be Madeleine, found washed up on an inland waterway off the east coast of the US
Babysitter = Nanny hired to stay with young children until 1:00 PM for a small extra fee, while parents have "me-time"; McCanns refused this Ocean Club service
Bag, Blue = A tennis/sports bag reported missing by Gerry McCann, thought to contain crucial evidence; later denied owning
Baker, Catriona = Nanny at the Ocean Club Resort, who searched for Madeleine on the night of May 3
Banana Split = An American sundae of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice-cream, with banana, fruit/chocolate/nuts, and cream
Bates Wells & Braithwaite = London law firm, who filed the trademarked Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned for the McCanns
Baying Mobs = Term used by Clarence Mitchell to describe anti-McCann bloggers/posters
Bead = A hair decoration, which Kate removed from Madeleine on the night of May 3
Beckham, David = Celebrity footballer; see also Millionaires
Been Cautioned = Category of member on website with 300-499 postings
Bennett, Tony = UK solicitor, who set up the TruthforMadeleine website and the Madeleine Foundation; see also Madeleine's Law
Bible, The Holy = A religious book of the Old Testament and New Testament, borrowed by Kate McCann; found with a crumpled page and a reference to King David and the death of a child
Billionaires see Millionaires
Birdseye, Captain Clarence = Founder of the frozen food industry
Bleach = Used to remove blood stains and other DNA evidence from 5A
Blue Bag see Bag, Blue
Board index = An index to threads on a forum
Bodily Fluids = As in blood, semen, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid
Boot = British name for the trunk or rear compartment of a car
Branson, Sir Richard = Founder of the Virgin Empire; donated £100,000 to Madeleine's Fund; see also Millionaires
Brian's Dreams = A website, where dreams are used to advance theories on the McCann case
Broadmoor = First known as the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, when built in Crowthorne, Berkshire, in mid-19th century; now a mental hospital for the criminally insane, including murderers and serious sex offenders
Brown, Gordon = UK Prime Minister, who telephoned Gerry until the McCanns were declared arguidos
Buck, John = British Ambassador to Portugal at time of Madeleine's disappearance; provided early consular support to the McCanns; shortly after left the diplomatic service
Bump = Used to boost a thread to a higher status on a forum
Bundleman = A name to describe the drawing by an "FBI-trained" illustrator of Jane Tanner's "abductor," following its release on the FindMadeleine website and in the media

CEOP = Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre
CHARGE Syndrome = Genetic birth defect associated with hearing and/or eye conditions; see also Coloboma
CM = Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns
CM Week = 4-5 days
CMIIW = Correct Me If I'm Wrong
COMARE = A Mafia mistress; acronym for the UK Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment
CWOT= Complete Waste Of Time
Cadaver = Dead body
Cadaver Dog = "Expert" dog trained to pick up scent of dead bodies; see also Eddie
Calças de Ganga = Jeans, in Portuguese; see also Pants of Ganga
Calpol = A cold medicine
Calpol Night = A cold medicine with sedative side-effects
Cameron, Tricia = Sister of Gerry McCann
Camp McCann see Team McCann
Campaign = Strategy used by Gerry McCann in promoting the Madeleine's Fund and plotting The Wider Agenda
Campbell, Lory = A reporter for the Daily Mirror, who denounced Robert Murat to the Leicester Police
Caplan, Michael = A QC and partner of Kingsley Napley; best known for defending Chile's ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet and avoiding his extradition to Spain; now retained by the McCanns for their defence
Cardiac Surgeon = A surgeon, specialising in heart surgery, including donor heart and artificial heart transplantation; erroneously thought to be Gerry McCann's profession
Cardiologist = A physician, specialising in the study/diagnosis/treatment of the heart (but not by surgically); the profession of Gerry McCann
Cardiology = Study of the heart; as in a hospital department
Casa Liliana = Name of the Murat villa in Praia da Luz
Catholic Church see Igreja da Luz; Sacred Heart Church; Pope Benedict; Vatican Website
Censorship = Suppression/deletion of material which may be considered sensitive or objectionable; see also Freedom of Speech
Cerebrospinal Fluid = A clear bodily fluid occupying the subarachnoid space and ventricular system around and inside the brain
Chaplins = A British-type bar and restaurant in Praia da Luz, specialising in fish 'n chips, bangers & mash, and a Tuesday night Quiz; popular with the Tapas 9
Chav = A low-class individual, wearing fake gold jewelry and Burberry accessories
Cheers = An acclamation, expressing joy, enthusiasm, and applause
Chekaya, Najova = An aerobics instructor and quiz mistress at the Ocean Club Resort
Chelsea Tractor = A gas-guzzling SUV used by the "rich bitches of Chelsea"; see also Yank Tank
Child Abuse = Sexual abuse of a child by a paedophile
Child-Friendly Toppings = As used by Gerry McCann in his Blog to describe toppings served over an ice-cream sundae; see also Banana Split
Child Listening Service = Service offered by the Ocean Club, but the Tapas 9 had their own listening service; see also Babysitter
Child Neglect = Abandonment
Childcare = Used pejoratively to mean negligent childcare by the McCanns
Chimp = Term used to describe a paid poster for the McCanns on a Maddy forum; see also McChimp
Church of Light see Igreja da Luz
Clancy = Nickname for Mitchell
Clarence = Four-wheeled carriage
Clarence see Birdseye, Captain Clarence; Mitchell, Clarence
Clarigate = Declaration of war by Clarence Mitchell
Clarrie = Nickname for Clarence Mitchell
Clarrie Pinkie = A play on the name of Clarence and his pink shirts
Clarrie-Speak = Poster-speak for ludicrous nonsense, as parlayed by Clarence Mitchell at media conferences
Clarrification = Poster-speak for explanations offered by Mitchell
Clone = As in Madeleine or Dolly the Sheep; or a poster, simulating another well-respected poster's name, on an Internet forum
Cocaine = Recreational drug of choice for the medical profession
Code Adam = A missing child and safety system in the US
Code Madeleine = A missing child and safety system in the UK
Coloboma = A lesion or defect of the eye; a fissure or cleft of the iris, ciliary body, or choroid; may be congenital, pathological, or surgical; see also CHARGE Syndrome
Comical Clarrie = Nickname for Clarence Mitchell
Commentariat = A community of people, who leave comments on blogs/forums, write letters to editors, attend or call in to live talk shows, or respond to polls
Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment = UK government committee on which Gerry McCann sits as a member; see also COMARE
Composition = Arrangement, as in digital photography
Concealed Vault see Vault, Concealed
Conspiracy Theory = Collusion, as in Madeleine's "abduction"
Control Risks Group = A London-based private risk consultancy firm providing advice/ services to companies, governments and organisations on how to increase opportunities & manage strategic and operational risks; first group to advise on kidnapping cases
Cooperman = Name given to the drawing of a "creepy" prowler seen lurking at the Ocean Club by Gail Cooper before Madeleine's "abduction"
Corner, Jon = Friend of Kate's, who videotaped the McCanns in Praia da Luz, the footage of which was used in the BBC Panorama documentary; godfather to the McCann twins
Corpse Fluid = A source of DNA through a bodily fluid, e.g., blood or cerebrospinal fluid
Corpus Indelecti = Legal term, denoting that the body cannot be produced as evidence to prove that a murder has taken place
Corte-Real, Francisco = Vice-President of Portugal's National Pathology Institute; visited FSS Birmingham in late November
Costa, Alberto = Portugal's Justice Minister
Crêche = Place where the McCanns could leave their children for most of the day without spending another Euro
Creepy = Description given to a man lurking in the vicinity of the Ocean Club
Creepyman see Cooperman
Cuddlecat = A pink soft toy said to be a fourth birthday present for Madeleine, but used as a prop for Kate McCann in photo-shoots/interviews; in contact with six cadavers before Portugal
Curdlecat = Corruption of Cuddlecat
Cut = Drunk, as after a number of cocktails, 14 bottles of wine, and after-dinner liqueurs
Cybersleuthing = Playing detective on the computer in cyberspace

DE = Daily Express
DIY = Do It Yourself
DM = Daily Mirror
DNA = Acronym for Deoxyribonucleic Acid; a nucleic acid containing genetic instructions for the development and functioning of all living organisms; see also Low Copy DNA and Mitochondrial DNA
DNA Databasing = Networking of European DNA databases to fight crime; but notably in the UK, where many people are unaware their DNA is already in the master database
Daily Express = A UK tabloid newspaper with a forum of both "anti- and "pro-" McCann posters
Daily McCann Fix = Need for addicted posters to have a daily update on the McCann Case
Daily Mirror = An infamous UK tabloid newspaper; see also Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum
Deoxyribonucleic Acid see DNA
Death Scent = Smell of a corpse from decaying flesh and excreted bodily fluids
Delurk = To pluck up courage to post after having lurked for a while on a forum
Devilsporn = Sporn (spawn or spermatozoa) of the devil
Diapers = US term for Nappies; see also Dirty Nappies
Diary = As used by Kate McCann to record her feelings about her family and about being an at-home mum; sought by PJ as to her state of mind
Diligences = Persistent efforts, in Portuguese; as shown by the PJ in solving the mystery
Dirty Nappies = Excuse used by the McCanns to explain source of DNA found in the Renault's tyre well
Disaster = As in Gerry McCann's first words in a call to Kate's mother, Susan Healy; mishap; tragedy; calamity; or accident
Discolouration = Scanner dust/oil/grease in digital photography
Discrepancies = Gaps or holes in a story/statement
Dr. Who Cake = A McCann birthday cake; see also Who, Dr.
Documentary = A real-life movie or film; said to be under consideration by Clarence Mitchell, but later denied by the McCanns
Dodd, Sheree = A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokeswoman; thought to be the diplomat who warned the UK government that the McCanns were not being cooperative with the PJ
Dodgy = Name of an English "Powerpop" Trio; derogatory description given to Murat's eye by a Sky reporter
Doggie-Doo-Doo = Dog excrement or faeces
Doing a Kate = Crying fake tears
Doing a McCann = Doing a bunk; telling lies; leaving young children unattended
Doing a Moonlight (or Moonlight Flit) = Moving house during the wee small hours, abandoning everything that can't be taken, and leaving no trace for those wanting a forwarding address, e.g. unpaid landlords, creditors, and lessors of computer equipment; see also Doing a McCann
Dowser = Water diviner; see also Quantum Physics Dowser
Droopy Eyelid see Eyelid Ptosis

ET Finger = As in Flickr Photo-Sharing
EasyJet = No-frills airline used for "doing a McCann"
Eddie = Top sniffer dog from the UK used in tracking the scent of a cadaver
Editorial Intelligence = An organization founded by Julia Hobsbawm; see also Media Intelligence
Eeyore = A character in A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh books, as depicted on Madeleine's pyjamas
Egg Donor = Female donor in IVF treatment
Egghead = Egg-shaped, faceless man; see also Eggman
Eggman = A drawing based upon Jane Tanner's original description of the "abductor" by Simon Russell, who runs a video store and Internet caf├® in Praia da Luz; thought to be the sketch shown by the PJ to local residents during a house-to-house enquiry
Ellibean = Pseudonym of a poster, who went to Praia da Luz to photograph the scene
Emoticons = Funny faces to be attached to a post on a forum
Encarnação, Guilhermino da = Director of the Policia Judiciária in Faro
Episcopal Church = Anglican Church; used interchangeably by the McCanns for the Catholic Church; see also Catholic Church
Eurojust = An agency of the European Union to expedite communication between the 27 EU member countries in the case of serious crime involving more than one country; used for rapid transmission of rogatory letters
Europol = An agency of the European Union, created to fight crime involving more than one country within the 27 EU member countries
Extra Child-Friendly Toppings see Child-Friendly Toppings; Banana Split
Eyelid Ptosis = A droopy or hooded eye condition, which can be in one eye or two

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
FWIW = For What Its Worth
FYA = For Your Amusement
FYI = For Your Information
FSS = Forensic Science Service; see also Forensic Science Service, Birmingham
Family-Friendly Resort = A holiday resort, catering to families, where babies/ toddlers can be placed in a crêche, while parents have "me-time"
Faceless One see Eggman
Fancy Clancy = Rhyming nickname for Clarence Mitchell
Fencesitter = A person who posts on a forum but does not take a position
Fenn, Pamela = Resident of Praia da Luz, with apartment above 5A; heard Madeleine previously in the week crying "Daddy, Daddy"
FindMadeleine = McCanns' Find Madeleine website
First Time Offender = Category of member on the3arguidos website with 500-749 postings
Fish Salting Tanks = Part of the Roman ruins in Praia da Luz
Foetal Alcohol Syndrome = A serious medical condition, beginning in the foetus, when a mother has used alcohol during pregnancy
Folie à Deux = "A madness shared by two," in French; a rare psychiatric syndrome in which a symptom of psychosis is transmitted from one individual to another
Fooked = F*cked, as in "We're fooked," when Gerry McCann found the PJ had his text messages
Formaldehyde = A preservative used in the embalming of bodies
Forensic Medicine = Practice of medicine as applied to legal problems
Forensic Science Service, Birmingham = Headquarters of the FSS, acknowledged to be the best forensic laboratory in the world; used by the PJ to examine DNA evidence
Forum = An Internet discussion group, such as The Three Arguidos Forum
Forumistas = Those versed in the ways of a forum
Forumspeak = Use of acronyms on forums, e.g. LOL = Laughing Out Loud
Free Speech = News commentary and history from a White racial perspective; see also Hate Speech, as in Free Speech vs. Hate Speech
Freedom of Speech = Concept of being able to speak freely without censorship, but increasingly endangered in UK and US
Full English = An English breakfast typically of rashers of bacon and eggs, but may include sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, black pudding, potatoes, and fried bread; as served in "greasy spoon" caf├®s but also to tourists in hotels, guest houses, and B & Bs. In decline in most British homes, although may be enjoyed at the weekend or on holiday, as by the McCanns in Praia da Luz
Full Monty = Whole hog; full nudity; men's three-piece suit; see also Full English
Furious = Term frequently used to describe the McCanns' feelings since they were declared arguidos or suspects in the case

GNR = A Portuguese rock band; acronym of the Guarda Nacional Republicana; see also Guarda Nacional Republicana
Gazeta Digital = Blogspot for the missing Madeleine and the media
Gemeos = Twins; see also McCann, Amelie; McCann, Sean
Gerry's Blog = Diary kept on the FindMadeleine website by Gerry McCann
Gone Baby Gone = A US movie, based on the novel by Denis Lehane, set in Boston about a missing four-year old girl; director Ben Affleck delayed its opening in the UK, because of similarities to the McCann Case; see also Affleck, Ben
Google = Method of searching the World-Wide Web
Googlese = Google translation
Green, Sir Philip = Retail tycoon, who lent his private jet to the McCanns for their European tour; see also Millionaires
Green Ribbons = Symbol for a missing child campaign; see also Yellow Ribbons
Guarda Nacional Republicana = Portuguese National Guard; first on the scene after Madeleine's "abduction" and searched through the night, along with scores of local residents; while the Tapas 9 remained in their apartments
Gynaecology = Study of women's diseases; another discipline studied by Kate McCann before she went into General Practice.

HFM Forum = Hunt For Maddy forum; see also Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum
HTFM see Helping To Find Madeleine
HTH = Hope This Helps
Hardened Criminal = Category of member on website with 1500-1999 postings
Harry Potter see Potter, Harry
Hate Speech = Speech designed to degrade, intimidate, and incite violence against a person or group; as in racist speech, e.g., denigration of the Portuguese police and media by Team McCann; see also Free Speech
Healy = Maiden name of Kate McCann; see also Hot Lips Healy
Healy, Brian = Father of Kate McCann; grandfather of Madeleine; resides in Liverpool
Healy, Susan = Mother of Kate McCann; grandmother of Madeleine; resides in Liverpool
Hearts and Minds = To win a nation over, a tactic of Clarence Mitchell in his usage of the media; used by US military during Vietnam War
Helping to Find Madeleine = An Affiliate of the McCanns' FindMadeleine website, with leaders and their teams divided by country; acting as chimps or trolls on Maddy forums
Heulva = How Gerry spelled Huelva in his Blog
Hill, John = Manager of the Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz, who found no evidence of an "abduction" on May 3
Hobsbawm, Julia = London's first Professor of Public Relations at the London College of Communication; see also Editorial Intelligence
Hot Air = Not from a hot air balloon, but as issued from Clarence Mitchell at media conferences
Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows = A favourite drink of Madeleine's at a Rothley coffee shop
Hot Lips Healy = Kate McCann's nickname while in medical school; character in MASH
Hubbard, Reverend Haynes = Chaplain of the Algarve; befriended the McCanns while serving as locum priest to the congregation at Praia da Luz
Huelbrigadas = Colloquial term in Portuguese for private investigators
Huelva = Place in Spain, where Gerry and Kate McCann drove to distribute posters on a religious holiday, while people were away and most businesses closed
Hurtful = One of Mitchell's adjectives to describe news reports

IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer
IC = I See
ICMEC see International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children
IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
IVF = Intra Vitro Fertilization, the method by which Kate McCann became pregnant with Madeleine and the twins in Amsterdam
Igreja da Luz = Church of Light, where the McCanns prayed frequently after Madeleine's "abduction"
Incarnation, Guilhermino = National deputy of the PJ in Faro, who inspected the crime scene, while the media were otherwise engaged
Incineratorman = Man who ran the local incinerator outside of Praia da Luz
Infohost = Host of the FindMadeleine website on the Internet
International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children = An international organization founded by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Washington, DC, to identify and coordinate a global network of organizations fighting child-sexual exploitation and abduction; see also United States. National Center on Missing and Exploited Children
Infra-Red Cameras = Used in early air searches for Madeleine to detect the existence of land shifts; in UK have even detected cadavers under cement
Internaut = An habitual user of the Internet, formed by an amalgamation of "Internet" and either "Astronaut" or "Cybernaut"

J/K = Just Kidding
JT = Jane Tanner, one of the Tapas 7, who saw Bundleman on May 3; see also Tanner, Jane
JAFFA = An impotent person who cannot have children; an acronym for Just Another F*cking Field Assistant (as in the gold fields of Australia)
Jantaram = Third person plural of the past tense of the verb "jantar" in Portuguese, meaning "they dined"
January 23, 2008 = The Day The Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum Died; seen as pivotal date in the loss of free speech in the UK
Jehovah's Witness = A person belonging to a religious movement based on the belief of restoration of 1st century Christianity
Jemmied= As in damaged shutters of 5A, reported by the McCanns to their family back in the UK, the media and to the PJ; EXCEPT the police on inspecting the shutters found no sign of damage or forced entry
Jealous = Green; envious; covetous
Jeremy Beadle-Hand-Patsy-Cropper = Photocropper of fake photographs
Jerry = Chamber-pot; see also Mr. Jerry; Mr. Jerry and Its Wife
Jesus, Gaynor = An Anglo-Portuguese woman and childhood friend of Robert Murat, who spread the erroneous story of his "glass" eye
Jogging = Running at a leisurely pace for exercise; a favourite pastime of Gerry and Kate McCann after Madeleine's disappearance
Justice = As in Justice for Maddy

Keela = Top sniffer dog from the UK used for tracking down blood evidence, even from clothing and objects that have been cleaned or washed many times
Kennedy, Brian (1) = Uncle of Kate McCann, serving on the Board of Madeleine's Fund
Kennedy, Brian (2) = Glazing-millionaire, who offered a reward for Madeleine's safe return; pays salary of Clarence Mitchell
Keyboard Monkey = Poster on an Internet forum (probably derived from the Infinite Monkey Theorem)
Keystone Cops = Derogatory name for the PJ
Kids Club see Crêche
Kingsley Napley = A prestigious UK law firm, retained by the McCanns
Kruger, Danie = A South African dowser, who claimed he could find Madeleine's body in Praia da Luz; found a place on the beach, where he thought she had been buried
Krugersdorft = Term derived from the name of a South African dowser, in Africaans or Dutch; see also Kruger, Danie

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
LSE = London School of Economics
Lagos = A city and a municipality in Portugal, near Luz, in the southern region of the Algarve; see also Solidarity Concert
Lathem House = Surgery in Melton Mowbray, where, prior to the holiday in Portugal, Kate McCann served as a locum general practitioner for 1 1/2 days per week
Legging It see Doing a McCann
Libel = Written or broadcast form of defamation, as distinguished from slander, the spoken form
Lies = Untruths and contradictions by members of the Team McCann, especially in establishing the May 3 timeline
Lies, Lies, Pants on Fire = An expression to denote lying by the Tapas 9
Lifer = Category of member on website with 5,000-plus postings
Lily the Pink = A nineteen-sixties pop song by the Scaffold; nickname for Clarence Mitchell and his love of pink shirts
Liverpool = Home town of the Beatles and the Healy family
Local Lag = Category of member on website with 750-999 postings
Lock Up Your Daughters = A literary article on Casanova found by the PJ in the Casa Liliana
London School of Economics = Host to the panel session on the Media and the McCanns
Lopes da Mota, Jos├® Lu├¡s = National Member for Portugal, Eurojust; currently President of the Eurojust College
Loser = Fool or "sad" person
Low Copy DNA Testing = A technique developed in the UK to enable scientists to produce DNA profiles from samples containing very few cells; see also DNA
Ludicrous = Favourite word of Clarence Mitchell in dismissing news that Team McCann would rather not hear
Lurker = A person who routinely views threads on a forum but does not sign up to post

MLA = Mutual Legal Assistance
MOS = Matter Oriented System
MS = Messaging Service
MYOB = Mind Your Own Business
McBigot = Derogatory name for McCann
McBook = Gerry's forensic book; or Kate's Bible
McBride, Angus = A partner at Kingsley Napley; $1,200-an-hour lawyer, specialising in high-profile cases, such as the defence of English football captain, John Terry, accused of kidnapping, and actor Chris Langham, accused of downloading pornography; retained by the McCanns for their defence
McCann = Family Name of Gerry McCann
McCann, Amelie = One of the McCann twins and younger sister of Madeleine
McCann, Eileen = Mother of Gerry McCann; grandmother of Madeleine; resides in Glasgow
McCann, Gerry = A consultant cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester; father of Madeleine but now declared arguido in her disappearance
McCann, John = Brother of Gerry McCann, who gave up his job to serve on the Board of the Madeleine's Fund
McCann, Kate = Former locum general practitioner at Lathem House, Melton Mowbray; wife of Gerry McCann; mother of Madeleine but now declared arguida in her disappearance
McCann, Madeleine = Missing daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann; see also Code Madeleine; Madeleine Foundation; Madeleine's Book of Hope; Madeleine's Fund; Madeleine's Law
McCann, Philomena = Sister of Gerry McCann; teacher, resides in Ullapool, Scotland;
acted as a spokesperson for the family and met with Members of Parliament in Westminster
McCann, Ruth = Owner of 5A; resides in Liverpool but said to be no relative of the McCanns
McCann, Sean = One of the McCann twins and younger brother of Madeleine
McCannbater = A person who gains pleasure for brain-base self stimulation
McCannbation = Pleasure from brain-based self stimulation
Mccannfiles = Redsquare's highly-respected website on the McCann Case; now under fire as "an unauthorised site" from Team McCann
McCannite = Supporter of the McCanns
McCannos = Derogatory name for the McCanns; corruption of a Meccano kit
McCannorama = A BBC Panorama programme on the McCann Case
McCannot = Derogatory name for McCann
McChimp = A poster supporter of the McCanns; see also Chimp
McClown = Derogatory name for McCann
McComplice = An accomplice of the McCanns
McConic = Ironic
McConn = Derogatory name for McCann
McCrim = Derogatory name for McCann
McFool = Derogatory name for McCann
McFishy = Denoting something odd about the McCanns
McFriend = Friend of the McCanns
McGuinness, Justine = First paid spokesperson for the McCanns; present when they were declared arguidos; participated in the LSE Media and the McCanns panel session
McMansion = Pejorative US architectural term given to a certain style of large house built on a small lot and dwarfing older neighbourhood homes; McCanns' Rothley house
McMortgage Scandal = Scandal surrounding the illegal payment of the mortgage for the Rothley house from Madeleine's Fund
McNasty = Derogatory name for McCann
McParent = Derogatory name for McCann
McPoster = A pro-McCann
MacRae, Calum = A former Ullapool pupil of Philomena McCann; director of Infohost and webmaster for the FindMadeleine website
McScam = Derogatory name for McCann
McScarper = Derogatory name for McCann
McScum = Derogatory name for McCann
McSham = Derogatory name for McCann
McTurdo3 = Derogatory name for Metodo3
McVey, Esther = Former Chairman of the Board for the Madeleine's Fund
Maddie = Nickname for Madeleine
Maddieballs = Word coined by Private Eye for media nonsense written about the McCann Case
Maddy = Variation of the nickname for Madeleine
Madeleine = Magdelene = Magdelena
Madeleine Foundation = A democratic membership organisation established by Tony Bennett in Harlow, to ensure that Madeleine's name will live on forever and that her message to this generation and to future generations of parents is "Never leave young children on their own"; see also Bennett, Tony; Madeleine's Law; TruthforMadeleine
Madeleine's Book of Hope = A book of messages contributed by Portuguese children of all ages for Madeleine
Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned = A limited company formed to raise money to find Madeleine and other missing children, but used by the McCanns for the mortgage on their Rothley house and to support their affluent lifestyle
Madeleine's Law = Legislation proposed by TruthForMadeleine and Tony Bennett to protect children from neglect by their parents; see also Bennett, Tony; Madeleine Foundation; TruthforMadeleine
Mafia Boss = Category of member on website with 2000-4999 postings
Mafia Mistress see COMARE
Magalhaes e Meneses, Jose Cunha de = Public Prosecutor of the Portimão Court
Magdalene = Derivative of Magdelena or Madeleine
Magdelena = Derivative of Magdalene or Madeleine, favoured by Lucian DeVille
Malinka, Sergei = Russian, who built a website for Robert Murat; thought by some to be involved in nefarious deeds
Mampilly =Maiden name of Rachael Oldfield
Margaret = Name mistakenly given to Madeleine by Gerry McCann
Marketing Ploy see Ploy
May 3, 2007 = Date Madeleine was "abducted" from Apartment 5A at the Ocean Club Resort
Media Intelligence = Strategic advertising intelligence (including data and analysis) for political/public affairs, advertising campaigns, advertising agencies, and the media; see also Editorial Intelligence
Media Monitoring Unit = A government agency headed by Clarence Mitchell until he became spokesman for the McCanns; now thought to have used this unit to monitor the behaviour of posters in forums and blogs "considered to be highly detrimental to the image of the McCanns and that of the British government"
Methadone = Synthetic opoid used in narcotic withdrawal and therapy
MetodoÔé¼ see Metodo3
Metodo£ see Metodo3
Metodo3 = Spanish investigative agency, specializing in fraud, hired by the McCanns to find Madeleine in Spain and Morocco
Millionaires = Affluent friends, aquaintances, and contacts/connections, who have provided support, in addition to donations, legal fees, reward money, and private jets, to the McCanns; see also Beckham, David; Branson, Richard; Green, Philip; Kennedy, Brian; Rowling, J.K.; Winyard, Stephen
Mirror Forum = A forum on the Daily Mirror's website
Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum = A very popular forum on the Daily Mirror's website, now closed down, as the result of pressure from Clarence Mitchell; see also Media Monitoring Unit
Mistake = Boob; error; slip; gaffe; lapse, as in Gerry McCann saying that they had made a "mistake" in leaving their children unsupervised
Mr. Jerry = Name for Gerry McCann, as coined by Lucian DeVille
Mr. Jerry and Its Wife = Name for Gerry and Kate McCann, as coined by Lucian DeVille
Mr. Young Chicken Hunter = A Portuguese lawyer
Mitchell, Clarence = Spokesman for the McCanns; former head of the UK Media Monitoring Unit; now on payroll of Brian Kennedy
Mitochondrial DNA = DNA located in organelles called mitochondria, spanning about 16,500 DNA building blocks
Mobster = Thug; hoodlum; crook; outlaw, term used to describe "anti-McCanns"
Moderator = Person who monitors the behaviour of posters on an Internet forum
Mods = Shorthand for moderators on an Internet forum
Moita Flores, Francisco = Former PJ inspector; author of several TV series, including a proposed new series for a foreign TV station on the McCann Case, in Portugal
Mojo3 = Metodo3
Monteiro, Pinto = Portugal's Attorney General
Moonlight Flit see Doing a Moonlight
Morocco = North African country, where Metodo3 searches following "false sightings" of Madeleine
Munchausen By Proxy = Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) given to a type of abuse, where a caregiver feigns or induces illness in a person under their care, in order to attract attention, sympathy, or to fill other emotional needs
Munchausen Syndrome = A psychiatric disorder in which those affected feign
disease, illness, or psychological trauma, in order to draw attention or sympathy from family, friends, and health professionals
Murat = Family name of Robert Murat with roots in Portugal, as wine merchants in Oporto, since the 18th century
Murat, Jenny = Mother of Robert, who was with her son on the night of May 3; her home, Casa Liliana, was searched by the PJ, but nothing incriminating was found
Murat, Robert = An Anglo-Portuguese man, who served as a translator for the PJ during the early days of the case but was declared arguido after a Sky reporter gave his name to the Leicester police; now thought to be innocent of any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance
Mutual Legal Assistance = A service of the UK Home Office to help citizens abroad and to transmit legal communications between jurisdictions in the UK and a foreign country

NCMEC = Acronym for National Center on Missing and Exploited Children
NYOB = None of Your Own Business
Nanny McFlee = The missing Nanny McCann
Nappies = British term for Diapers (US); see also Dirty Nappies
Narcissism see Narcissistic Personality Disorder; Somatic Narcissist
Narcissistic Personality Disorder = A mental disorder primarily characterised by extreme focus on oneself; symptomatic of "a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy"
Narrative Crossover = Placement of two or more otherwise discrete narratives or fictional crossovers into the context of a single story
National Center on Missing and Exploited Children see United States. National Center on Missing and Exploited Children
NecroSearch International = A US-based non-profit forensic investigative team, specialising in previously shelved homicide cases because of corpus indelecti; see also No Stone Unturned; Corpus Indelecti
Neglect = Act of leaving a young child unattended
New In Town = Category of member on website with up to 99 posts
Newbie = New person in town, or a new person beginning to post on a forum
Nicked = Caught; see also You're Nicked
No Comment = Phrase used by politicians or celebrities, when they do not wish to answer a question; also used by Gerry McCann when asked whether he knew Robert Murat
No Stone Unturned = Title of a book about the US-based non-profit forensic investigative team, NecroSearch International, by Steve Jackson
Nouveau Riche = New rich, in French, or new money, referring to people who have newly acquired wealth; used for those lacking in finesse or taste and displaying working-class origins, as demonstrated by the McCanns
Numpty = Scotland's favourite word, meaning idiot or stupid person

OMG = Oh My God
OP = Opening Post
OTOH = On The Other Hand
O'Brien, Russell = One of the Tapas 7; said to be attending his sick child, while the "abduction" took place; see also Tanner, Jane
O'Donnell, Bridget = Partner of Jeremy Wilkins; wrote a Guardian article on her observations of the McCanns in Praia da Luz
Obfuscation = Confusion, as in throwing the PJ off the scent with "red herrings"
Obrigado = Thank you, in Portuguese
Ocean Club Resort = A Mark Warner family-friendly resort in Praia da Luz
Oddball = Derogatory name used by Team McCann to describe Robert Murat
Oldfield, Matthew = One of the Tapas 7, who holidayed with the McCann family
Oldfield, Rachael Mampilly = Wife of Matthew Oldfield; one of the Tapas 7
On Parole = Category of member on website with 1000-1499 postings

PDL = Praia da Luz
PEBCAK = Problem Exists Between the Chair and the Keyboard
PJ = Policia Judiciária
PMSL = Peed Myself Laughing
PR = Public Relations
PSYOPS = Psychological Operations
PT = Portugal
Pacheco, Father Jos├® Manuel = Catholic priest at Igreja da Luz, who was later criticised by the Church hierarchy for lending a key to the McCanns
Paedophile = Adult engaging in child pornography or in sexual relations with a child
Pampas Grass = Exotic grass, usually in the front garden of a swinger
Panorama = BBC program, which aired first UK documentary on the McCann case
Pants of Ganga = Jeans; see also Calças de Ganga
Papal Audience see Pope Benedict
Paracetamol = Active ingredient in Calpol or Calpol Night
Payne, David = One of the Tapas 7, who holidayed with the McCann family
Payne, Fiona = Doctor wife of David Payne; one of the Tapas 7
PayPal = An E-commerce company often used by eBay customers to transfer funds quickly after an online auction; used by the McCanns to raise £1,000,000+ for Madeleine's Fund
Pennington, Charlotte = Nanny at the Ocean Club Resort; gave conflicting testimony on Madeleine's activities on May 3
Petition = Formal written request from one or more persons to an administrative body
Phishing =Trying to acquire sensitive personal data by criminal and fraudulent means via the Internet
Photobucket = Image hosting, free photo and video sharing
PhotoFit = A technique used by police for building up an image of someone to fit a witness's description
PhotoShop = An Adobe computer software programme used in digital photography
Pink = Madeleine's favourite colour
Pink Crusader = Slayer of free speech
Pink Death = A disease, killing journalism and free speech in UK; spread by a CM virus
Pink Pimp = Clarence Mitchell
Pink Spin = Flimsy information with no reason to appear in media reports
PinkShirt = A nickname given to Clarence Mitchell because of his fondness for pink shirts
PinkShirts = Cohorts of spokesman Clarence Mitchell
Pinto de Abreu, Carlos = A Portuguese lawyer, involved in high-profile cases, including the defence of leaders of the UGT in a fraud case with Fundo Social Europeu; presides over the Human Rights Commission of the Lawyer's Order; retained by McCanns for their defence
Pitchforker = Muckraker
Ploy = A manoeuvre to frustrate an opponent; or as in a marketing ploy, said to be the tactic of Gerry McCann in marketing Madeleine
Policia Judiciária = Highly qualified police force with law degrees in Portugal
Pope Benedict = Head of the Catholic Church; the McCanns sought an audience to receive his blessing; see also Vatican Website
Portimão = A town in the Algarve, close to Praia da Luz; where Gerry and Kate McCann were interrogated and declared arguidos by the PJ
Post = A contribution to a thread on an Internet forum
Poster = A person who posts on an Internet forum
Poster-Speak = New words coined by posters, often amusingly, on an Internet forum
Posting = Act of contributing to a thread on an Internet forum
Potter, Harry = A favourite character of Madeleine; see also Rowling, J.K.
Praia da Luz = A seaside resort in the Algarve, Portugal
Prayers = A reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship; or what Gerry and Katie did in between playing tennis, jogging, and walking on the beach after Madeleine's "abduction"
Precipitação = Precipitation or Precipitousness, in Portuguese
Precipitation = Precipitousness; also used for weather conditions, as in rain or snow falling to the ground
Precipitousness = Hasty; extremely steep; a precipitous bluff
Predator see Paedophile
Priest = Ordained minister, as used by the McCanns in UK and Portugal
Prostitutes, The = The newspapers
Psychological Operations = Techniques used by the military and police to influence a target audience's emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and behaviour
Putative Abductor = A "supposed" abductor

QC = Queen's Counsel
Quantum McCannics = Simultaneous sightings of Madeleine, such as in Morocco and Spain, and their subsequent parallel police investigations
Quantum Physics Dowser = Dowser, using techniques from quantum physics; see also Kruger, Danie
Quiz Mistress = Ocean Club aerobics instructor Najova Chekaya, entertaining Tapas Bar diners with a "quiz," which the McCanns were tipped to win the night of May 3; see also Chaplins

ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO = Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A*se Off
Radio Slip = A hasty remark by a Police Chief
Rare Stranger Abduction = A rare kidnapping of a child by a stranger
Regret = Gerry and Kate McCann saying they were sorry that they were not with Madeleine when she was "abducted"
Raptor = A Portuguese kidnapper
Rebelo, Paulo = Lead investigator, who replaced Gonçalo Amaral in the coordination of the McCann Case in the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão; responsible for analysing the evidence and for monitoring the preparation of the rogatory letters to be sent to England
Redsquare = Author of the mccannfiles website; see also Mccannfiles
Reis, Paulo = Editor of Gazeta Digital
Renault McCann = Car hired by the McCanns in Portugal
Renault McScenic see Renault McCann
Renwick, Jill = Friend and former colleague of Kate McCann
Retinoblastoma = A malignant glioma (or cancer) of the retina; often hereditary in young children
Respected Posters = FACT
Responsible = Manner in which the McCanns describe themselves as parents, that they are not guilty of "child neglect"
Retardo3 = Derogatory name for Metodo3
Ribeiro, Alipio = National director of the PJ in Portugal
Ridiculous see Ludicrous
Road Works = Road excavations by the Church of Light; thought by many posters to be a good hiding place for a body
Robot Picture = A Japanese robotic simulation, which can be used in search and rescue
Rogatory = Law
Rogatory Letter = Law document, relating to evidence, exchanged between jurisdictions of two countries
Rolex = Brand of watch worn by Kate McCann; see also Nouveau Riche
Roman Catholic see Catholic Church
Rothley = Place in Leicestershire, where the McCanns currently reside
Rotten Meat = Source of the bodily fluids found in the tyre well of the Renault, as explained by the McCanns
Rowling, J.K. = Author of the Harry Potter books; see also Millionaires

SCKM = Spilt Coffee on the Keyboard Moment
SNAP = Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests
SQL = An error in software
SUV = A sport-utility vehicle; see also Chelsea Tractor, Yank Tank
Sacred Heart Church = Catholic Church in Rothley, where the McCanns pray for Madeleine
Sad Souls = Term used by Charlie Beckett, Director of POLIS, London School of Economics, to describe people on internet forums
Sand = Minute fragments of siliceous rocks, thought by some posters to have been used as a temporary "preservative" for Madeleine's body; not just for Gerry McCann to build sandcastles with the twins
Sardines Muncher = Derogatory term for a Portuguese person
Scapegoat = One who bears blame for others, as in "abduction" suspect
Scenario = Plot; story; as in Gerry McCann saying, "The worst possible scenario would be that someone had taken Maddy"
Sea Bass = Favourite fish of Sean McCann, according to Gerry's Blog
Sea Hunt for Maddy = Initial air/sea search for Madeleine; see also Infra-Red Cameras; Temperature Cameras
Sea Raptor = Sea kidnapper; see also Raptor
Sedatives = Classification of drugs to make people sleep
Senior Research Fellow = An academic appointment in a research institution
Shark-Infested Waters = Environment of the now-defunct Mirror's Hunt for Maddy forum
Sheeple = An amalgamation of "Sheep" and "People" to denote people that follow blindly and never question their leaders
Skipton = Place where the McCanns went for a christening and also spent Christmas 2007
Sky TV = First UK TV station to report on Madeleine's "abduction"
Smethurst, Edward = Commercial lawyer with glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy; now appointed to the Board of Madeleine's Fund
Smith, Jacqui = UK Home Secretary, who prefers "diplomatic channels" to Eurojust, essentially delaying the transmission of the PJ's rogatory letters to the Leicestershire Police
Smith, Martin = An Irish citizen, who has a holiday home in Praia da Luz; he and other family members saw a man carrying a child towards the beach on the night of May 3
Smoke and Mirrors see Obfuscation
Snap = A playing card game; see also SNAP
Sniffer Dog = A dog used to track the scent of a missing person or drugs; see also Cadaver Dog; Eddie; Keela
S├│crates, Jos├® = Portugal's Prime Minister, who was urged by Gordon Brown to see that there was "proper cooperation between the British and Portuguese police"
Sock Puppetry = Deceitful forum practice whereby poster A creates a new handle, B, and then as "poster B" provides "independent" support for the views of poster A
Sol = Sun; also the name of a highly respected newspaper in Portugal
Solidarity Concert = Early concert to support the McCanns; see also Lagos
Somatic Narcissist = Narcissist, obsessed with bodily beauty or sexual performance; see also Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Sousa, Olegario de = Chief Inspector; public spokesman for the PJ back in September 2007
Spam = A canned meat product; unsolicited and annoying e-mail
Spam Valley = A term for an area of expensive housing, especially in Scotland, where residents were said to have paid so much for their houses that, although they appeared wealthy, they were close to poverty and reduced to eating Spam
Sperm Donation = Artificial insemination by a male donor
Spin = News as presented by the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell
Spin Doctor = Position, beloved of politicians, such as Tony Blair and George W. Bush; see also Spokesperson
Spokesman see Spokesperson
Spokesperson = A spin doctor paid rather "ludicrous" sums of money to take the "flak" or create a "smoke-screen" in the media, when their clients would like the real story NOT to appear on the front page; e.g., announcing a "Madeleine-sighting" in Morocco, when latest DNA results confirm that the child is dead
Sports medicine = Study of prevention/diagnosis/treatment of injuries related to those individuals involved in sports and exercise; specialty of Gerry McCann before Cardiology
Squander = As in spending of other peoples' money, the McCann way
Squeeze = Exert slight pressure on a part of somebody's body, such as the hand, knee, or shoulder, usually as a sign of affection or reassurance
Sticky = Holding a thread on a forum
Stitched Up = Expression used by Gerry McCann to denote that he was being framed by the police in Portimão
Summative Overview = Part of the strategy for Madeleine's Fund; see also The Wider Strategy
Suspects see Arguidos
Swarthy Foreigner = Term used for one of the suspects, who may have "abducted " Madeleine
Swingers = Persons, usually married couples, who exchange partners for sexual favours

TA = Thanks Again
TBH = To Be Honest
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now = Goodbye For Now
Tabloid = Gossip newspaper, e.g., Daily Mirror and the Daily Star
Tanner, Jane = One of the Tapas 7, who later reported seeing Bundleman on the night of May 3; partner of Russell Oldfield
Tantrum = Outburst of temper by a child, but also by an adult, when he/she cannot get his/her own way
Tapas = Hors d'oeuvres or appetizers, in Portuguese
Tapas 1= A McCann friend, who allegedly broke ranks with the rest of the group and contacted the PJ to change his/her statement
Tapas 7 = Name given to the seven friends, who dined with the McCanns at the Tapas Bar on May 3
Tapas 9 = The McCanns and their seven friends
Tapas Bar = Popular watering-hole at the Ocean Club Resort
Tapasniks = Another name for the Tapas 9
Tappans = A race of people belonging to the Tapas Bar
Team McCann = McCanns and friends
Team McNeglect = McCanns and Co.
Temper Tantrum see Tantrum
Temperature Cameras = As used in early air searches for Madeleine to detect any changes of temperature in the terrain; decomposing bodies register higher levels than the surrounding earth
Tennis = Favourite sport of Gerry McCann, scheduling as many as three lessons per day, including the day of the "abduction"
Thread = A section of a forum, where posters debate on a specific topic
Timeline = Attempted time-frame given to the movements of the Tapas 9 on May 3
Tiny Tears = An expression used by Philomena McCann in describing her brother crying; as repeated laughingly by Kate McCann in an interview
Tire Well see Tyre Well
Titanic = Popular euphemism, when the Mirror's Hunt for Maddy forum went belly up
Trademark = Registration of the name Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned, at the Office of Intellectual Property in the UK and in Europe by Bates Wells & Braithwaite shortly after Madeleine's "abduction"
Transference = As in the transference of DNA evidence from one place to another
Triangulation = A method used to pin-point the location and distance between cell phones used by Gerry McCann and Russell O'Brien
Troll = A person who posts controversial and disruptive messages on a forum; see also Trollocks
Trollocks = An amalgam of the words "Troll" and "Bollocks," in describing ridiculous statements a troll will use to goad and enrage unsuspecting forum users into "imbecilic flaming sessions"
Trunk see Boot
TruthforMadeleine = Website set up by Tony Bennett; see also Madeleine Foundation; Madeleine's Law
Twins see McCann, Amelie; McCann, Sean
Tyre Well = A depression in the boot where the spare wheel is stowed

UGT - Union Syndicate in Portugal
Ullapool = Town in Scotland, where Philomena McCann teaches and resides; home of the FindMadeleine website
Uma Certa Precipitação = A certain haste, in Portuguese; see also Precipitação
Uncle Clarence = As the McCann children had been taught to call an older male friend of the family, e.g. Clarence Mitchell
Unhelpful = Favourite adjective of Clarence Mitchell in describing anti-McCann news
United States. National Center on Missing and Exploited Children = A missing child agency visited by Gerry McCann in Washington, DC; see also International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children
User = As in drugs or as in someone who uses others

Vanity Fair = US "up-scale," glossy magazine, whose reporter interviewed Gerry McCann in a secret Rothley inn location
Vatican Website = The Pope's own website for the Catholic Church; for a while posted a photograph of Madeleine until shortly before her parents were declared arguidos; see also Pope Benedict
Vault, Concealed = A secret chamber below the kitchen floor in Casa Liliana
Vestígio =Clue; sign; trace; track; vestige; touch, in Portuguese
Vibrator = Sex device found by the PJ in the Casa Liliana in Praia da Luz
Villa = Seaside or country house; see also Vista Mar Villa; Casa Liliana
Vision = Person or thing seen in a dream state; as by Gerry McCann while at the Church of Light, when he knew he must set up Madeleine's Fund and advance The Wider Agenda
Vista Mar Villa = A villa provided free-of-charge to the McCanns for the duration of their stay in Praia da Luz, after they had moved out of two Ocean Club apartments
Vitriol = Ill-will, venom; animosity
Volcano Theory = A theory put forth by a poster on the Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum that the McCanns dumped Madeleine's body in an active volcano in Portugal

WTF = What the F*uck
WUM = Wind-Up Merchant
Walczuch, Michaela = Girlfriend of Robert Murat, who was interviewed by the PJ; see also Antonio, Luis
Warner, Mark = Owner of the Ocean Club at Praia da Luz
Web sleuths see Cybersleuthing
Webster, Dianne = Mother of Fiona Payne; one of the Tapas 7, holidaying with the McCann family
Wheeler, Jo = A Sky weather-forecaster in Praia da Luz; thought by Robert Murat to have "stitched him up"
Whiteners see Bleach
Who, Dr. = Favourite character of Madeleine; see also Dr. Who Cake
Whoosh Clunk = An expression used by Kate McCann on Panorama in describing the "abduction" of Madeleine
Whoosh Clunk Land = UK; a land, from where forums, press articles, and comments on the McCann Case routinely disappear
Wider Agenda, The = Part of Gerry McCann's long-term strategy for the Campaign and Madeleine's Fund, as well career goals for both himself and Kate
Wilkins, Jeremy = An English TV producer, who talked with Gerry McCann outside 5A but did not see Jane Tanner or Bundleman on the night of May 3
Willy the Pink = Variation on Lily the Pink
Wind-Up Merchant = A person, who creates tension in another, often to a fury
Window of Opportunity = Narrow time in which Madeleine could have been "abducted"
Wine = As drunk in excessive quantities by the Tapas 9; see also 6; 14 (in the numbers section)
Winyard, Stephen = Scottish business tycoon, who offered a £1m reward for Madeleine's safe return
Witness = A person who has firsthand knowledge of a crime; e.g., Jane Tanner, who believes she saw the "abductor" carrying Madeleine away from 5A, based upon her description of the child's pyjamas
Woman's Hour = A BBC program where Kate McCann had her first solo interview
Woods, Ian = An early Sky anchor in Praia da Luz, who tried to interview Robert Murat the day after Madeleine's disappearance
Woolfall, Alex = Press officer for the Mark Warner holiday group, seconded from the Bell Pottinger Group, to serve as an early spokesman for the McCanns
Wormwood Scrubs = A notorious London prison
Wright, Anne-Marie = Kate McCann's cousin; wife of Michael Wright; see also Skipton
Wright, Michael = Named driver on the McCann's Renault Scenic hire car; husband of Anne-Marie
Wristband = Armlet worn in support of a cause; fund-raising initiative used by the McCanns for their missing daughter

Xenophobia = A person unduly contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreigners; as shown by the UK press and Team McCann towards the PJ

Yank Tank = UK expression for a gas-guzzling SUV vehicle; see also Chelsea Tractor
Yellow Ribbon = Symbol of a missing child or a lost loved-one; in the US denotes a family's soldier son or daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan
Yob = An uncouth or thuggish, blue-collar person in the UK
Yobbo = Earlier version of Yob to denote a working-class, adolescent, "street rough"; now superseded by Chav
You're Nicked = Category of member on website with 200-299 postings
YouTube = An online source of user-generated videos, useful for extracts from Team McCann interviews

zzzzz = As in twins sleeping through the "abduction"; as in sedated toddlers, while grownups are "so into-each-other"
Zapped = As in sudden removal of the Hunt for Maddy forum from the DM's website
Zealous = As in the PJ's investigation of the McCann Case, despite UK Government road-blocks
Zero = As in zero hour; or as in American "0" or Zero (= UK "0" or Nought)

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Postby Lilemor » Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:43 am

Thank you for the work!!
Lilemor aus M├╝nchen :)
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Postby pike1 » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:05 pm

A piece of Internet history in the making......Well done! :)
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Postby blondie2 » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:39 pm

Wow that's some post and a lot of hard work too I bet!
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Postby JillyComeLately » Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:01 pm

What a tour de force! Well done and thank you, hawkeyes. 8)
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Postby Asamily » Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:25 pm

Very good. What about the new one "precipitação": :wink:
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Postby charlesp » Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:38 pm

I do so wish there was a 'Recommend this Post' button...
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Postby florenceng » Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:41 pm

Many thanks Hawkeyes1. It will come in very handy for me I am not used to all this jargon.
God bless Madeleine wherever you are and I hope you have Justice soon XXX
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Postby pike1 » Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:03 pm

Seen one this morning McCann[ab]bators-will find it again and let you know meaning......
"Always tell the truth.That way you don`t have to remember what you said"[Mark Twain]

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Postby rose238 » Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:07 pm

Many thanks. I've often wondered what some of the initials meant. Now I know. ROFL!!
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Postby clear » Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:36 pm

and to add to your list of numbers:

30 - number of minutes between each check
14 - number of bottles of wine waiters say were drunk
6 - number of bottles of wine tapas 9 say were drunk
4 -kilometres from PDL of gerry's phonecall
25 - actual number of kilometres away from PDL of phonecall
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Postby thentherewere4 » Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:38 pm

Good reference thread HawEyes1,useful and amusing.

The first description that was circulated by the PJ was Eggman, an oval with a whisp of hair at the top.
It really was circulated by the PJ and one shopkeeper in PDL said,"I couldn't believe it when I saw it I thought it was a joke".
I am uncertain as to the birthday of Bundleman I only reacall that in the recieved chronology he definitely came after Eggman.
I think Bundleman was born out of Tanners public desription of carrying given to a newspaper in a subsequent interview,NOT the Panorama one.
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Postby Laffin Assasin » Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:57 pm

Well done :lol:
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Postby Luz » Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:16 pm


Algarve = Part of the country taken over by the British in Portugal ,

you mean we have been invaded like they did in Iraq???? :cry:
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Postby pike1 » Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:25 pm

pike1 wrote:Seen one this morning McCann[ab]bators-will find it again and let you know meaning......

Found it

McCannbaters[McCannbation-gains pleasure from brain-based self stimulation]!
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