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in Correio da Manha this morning: ... l=10&p=200

Investigation: Return to Portugal
Key to the crime lies within science

The samples of fluids that were found in the car that was rented by the McCanns in the Algarve are very tenuous, according to what CM was able to establish - and the Policia Judiciaria is placing high hopes on the results from tests that are performed with the 'Low Copy Number' technique, which allows to reconstruct the genetic profile of someone who only had facial or hand contact with a given surface. And the purpose is to determine whether Madeleine's body was transported by her parents in the car that was rented 22 days later.

That is the most eagerly awaited report for the investigation - and it could arrive in the Algarve today, carried by the four members of staff from the National Institute for Legal Medicine, the Scientific Police Lab and the PJ, who yesterday met in Leicester, England, with scientists from the Birmingham lab. In Portugal there is capacity to collect residues from the slight contact of someone with a surface - in this case the boot of the Renault Scenic that was hired by Kate and Gerry three weeks after their daughter disappeared - but there is no equipment available to perform the necessary tests. And the 'Low Copy Number' technique is only available in England, in European terms.

CM knows that, concerning the residues that were collected in the apartment, the same issue is raised - with the blood that was found by the experts on a wall, behind a sofa and on the living room floor, which was very contaminated for laboratory testing. That is why the investigators are relying on the same technique, in order to determine whether the child was present, near the residues that were found.

Maddie's genetic profile can be reconstructed from a slight contact of the face, the hands or the rest of the body on those surfaces - which, by presenting blood stains, may indicate the child's death in the apartment's living room. The PJ's main theory is still the one of accidental death during the afternoon of May 3 - namely during the two hours during which only the parents had access to Maddie. First only Kate, then also Gerry, when he returned from a tennis match. The McCanns guarantee they bathed their three children and put them to bed, before they joined their group of friends for dinner, at approximately 8.30 p.m.

The Portuguese delegation returns this afternoon with new elements, but the investigation does not depend only on the results from the Birmingham lab. "These tests are only one of the puzzle's pieces", a police source tells CM, and the results in that report "will now be interpreted".

The purpose is to find out whether they "fit" other data that has already been discovered by the PJ over six months of investigation - and the collection of evidence is ongoing. "other diligences are being performed."

The 'CSI' technique

The 'Low Copy Number' (LCN), a technique that was made popular by 'CSI', a tv series, allows for a genetic identification from residues that were left in a crime scene in extremely small amounts, like in the case of blood cells and other types of residues that were collected by experts in the Maddie case. In practise, it's a step forward from the lofoscopic technique to determine an identity, as it determines a genetic profile. The LCN makes it possible, for example, to identify a person from latent fingerprint residues, left by the simple contact of skin with certain surfaces, like paper, knives, pens, ropes, strings and firearms. The collection of those samples, which are not visible to the naked eye, is a powerful means of forensics identification, but its analysis is more complex that the majority of samples that are present in a laboratory. Those are residues with DNA amounts that are lower than 100 picograms, and are often degraded. In Portugal, only the collection is made.

PJ returns items to Michaela

The private detectives firm Metodo 3 is investigating Michaela Walczuk because witnesses said they saw her in the Algarve with Madeleine, two days after the child disappeared, but Robert Murat's partner defends herself with her agenda now, which has already been returned by the PJ - and where she says she wrote down all her steps on May 5. The German citizen was never made arguida, but she was heard twice at the PJ in Portimao, and saw three computers, several personal items and her agenda confiscated. The investigation's team has returned everything to her, as they found no leads to a crime, according to what CM was able to establish, and only Robert Murat has not been returned the items that were apprehended from him. He is still an arguido in the process, like Kate and Gerry McCann.

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in Jornal de Noticias this morning: ... es_ve.html

Most of the analyses from biological residues are inconclusive

Inconclusive. The result is the same for most of the conclusions from the analyses that were performed by the Birmingham lab, in England. But there are some that may allow the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) to support the investigation line that points to the likely death of Madeleine McCann.

During yesterday's meeting, in Leicester, the Portuguese and English investigators tried to clarify all the results that were obtained, "in order not to leave any doubts". This morning, the team of experts that were in the UK will meet at the PJ in Faro in order to report all the informations.

According to what JN was able to establish, technical details and the analysis methods that are used by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in Birmingham were discussed. "It's not enough to say what the result is. We need to make sure that all possible analyses were performed on the samples that were sent over", a source that is connected to the investigation explained.

Contrary to what was said by an official spokesperson from Leicester police, this was not a routine meeting. The PJ gathered the best DNA experts from the two institutions that were committed to the forensics analyses. Francisco Corte Real, the vice president of the National Institute for Legal Medicine (NILM), and Luis Viriato and Fernando Viegas from the Scientific Police Laboratory. Accompanying the experts, Ricardo Paiva, the right arm of Paulo Rebelo, the coordinator of PJ in Portimao, and one of the main men in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine.

The FSS sent four scinetists and the head of the team that performed the analyses to Leicester. A spokesperson for the FSS insisted yesterday that "there are still analyses being performed" and that the laboratory's work is not concluded yet. But JN contacted several sources that are connected to the investigation and they say precisely the contrary. "The final report is missing, which has to be sent through official channels, according to the law. They arrive at the NILM first, and only then at the PJ", the sources explained.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCann couple's spokesman, was "surprised" about the case's latest developments. "Kate and Gerry were not informed", he said, devaluating the meeting. "It is not a relevant step for the investigation", he speculated. Tomorrow, the day after the experts leave Leicester, the couple is traveling to an undisclosed location. "I cannot say where, in order to keep the privacy", Mitchell told JN.

A trip that the Portuguese authorities did not know about, but which they don't have to have knowledge about, as Kate and Gerry are under terms of identity and residence, and only have to communicate their absence if this is over five days.
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from SIC: ... renses.htm

PJ returns to Portugal without forensic tests
Maddie case inspectors have met with the Public Ministery already

The Policia Judiciaria (PJ) made an assessment of the present situation in the Maddie case. As soon as they arrived in Faro, coming from England, the PJ inspectors met the investigation coordinators, and the attorney from the Public Ministery

The three elements of Judiciaria and the expert from the National Institute for Legal Medicine (NILM) did not bring the much awaited results from the forensics tests that are being processed at the lab in Birmingham. The trip's purpose was solely to exchange information with the English cientists about the methods that are being used to process the samples, and for the time being there are no predictions concerning the amount of time that the analyses may still take.

The members from PJ and the NILM arrived at Faro airport this morning and went immediately into Policia Judiciaria headquarters for a meeting with the investigation's leaders. The meeting lasted for over three hours and included the presence of Guilhermino da Encarna├º├úo, the joint national director for PJ in Faro, Paulo Rebelo, the Judiciaria's coordinator in Portimao, and Jos├® Magalh├úes e Menezes, the attorney from the Public Ministery in Portimao.

Curiously, a few minutes after the team that had been sent to England arrived, the new British ambassador in Lisbon entered the PJ's building in Faro, to present his greetings. This formality had been scheduled for approximately a week.

Within few days, a new team of Judiciaria inspectors should leave for England, this time carrying the rogatory letters that will allow the police in Leicestershire to interrogate the group of friends of the McCanns, who are witnesses in the process, and to question Kate and Gerry again. These diligences will be followed closely by an element from the Public Ministery, which is presumed to be the attorney for Portimao.
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in Unica (magazine from Expresso) - Nov 24

excerpt from an interview with Alipio Ribeiro, the National Director of Policia Judiciaria:

When and how did you hear about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?

At 9 a.m., from a person within the PJ. At that time, down there [south] they were already being put under pressure by the English press.

How did you know from the start that it was a complicated case?

At 9 a.m., someone within the police told me that Sky News was already broadcasting it.

Did the police panic?

No, no. We had the perception of what was happening.

During the first days, were there pressures to sove the case rapidly?

No, no. I spoke to the English ambassador about the cooperation with the English police.

You never received any call from the Portuguese government?

No, no.

And you didn't talk with anyone?

I obviously talked with the minister [of Internal Affairs].
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