Primary Sociopathy ???

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Re: Primary Sociopathy ???

Postby artemis1013 » Wed Apr 09, 2008 8:27 pm

meathgoldcoaster wrote:I have been meaning to come back to tell you all not to feel sorry for my BIL! In the last 2 years he has has cleared his and his MIL (with the help of his wife) life savings (nice people huh?) and we had to watch because his mum, my MIL, just wants all the children to get along (Irish mothers!)

Little Pixie I am no expert, I am sure you have already done it but just say sorry, and prove it by actions and build up your relationship with your children and a civil relationship with your husband, even if for the children. Remember action speaks louder then words. That book about the sociopath next door, I am thinking of buying it, looks like a good layperson's read. I have been tricked recently, by an alcoholic, it only cost me Ôé¼100.00 but I am steaming!

This is the conundrum that I have been thinking about. We give all these people titles and we put it under the banner of mental health etc eg sociopathy etc. but I do not think they are ill at all, if we think they are ill, then that puts the obligation on us to help us and allow them to wreak havoc in other people's lives. I do not think Sociopathy is a mental health issue, I think we should call them waht they are, nasty self serving people who have chosen a certain strategy to get through life. I would not be suprised if Kate had PND BUT in the whole area of law and Duty of Care, Gerry had a heavier duty to recognise that and get it sorted, he may not be an expert in PND but he would of been exposed to more information then the general public about it.

The title sociopathy is good as it allows you to have a tick list of certain behaviour, but lets face it they are sane, this is their choice of behaviour.

well said. I have a brother and an ex like this ajnd there's a nutty woman on a list I'm on whose just cant see her behaviour is extreeme and subnormal. We have kicked her off a few groups i belong to. Complete whackjob. As for my ex he is long gone by many years and my brother I ahve nothing to do with. My blood pressure and general outlook on life is better without him around.
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Re: Primary Sociopathy ???

Postby Southerncross » Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:49 pm

Excellent thread, thank you docbell!
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