5 kidnapping attempts by M3 i believe

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5 kidnapping attempts by M3 i believe

Postby celticcarla » Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:39 am


HUNT: The search for Madeleine will be scaled down Monday February 18,2008
By Martin Evans in Praia da Luz
DETECTIVES searching for Madeleine McCann are now investigating a spate of attempted child abductions across Portugal.

At least five kidnap attempts have been reported in the past month, leading officers from the Madeleine team to examine the details for possible connections.

In each abduction attempt, children reported being approached by men in a car who chatted to them before trying to grab them.

The most recent case involved a nine-year-old girl in the village of Vila Nova de Poires, near Coimbra in the north of the country.

Clarisse Ramos had been walking to school when two men in a light-coloured vehicle drove alongside her.

The men tried to persuade Clarisse to get into the car but she refused and fled into a nearby health centre where she raised the alarm.

Her mother Neide, 35, said: "The staff at the health centre called me to say my daughter had gone in there because someone was following her."

The attempted abduction mirrors that of another nine-year-old girl in the nearby village of Charneca, in December. The girl was bundled into a grey car by a man who spoke with a Brazilian accent.

Police are working on the theory that the men could be operating as part of a child trafficking network targeting different regions of the country.

Detectives are also looking into three more attempted abductions across Portugal in the past three weeks – all with similar hallmarks. The development comes as the man leading the Madeleine case prepares to scale back and possibly even close down the investigation.

Attempts on mainly 9 year olds??? No connection to maddie who was allegedly asleep in her own bed. This seriously looks to me like the m3s last job. What sort of organised group fails to grab five children and none reported missing ???? Set up, how far and how wide is this case going to reach and disturb the everyday people of the regions. Pretend to abduct children, but dont harm them we just want to prove that there are paedophiles around???Idiots, what calibre of organsied crime fail to succeed 5 abductions, let me tell you the ones who have no intent on abduction but need the theory pushed out there to save mccanns and the emotional damage to these little girls by even being approached is not considered or relevant to these Godless heartless people. This tips the scales toward utter desparation and i hope someone got a car rego or description because paedophile gangs do not drive around in numbers :evil: Worse still is the possibility that the mcs M3 morons have been paid to pay families to say their daughter have been approached. :evil: :evil:
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Re: 5 kidnapping attempts by M3 i believe

Postby perrito » Tue Feb 19, 2008 8:52 pm

I guess the above report could be anyone of 100s read in UK every day over the years, people hanging around school trying to get kids to talk to them, people hanging around kids playgrounds, children being followed, it really isn't an unusual occurrence and I see no relevence whatsoever to Madeleine's case.
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