And i waited...and i waited...and im still waiting!!

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Re: And i waited...and i waited...and im still waiting!!

Postby ponky » Fri May 30, 2008 3:22 pm

Hope none of you is waiting for a computer from currys.

Fake driver takes Currys for a rideBy DAN CHURCHER 30/05/2008

A thief walked on to the site of a distribution centre and persuaded staff to spend two hours loading a trailer with almost £1/4m-worth of laptop computers.

He then coupled it to a cab unit and drove off from the Currys depot by the A17 near Newark on Sunday, according to a reliable source at the company.

The informant said the usual practice was for all loads to have proper authorisation but the thief, who is assumed to have inside knowledge, claimed to be using a system known as live-loading, when drivers collect unscheduled loads.

On his way out of the distribution centre at 2.45pm he signed "M. Bates" at the security booth and drove away.

The theft at Currys, Europe's largest distribution centre, was not discovered for four hours, when the real driver arrived and asked where his lorry had gone.

The laptops, worth a combined £224,000, were of various brands.

The thief, who walked on to site at 12.40pm, spoke with an Irish accent and his tabard had the name McBurney on it.

McBurney is an official Currys contractor that delivers to Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

Another insider at the warehouse said employees were rigorously searched leaving work.

He said Currys were so theft-conscious when it came to warehouse workers that it even used airport-style metal detectors.

The worker said: "When the proper lorry driver turned up for his load it had gone.

"It's a big embarrassment for the company. It's too ridiculous for words."

A Currys spokesman refused to comment.
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