Critical & Rational Thinking...What's this about?

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Critical & Rational Thinking...What's this about?

Postby Tripz » Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:11 am

God's Blunders?

This video portrays how, many Christians and Bible believers behave towards nonbelievers. As a matter of fact. It is a common behaviour, not only by Bible believers, but in some of other religions as well.

For questioning the school's policy in demanding students to reject all forms of rational science in favour of forcing students to believe that God is responsible for everything in the world, a classmate of Orel's, named Tommy is declared mentally re-tarded by the school and forced into a "Special Re-tarded Education" class, where all the kids who defy the town's theocracy with wanting to learn the truth about reality through science and reason are exiled.

Orel wonders why God would let people be re-tarded, leading to his father declaring mental re-tardation are "God's Blunders", and that people don't understand "God's Blunders" because these "mistakes" are part of God's master plan that made some humans "can't understand".

This plays out as Orel's friend, Tommy who becomes the defender of the other intellectual and critical thinking students, protecting them from Bible and faith-based thinking students who throw rocks and taunt them as the "re-tarded" students. Orel comes to his friend's defense and convinces the school to not hate the "re-tarded" and "stupid", but pity and love them instead. Moral Orel is an American stop-motion animated television show currently airing on Adult Swim.

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The price of faith

This is one of the best videos I've seen that explains the critical need for rationality on this planet. I wish the whole world could wake up with such a rational way of thinking and thus, solve this big problem with humanity once and for all.

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