Banned MF members

A forum for all those Refugees from the Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star, DX and TFA eeore Board, that have been banned, warned, had their community taken away from them to voice their opinions. Plus any other forum that has been pulled or had members banned or warned.

Banned MF members

Postby Miss Take » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:49 am

I've posted this on one thread, but there are sooo many threads about being banned and it seems that people are struggling to use proxy browsers (ikky things they are).

Now, it is advisable that everyone should use a proxy for browsing, especially when sharing information over the net, so this is purely given as a way for people to protect themselves and be safe on the web. It's not at all about getting back onto a forum from which you've been banned, that would be unethical. Not illegal, just unethical. ;)

Here's what I posted earlier -

Easy peasy to get back on, you don't have to do it through a proxy browser.

A free list of proxy IP addies is on that link.

To change your IP addy (Internet Explorer only), do the following (assume we're using '33'):

1) tools > internet options > choose the 'connections' tab

2) Click 'LAN Settings' - a new pop up window appears

3) Check 'Use a proxy server for you LAN...'

4) In the address bar put the second part of the number in, the one with the dots, in this case ''

5) If you can't connect, in the port bar, put in the first number, in this case 33


Sorted. That list is updated daily. When you're finished playing on the MF, simply uncheck the box and you'll be browsing on your own IP again. Change it as often as you like ;)

Now, go 'browse' safely boys and girls! :lol:
"While it may be hugely entertaining and a bit of fun to think of cast lists, we are a million miles away from that sort of thing."

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