Why is the Worldwide Economy Falling Apart?

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Why is the Worldwide Economy Falling Apart?

Postby LikeaStudentLoanOverdraft » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:07 pm

Not just here in Ireland but I am hearing it from people in the UK, USA and everywhere really, business has essentially ceased, people are not spending money, they are staying in at the weekends, house prices globally have collasped.

I am actually starting to worry we could be heading for a new depression. The fault clearly lies with IMHO the Neo Cons in the USA invading Iraq, which has distabilised the entire region, put up oil prices and sent inflation nuts.

Also so much work going to China. This in itself would not normally be a bad thing, but too much production went to china much too fast and there was no time to develop new industry in Europe ad the USA to fill the gap.

Another factor is the massive increases in food prices due to cereal producers switching from food production to bio-fuel in order to combat global warming which isn't real.

Very worrying times ahead I think for a lot of ordinary people. Does anyone anywhere see a major world leader who can offer any kind of hope? The planet is controlled by muppets it really is. All the democracy has become these days is "which of the two dopes will you vote for".

I suspect a major "crisis" will be invented soon to take the plebs minds off how utterly incompetent our leaders in politics, industry and business all are.
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Re: Why is the Worldwide Economy Falling Apart?

Postby happymum » Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:10 pm

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if it all part of a plan.

After all, we plebs have to be put in our place every now and then............

We have not allowed the (phony) war to make us fall to our knees in fear and give up all our rights........... in the name of security :roll:

Nor have we fallen for the Green Nazis (I believe we should respect our planet and not abuse it, but I don't for one minute trust the politicians motives............. its just a way of ruling by fear and taxing us even more IMO)

For the last few years Ive been concerned about the cheap Chinese goods that have flooded the market.
Concern for the workers producing these goods, as they must be on a pittance and concern for our home grown
manufacturing industry, which appears to be all but non existent now.

If china suddenly put up the price of their goods.................... what would we do...............its not like we have a huge alternative. I think china is well aware of this.

As for democracy, The party's are so similar now days, wheres the real choice?
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Re: Why is the Worldwide Economy Falling Apart?

Postby January » Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:14 pm

It was very busy where I was shopping today.
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Re: Why is the Worldwide Economy Falling Apart?

Postby DellasBf » Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:05 pm

i totally agree with LikeaStudentLoanOverdraft.

I believe there will be some major event coming up that will mask the horrendous situation the world economy is facing - something to keep the plebs blind from the truth of how our governments operate.

The last decade has been run on a false economy, not only are most people are in debt but whole nations are too.

You can see what the govenments are trying to do by injecting billions of pounds into the banking systems, no one appears to qustion where they are getting this money from when if you consider a simple fact that most nations are in debt by trillions already.

Money seems to be losing its value as most countries cannot back the value of the money they print, the whole point of places like fort knox is that its supposed to hold gold bullion that backs up the dollar but there is way more dollar distributed around the world then there is gold.

I cant believe the uk banking system backed by the government are injecting billions more into the system to help people get mortgages, this shows you the government is worried about a housing collapse that will start a new and fatal recession, same things is happening in the US.

So I think all ths money injection is just like puting a plaster on someone who actually has cancer - a temporary measure to keep things ticking over , appease the people until they pull off the major event to mask it all. kina scary!
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Re: Why is the Worldwide Economy Falling Apart?

Postby emma2 » Fri May 02, 2008 9:27 pm

The economy is designed to be boom/bust - it's a cycle - wealth is created in a boom, then passes from the lower and middle classes to the upper classes in a bust.
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Re: Why is the Worldwide Economy Falling Apart?

Postby Tripz » Wed May 28, 2008 3:43 pm

To many greedy egos...not enough wealth to go around...

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