Ipswich Murder ~ Pam Wright ~ Devastating

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Ipswich Murder ~ Pam Wright ~ Devastating

Postby Aresa » Sun Feb 24, 2008 5:09 pm

I saw the interview with Ms Burley earlier :alien: with her evil questions.

I have just read this, I can't even begin to imagine what Pam Wright must be going through.

I hope she gets the closure she needs. The families certainly would get closure if he decided to use the bed sheet, as his brother reported last night.

Article below with link.

http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk/news/sund ... -20329545/

Lover of Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright: I just wish he'd kill himself
Exclusive by Simon Wright24/02/2008
Steve Wright (PA)

Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright called his longterm partner hours after being jailed for the murder of five prostitutes and begged her: "Stand by me or I'll kill myself."

Depraved Wright - who will die in prison - rang devastated Pam Wright to insist he is INNOCENT and told her: "I can't live without knowing that you're there for me."

But Pam - who has stood by Wright, visiting him in jail once a fortnight - wasn't interested and instead demanded a final, face-toface meeting at which she will say she wants him to rot in hell.

Pam hopes the showdown will "erase him from my life forever".

The dramatic, two-minute call came as Pam, 60, opened her broken heart to the Sunday Mirror and revealed for the first time how she and fork-lift truck driver Wright lived in domestic normality throughout his 40-day killing spree in which he had sex with the drug-addicted girls, strangled them, then dumped their bodies in isolated countryside.

Pam choked back tears as she told how overwhelming DNA evidence destroyed her hope that Wright was innocent - and how the horrific truth has left her broken and in despair.

Re-living the weeks in which the brutal killings in Ipswich gripped the country, Pam revealed how Wright:

Calmly sat on the sofa with her, watching TV news reports on the missing prostitutes with his dinner plate on his lap and wearing his favourite brown furry slippers.

Drove Pam to her job doing night shifts in a call centre in his blue Ford Mondeo, picked up prostitutes on the way back then used the car to transport the bodies of his victims.

May have murdered one of the girls in their own home after having sex in the bedroom they shared before dumping the body.

Had to take a two-week break in his killing spree when she was off work sick - depriving him of the opportunity to prowl the streets while she was out.

Calls her almost every day from jail, pathetically still pleading his innocence, and writes promising to marry her.

"For a year after his arrest, I stood by him and believed him when he told me he was innocent," said Pam, who lived with Wright for seven years until his arrest.

Day I started to suspect

"Now, I know he killed those poor girls but he still won't confess. I'm glad he'll never be free. I need to see him and tell him face-to-face that he's a monster and that I never want to see him again.

"He's tried to kill himself before and part of me hopes that he does take his own life. I think that's the only way I'll get closure.

"When he called me last night, I could have told him how I hate him and hope he rots in hell. But I have to look him in the eye and he has to tell me why he did it.

"He has to confess his guilt and say sorry. After that, I don't care what happens to him. If I could erase him from my life totally, I would."

And Pam remains haunted by the thought that at least one of the five girls was killed in her home.

"I can't get it out of my head," said Pam. "He slept with prostitutes in our bed after bringing them there in the car after dropping me at work, so it's possible he killed there too. The thought chills my blood." Pam and twice-divorced Wright, 49, shared a rented, two-bed terrace house on the edge of Ipswich's redlight district. They had only been there a month when a TV appeal was made to find Wright's first victim Tania Nicol, 19. Back then, she was just another missing person.

"We were on the settee in the lounge watching the news with our tea on our laps," said Pam.

During his killing spree, their routine was the same every day - except when she was off work ill for the first two weeks of December 2006.

"I didn't go to work between the times when Gemma Adams was found and Anneli Alderton vanished," she said. "I know now that it stopped Steve's killing spree. He didn't have the opportunity to go out at night because I was home in bed." Apart from that fortnight, Wright came home from work around 2.30pm with Pam in bed after working a night shift the night before. He showered and changed into jogging bottoms, T-shirt and furry slippers.

He then woke Pam around 4.30pm and she would prepare dinner, which they would eat together on trays on their laps in front of the TV.

Pam then went back to bed for a couple of hours and Wright would watch TV soaps while munching his favourite Mars and Toffee Crisp. "He ate two or three every single night," said Pam. "That first TV report washed over me and neither of us said anything. Then, two weeks later, we were doing exactly the same when it came on the TV news that Gemma Adams was also missing and she and Tania were both prostitutes. I said to Steve, 'That doesn't sound good. There's something wrong there'. He put another forkful in his mouth, watching the TV and muttered something about how the newsreader had said the two girls were friends. He said, 'They're probably together somewhere'.

"Ten days later, we were doing exactly the same thing AGAIN when it came on the TV that Gemma's body had been found. I stopped eating and told Steve to watch. I said, 'Oh my God, one of those missing girls has been found dead'. I said, 'I'll bet the other one's dead too'. Steve said, 'Yeah, I'll bet you're right'."

Just a week earlier, she was in their Ford Mondeo car when she noticed a prostitute smile at Wright as he drove Pam to her shift at the nearby call centre where she worked nights. "I said, 'What the hell's she looking at?' He said, 'I don't know'.

"Things were not adding up in my mind. I'd called Steve from work a few days earlier. It was about midnight but the phone wasn't answered. When I asked him, he said he'd gone straight to bed and didn't hear the phone. It didn't make sense because he could only have been in the house five or 10 minutes and would never have gone straight to bed. I should have challenged him harder but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I regret that so much now.

"I think I was terrified of thinking that he was using prostitutes.

Our sex life fizzled out

"Although our sex life had been brilliant for the first two-and-a-half years of our relationship, it had fizzled out to nothing by then."

When the couple first met, in May 2000, they were working at a bingo hall in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

Recalling the night they got together, she said: "We were out with our little group of friends one night and they went off dancing, leaving just Steve and me at the table.

"He suddenly leaned across and kissed me. It took me by surprise but I liked it. I kissed him back and when we finished we smiled at each other and laughed like a couple of embarrassed teenagers. We had sex for the first time three weeks later.

"At the time, mum-of-one Pam was coming to the end of an unhappy 30-year-marriage. She was vulnerable and flattered by the attention of Wright, 11 years her younger.

"The first time we had sex, we kissed and cuddled on the sofa and then he got up, took my hand and led me into the bedroom. We lay down on the bed and held each other close and kissed. He was gentle.

"After that, we had sex three or four times a week and it always felt special. We were blissfully happy. I hadn't had loving sex for years at that point and it felt wonderful."

But, as Pam now knows to her cost, he was sleeping with prostitutes in their home while she was at work. "I should have been more suspicious," said Pam, shaking her head sadly, "especially after the prostitute smiled at him.

"He started driving me to work on different routes. I found myself looking at him whenever we came across a girl walking along the pavement. Eventually, I convinced myself that I was being paranoid."

On December 10, the body of Wright's third victim, Anneli Alderton, 24, was found.

"Steve drove me to work as usual," said Pam. "It was a horrible journey. We kept passing prostitutes plying their trade. I said to Steve, 'Someone should tell these girls to stay off the streets until they find this maniac'. He just stared ahead at the road and said, 'You're right. It's probably some foreigners doing it'. I told him I was terrified and all the girls at work were too. He turned to look at me and said, 'There's no need to be frightened because I'm here'. The next day he gave me a rape alarm that the police had been selling to women for £1 and that night he stopped me putting the bins outside and did it himself instead."

When the bodies of Wright's final two victims Annette Nicholls, 29, and Paula Clennell, 24, were discovered on Tuesday, December 12, Pam was at work and Wright was at home.

"I rang Steve," says Pam. "I said, 'They've found two more bodies. They say it's a serial killer'. He just matter-of-factly said, 'Yeah, I know'.

More than 400 police officers from 19 forces flooded into Ipswich and a massive manhunt was launched.

At 4.30am on December 19, Pam rang Steve at home, as she always did to make sure he was awake for work in his job as a fork-lift truck driver. There was no reply," she said. "I thought he might be in the shower so I left it a bit and tried again. When there was no reply again, I started to get worried. I tried half a dozen times but still there was no answer."

Just then, Pam's supervisor approached her. "He said there were some people to see me," she said. "My mind started to spin. He led me to a man and a woman who showed me their police badges.

"They took me into an empty office and told me to sit down. Then the man spoke. He said Steve had been arrested in connection with the murder of five prostitutes.

"My mouth suddenly went dry and my heart seemed to stop. My face began to burn red hot and I couldn't speak. They said I couldn't go home because my house had been seized.

They said I wouldn't be able to go home for a long time and that I had to go with them.

"I remember getting into their car in a daze. It didn't feel real. I don't think life will ever feel real again."
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