Tori Vienneau and her infant son Dean's murder 2006

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Tori Vienneau and her infant son Dean's murder 2006

Postby peacelover » Sun Jan 27, 2008 2:18 pm

This was a shocking murder in June 2006. A young woman was found dead along with her baby son who had been hanged over his cot.

Most people close to the family knew who had done this terrible thing - but it has taken a long long time for evidence etc to be put together and for arrests to finally be made.

I learned all about the case on after moving there with many other people from the Huff Crime Blog which I started visiting after the Neil Entwistle case prompted me to start looking further into the background of Entwistle online.

The Vienneau case is an example of people refusing to give up on pushing the authorities to come up with the goods and of people who thought they were above the law finding that they were mistaken on that idea.

One can but hope that other cases will lead to the true perpetrators being caught and brought to justice.

To quote Steve Huff "Justice isn't always swift. But it is usually sure."
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