Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

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Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

Postby Impartial » Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:10 pm

Austrian 'hid daughter in cellar'

A 73-year-old Austrian is under arrest on suspicion of hiding his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathering seven children with her, police say.

The existence of the woman, believed missing since 1984 and now 42, emerged after a teenager said to be her daughter was taken to hospital.

Both the woman and teenage girl are receiving medical treatment and the other children are in care.

A police investigation in Amstetten, Lower Austria Province, is continuing.

The suspect, named only as Josef F, was arrested on suspicion of incest and keeping his daughter in captivity. He has not responded to the charges against him, police say.

One of the children the man allegedly fathered died in infancy, police believe.

Three children, including the 19-year-old who was taken to hospital, were allegedly kept in the cellar with their mother while the other three reportedly grew up with their grandparents.

DNA tests will be taken to establish whether Josef F was indeed their father.

Placed in care

The alleged crimes came to light after the teenager, named as Kerstin F, was dropped off at the Amstetten hospital last weekend.

Police secure evidence in the backyard of the suspect's house in Amstetten
Elisabeth reappeared at home after disappearing 24 years ago
Six children she says are hers have been found and placed in care
One of the children, aged 19, is seriously ill in hospital
Elisabeth's father Josef, 73, has been arrested on suspicion of incest and abduction

Cellar case timeline

Finding Kerstin seriously ill, doctors appealed for her mother, who at that time was assumed to be missing, to come forward to provide more details about her medical history.

Josef F allegedly then released the mother and two other children from the cellar, telling his wife Rosemarie that she had chosen to return home, police say.

It was not immediately clear how police were alerted.

The mother, named as Elisabeth F, has been receiving medical and psychological treatment since being discovered.

She appeared "greatly disturbed" psychologically during questioning and agreed to talk only after authorities assured her that she would no longer have to have contact with her father, and that her children would be taken care of, police added.

The six children are three boys and three girls aged between five and 20.

Police spokesman Franz Polzer told reporters they were now all in "psychological care in a secure institution in a clinic here in this area".

"They are being cared for individually - those between 12 and 16 years of age who grew up with their grandparents, and two boys who, when they came out yesterday with their mother, saw the daylight for the first time in their lives," he said.

Police said three of the children were registered with authorities and lived with the grandparents.

According to police, Josef F and wife Rosemarie had told authorities the three had been abandoned at birth outside their home - in 1993, 1994 and 1997 - each time, the couple claimed, with a note from Elisabeth saying she could not care for the babies herself.

'Dead baby burnt'

The police issued a statement giving details of the alleged abuses Elisabeth recounted to them.

BBC map

She said she had been sexually abused by her father since the age of 11.

Josef allegedly lured her into the cellar of their house in Amstetten on 28 August 1984, drugging and handcuffing her before locking her up.

It was assumed she had disappeared voluntarily when her parents received a letter from her asking them not to search for her.

"Abused continuously during the 24-year-long imprisonment", Elisabeth bore six children while a seventh, one of a set of twins, died soon after birth.

The dead baby was allegedly taken out of the cellar and burnt by Josef.

Elisabeth said Josef had provided her and three of her children, who were locked up along with her, with clothing and food.

His wife Rosemarie had allegedly not been aware of what was going on.

The discovery of another Austrian woman, who was held captive in a cellar by an abductor for more than eight years, gripped the country in 2006.

Natascha Kampusch finally escaped from her kidnapper, 44-year-old Wolfgang Priklopil, who killed himself shortly afterwards.

Ms Kampusch was abducted at the age of 10 in 1998 and held in a small, windowless cellar beneath Priklopil's garage in the commuter town of Strasshof, near Vienna.

What the headline doesnt say is that 3 of the 6 living children stayed in the cellar with their mother apparently THEIR WHOLE LIVE. The oldest therefore stayed 19 years in this cellar, the youngest 5 years.
All my posts are based on the fact that Kate and Gerry were made arguidos - on suspicion of concealment of the corpse and simulation of the crime of abduction (JdN)
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Re: Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

Postby Impartial » Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:16 pm

Timeline: Austrian cellar case

A timeline of events in the case of a woman in Amstetten, Austria, whose father confessed to holding and sexually abusing her for 24 years in his cellar, during which time she is believed to have given birth to seven of his children.

The events included are based on Austrian police statements issued after the arrest of the 73-year-old father.

28 AUGUST 1984

The suspected abductor, Josef F, allegedly lures his daughter Elisabeth into the cellar of their house, drugging and handcuffing her before locking her up.


Josef and his wife Rosemarie receive a letter in Elisabeth's handwriting saying they should not try to look for her. Rosemarie is unaware of the truth, Elisabeth later tells police.


Kerstin, the first of seven reported children, is secretly born (exact date unknown) and raised in the cellar. She is followed shortly by a brother.


A baby is discovered outside the family home along with a letter from Elisabeth saying she cannot care for it. It is taken in by Josef and his wife. A second infant appears in 1994. Both are either fostered or adopted, and are raised by their grandparents.


Twins are born to Elisabeth but one dies shortly after birth and is allegedly taken away and burnt by Josef. The following year, a third infant appears at the house, and is taken in like the previous two, to be raised by grandparents.


A letter arrives from Elisabeth to say she had another baby in December 2002. This child is believed to have been brought up in the cellar along with Kerstin and her brother.


Police issue an appeal to missing person Elisabeth F to contact them about her daughter Kerstin, who has been admitted to hospital in Amstetten with a serious illness.

19-27 APRIL 2008

At some point during the week, according to the police statement, Josef releases Elisabeth and the two other children in the cellar, telling his wife Rosemarie she has chosen to return home.


Police discover Elisabeth and her children at the house.


Police announce the arrest of Josef on suspicion of incest and abduction. All the children are placed in care and Elisabeth is given medical and psychological treatment. Kerstin remains in hospital "fighting for her life".


Josef F confesses to imprisoning Elisabeth in a cellar for 24 years and fathering her seven children.

He confirms to investigators that one of their children died in infancy and that he had taken the dead body and thrown it into an incinerator.

Police search a living space made up of a network of tiny windowless chambers in the basement of Josef's house.
All my posts are based on the fact that Kate and Gerry were made arguidos - on suspicion of concealment of the corpse and simulation of the crime of abduction (JdN)
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Re: Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

Postby mannie » Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:25 pm

I read this this morning-what I find unbelievable is that his wife still lived in the house with him and states that she didn't know about her daughter and grandchildren being imprisoned.
How did he feed them,did they never make a noise ever in all those years?
The daughter must have had the children in the basement,did she make no noise during childbirth?
If it is true that the wife knew nothing about this, I will be amazed.
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Re: Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

Postby MoeSzyslak » Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:37 pm

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Re: Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

Postby batdanush » Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:41 pm

I read that yesterday and I'm still absolutely shocked.

Imagine you have to live in that dungeon, being raped permanently, your children have to be imprisoned as you are - for twentyfour years!!!!

That poor poor woman is just few years older than me, I sat here yesterday night & cried for her, for her kids.
What kind of future she will have?
It was reported, her hair has turnes white already, she looks like 60+.
The 3 kids who have to share this imprisonement, never saw animals, trees, lakes... not even a bike, the youngest one (5y) was so excited when he sat the first time in his life in a real car, just knew it from tv.
This is so sad, it drives me mad when I see my own kids, the youngest 4y tries to bike, and knows all the names of birds and trees and so on - I'm not able to imagine what this poor woman with her kids had to endure.

The austrian police is so kind, they will protect her "father" against the other prisoners. How nice.
The man is 73 - even if he gets the maximum penalty - how long will he live?

The Times has an well researched article, nearly the same infos as here in Germany. ... l&offset=0
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Re: Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

Postby peacelover » Wed Apr 30, 2008 9:22 pm

He was a convicted rapist!!!

Did his wife know that? Apparantly he was found guilty when he already had 4 of his eventual 7 children with his wife, one of whom was the daughter he was later to imprison.

Presumably his wife was convinced of his innocence.

The cellar sounds like it was done with a great deal of forethought. I just wonder how a known voyeur and convicted rapist got permission to adopt his own grandchildren and no one thought to investigate his daughter's disappearance?

I don't think convicted rapists would get permission to adopt in the UK would they?
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Re: Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

Postby mr_markham » Mon May 05, 2008 11:34 pm

I love how he wants to use the insanity defense after years of keeping them discreetly, consistently hidden from the world.

Extra soundproofing? Check
Threats to gas anyone who revealed what he was doing? Check
Perpetually raping and threatening daughter? Check
Burning dead offpspring in incinerator to hide evidence of wrongdoing? Check
No sense of right and wrong, inability to understand what he was doing all this time? Oh s***
Good luck with that " Hey guys, not my fault, I was insane all this time" defense.
I am always struck by the spirit of the incredibly guilty and their efforts to deny the most obvious facts.
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Re: Austrian 'hid daughter (and 3 of her children) in cellar'

Postby cushty » Mon May 05, 2008 11:37 pm

he's never coming out of wherever they put him so I don't suppose it makes much difference in the long run

he wouldn't last long in an ordinary prison after what he's done, so perhaps a padded cell for the rest of his life would be a fitter punishment
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