Sky news website - 29.05.08-more than one childs body

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Sky news website - 29.05.08-more than one childs body

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Police Reveal More Care Home Evidence

Updated:21:09, Thursday May 29, 2008
Detectives say it is "beyond doubt" that the remains of more than one child have been found at the Jersey care home at the centre of abuse allegations.
Investigations are continuing in Jersey
Investigations are continuing in Jersey

Examination of five teeth unearthed in a cellar at Haut de la Garenne over the last week revealed that most had come out after death and from at least two sources.

Police have now recovered 10 teeth and at least 30 charred human bone fragments.

They say that indicates killings had taken place with the victims' bodies possibly cremated in a fireplace.

Police said yesterday that tests revealed the teeth were "very unlikely to have come out naturally before death".

A statement added: "Additionally, there were two teeth which were the same in the five, which means that beyond doubt there were teeth from at least two children."

It confirms earlier tests completed on the first five teeth discovered in the underground chamber.

The context of the finds suggests that the teeth were put in the cellar after the 1940s but detectives have yet to conclude how or why they came to be there.

Haut de la Garenne became the centre of an historic abuse inquiry in February after the discovery of what was initially believed to be part of a child's skull.
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