Medium urged Diana to Come Home Inquest told

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Medium urged Diana to Come Home Inquest told

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Princess Diana's personal psychic claimed she "didn't have a very good feeling" when she spoke to her hours before her death.

Rita Rogers, dressed in a black twin set and pearls, today told the inquest into Diana's death that she urged the princess to come home from Paris just seven hours before the crash in which she was killed.

Raven-haired Rogers claimed that Diana's parting shot had been: "I'll be careful Rita, I promise.''

The mystic told the inquest that Diana had telephoned her from Paris while Dodi was away, apparently buying a ring.

Rogers claimed she predicted it would be an engagement ring during the conversation but "never knew'' if it was.

The court heard how Diana had been consulting Rogers since 1994 for card readings over the phone and messages from the beyond.

She told the court the princess would usually speak into her answering machine asking: "Dearest Rita - are you there?''

Among the issues Rogers said she raised with Diana was a concern that the brakes in her car had been tampered with.

The princess expressed similar fears to her lawyer Lord Mishcon in 1995 in a conversation in which she also predicted that the Queen would abdicate and Charles would marry nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke.

But Rogers insisted Diana's incorrect predictions had not come from her.

Ian Burnett QC, counsel to the inquest, told Rogers he would not delve into what specific messages she had given Diana from the spirit world.

"You would regard these spirits as reliable sources?'' he asked.

During 1997 the princess flew up on a Harrods helicopter to Rogers's Derbyshire home with Dodi so that he too could seek guidance.

The two women also spoke while Diana was on holiday on the Fayed yacht, Jonikal, that summer when the princess discussed opening hospices around the world with him.

The court heard that on the afternoon of August 30, 1997, Diana rang from Paris saying: "Guess where Dodi has gone?''

Rogers recalled: "I said 'I've no idea' and she said 'He's gone to get the ring'.''

Rogers claimed she had long predicted, even before the romance with Dodi began, that Diana would be receiving a ring with a "huge diamond'' from someone.

She said: "I told her it would be an engagement ring, Diana replied 'Oh dear, I hope not, what will I say?'

"I said she could tell him she would have to think about it.''

She went on: "Whilst I was talking to her I asked her if she was coming home now, there and then, and she said: 'I'm looking forward to seeing my boys but no I'm not.'

"I didn't have a very good feeling about her staying and I said 'I wish you were coming home now.'

"She said: 'I will be careful Rita, I promise, I'm having dinner at the Ritz and then I'm coming home.''

Rogers said Diana had also spoken of being "followed'' by a white car.

But she added that she was "not sure'' and it may have been a red one.

The hearing was adjourned to Monday.

Former bodyguard Trevor Rees, the only survivor of the crash in which Diana and Dodi were killed, is scheduled to be among the witnesses at the inquest next week.
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Re: Medium urged Diana to Come Home Inquest told

Postby bohhee » Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:49 pm

She is such a fraud...if she is psychic she should have known was destined in a death by accident.

She should be ashamed herself earning her money that way.
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