Paul Burrell - Complains over Treatment

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Paul Burrell - Complains over Treatment

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Burrell complains over treatment
Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008 16:28
Paul Burrell says he has faced "character assassination" at inquest into death of Princess Diana Printer friendly version
Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell has complained of being faced with a "character assassination" at an inquest into her death.

Mr Burrell is giving evidence for a third day at the high court and complained to coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker after harsh questioning from Richard Keen QC, representing the parents of Henri Paul, the driver killed in the crash on August 31st 1997.

The man described as the princess' "rock" had been forced yesterday to return to his home in Farndon, Cheshire, to collect documents to which he had alluded during the hearing.

Mr Keen had grilled Mr Burrell regarding seemingly conflicting remarks about whether the former butler had ever kept a journal, to which Mr Burrell replied: "I have brought to the court and given to his Lordship all the documents I had in Farndon.

"I have given him everything I had. I didn't come here to have a character assassination. I came here to give my assistance in the death to the Princess of Wales."

Mr Burrell was also accused today of "lying" in his book A Royal Duty.

Mr Burrell had told the court he was aware of a ring given to Princess Diana by Dodi al-Fayed but had not mentioned it in A Royal Duty as "I didn't feel I had to at the time".

He explained he elaborated on the ring in his later book The Way We Were as "so much was being said about the princess I only had to dispel the... myth".

And Mr Burrell again told the hearing that the princess was still in love with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan on the eve of her death in 1997 rather than in love with Dodi adding: "I knew that she would not get engaged."

Michael Mansfield QC, representing Mohammed al-Fayed, father of the princess' former lover Dodi, retorted: "You may like to think you knew that but actually you really don't know, do you?" to which Mr Burrell replied: "I don't know."

Mr Burrell went on to say that he had spoken to the princess while she was holidaying with Dodi on his yacht, the Jonikal.

"In one of the last conversations, she said she was feeling claustrophobic... it was scorching hot on deck and freezing cold in the air conditioning [below] and she was looking forward to coming home," he said.

"I felt she was telling me, she was inferring, that this relationship had reached its peak and it was going down the other side.

"Very often relationships did that in the princess's world."

He continued: "It was a very fast-moving relationship, it had a very short fuse, whereas the relationship before was a very long relationship."
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