how do i?

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how do i?

Postby tabs » Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:55 pm

how do i do one of those screenshot things where i can take a 'pic' of a whole page and then reproduce it here so others can see?

trying to get the ebay page that my mum's villa is on, i have the page but can't do it anyone help?
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Re: how do i?

Postby Meadow » Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:20 pm

If its a picture on ebay, just right click it, then ''save as''

If you what a screen shot, press the key ''print screen'' one of the top three grey ones to your right (it doesn not print - it captures) If you want just the active window, i.e. NOT your task bar
hold down alt + print screen.

The image of your desk top (screen) is now held on your clipboard. Go to any programme, usually a graphics, or paint. And select paste

The imagine is now before you. Save it. Select save as, look to the bottom middle of the window, drop the menu, and select the file type, .jeg or .gif

Now you have the image.

If you want to ''publish'' it somewhere, so someone else can see it you'll need something like photobucket (FREE)

Make an account. Upload. Give the url of the image to whoever wants it. You can use that account and the codes available (under the image) to make graphics available here, in a forum.
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