Freenet board needed

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Freenet board needed

Postby 198abv » Sun May 04, 2008 4:17 am

In other thread I alerted people for the real possibility of an attack by Mc Cans lawyers against internet foruns and chatrooms.

Such an attack is a real possibility.

People here should have a plan b.

Just in case board does get closed people should be able to exchange ideas in another place , anonymously.

It does happen I am no computer expert.
In fact I am a nerd.

I believe people should start a board either in free net , or in onionland. ... #anon_blog

I have not the slighest idea how it can be done but I believe the idea is a good one.


Libel Terrorism

The New York state has recently introduced the starkly named Libel Terrorism Prevention Act which, according to Geoffrey Wheatcroft, is intended to protect writers and publishers who neither live, work nor publish in the UK from falling foul of Britain's ..... libel laws.


I am not a citizen of new york ( Unfortunately ) , so I guess I am more exposed to british lawyers lawsuits.

Like me there are million of others.
New york lawmakers feel the need to introduce lawyers protecting new yorkers from british lawsuit laws.

No such laws protect me.
I am not a new yorker.

A freenet, onionland board would be a good idea in order to get some protection from lawsuits.
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