Poisoned water...but only for poor kids

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Poisoned water...but only for poor kids

Postby SearchforJustice » Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:29 pm

I am dead nuts against the compulsory fluoridation of our water supply. The flouride that is added to water supplies, is a highly toxic waste from the fertilizer industry. However, there are many politicians and so-called "professors" advocating poisoning people from the less-advantaged areas.

"And it's really time they did," says Professor Mike Lennon, chairman of the British Fluoridation Society, "because the benefits of doing so are now beyond doubt. Of course this isn't for everyone - it won't be necessary in the wealthier home counties for instance"...

I have done a lot of research into flouridation and its affects, over the years, and it's not a very pretty picture. These so-called experts think poisoning kids is a small price to pay, if it means they get less cavities. I would urge every parent to protest, and protest loudly, about compulsory fluoridation and the poisoning of our kids.


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Re: Poisoned water...but only for poor kids

Postby somthinfishie » Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:19 am

TBH I`m more against poisoning me,
when my kids were growing up we bought toothpaste with fluoride in.
Adding all sorts to our water supply is not the way to go IMO.

Protecting kids teeth is firstly a parental duty,commune-aly we can encourage and support parents and kids in all aspects of health and general wellbeing,but I strongly object to having anything added to WATER,which should be as pure as possible for all.JMHO.~~fishie
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Re: Poisoned water...but only for poor kids

Postby inthedark » Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:52 am

Honestly, how much tap water do most children really ingest? It certainly wasn't my choice of drink growing up, and my kids have always preferred milk and 100% juice over water. The only time they use tap water is to rinse after brushing, and even then it's all just spit out into the sink. Plain old tap water is gross (their words, not mine)!

A number of cities and towns here in Canada have had fluoridated tap water for decades, but I would argue that it's a bigger waste of money adding it than it is a threat to anyone's health. Few people in this part of the world even drink tap water anymore as expensive bottled water has become the norm (whole other topic for debate).

Instead, let's see basic dental care covered for under 16's through our provincial/national health care programs, as I believe poor dental hygiene/lack of preventative dental care can and does eventually lead to far more serious health issues than what is or isn't in our water.
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