Are there any alternative therapy experts out there ?

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Are there any alternative therapy experts out there ?

Postby mumof5 » Wed May 07, 2008 12:51 pm

If so, do you know anything about Liquid Zeolite ?

It is widely reputed on the net to be able to help cure cancer and as I have mentioned on the cancer thread I know a little boy with osteosarcoma and if there is any hope that this could help him, I would pass on any info to his parents asap...
Having researched the product on the internet I cannot make my mind up as to whether this really does have properties that can eradicate cancer cells - or sadly, whether it is just a money making scam. There are testamonies (sp) all over the net from folk who have apparently used it successfully - but who is to know whether these are just paid chimps working for the manufacturer ? :?

Any help, info would be gratefully received.
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