What were the clues that could be seen?

Shannon Matthews went missing on her way home from school on the 19th February 2008, Shannon lived in Dewsbury with her Mother and Step Father. Please discuss

UPDATE Shannon Matthews Found Alive 14th March 2008

Re: What were the clues that could be seen?

Postby Groom1 » Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:29 am

chimaera wrote:I was convinced she knew nothing about the disappearance. The only thing I did think odd was the amount of redness on the skin around her eyes...it looked contrived - as if make-up had been used to enhance the redness.

I didn't suspect anything until info started appearing in the press (from police sources, obviously) that members of the family may have been involved in a scam.

As to Karen Matthews demeanour, she looked more upset and stressed then Kate McCann - helped in large part by her pale face and the redness under her eyes. I did think to myself (before suspicions were voiced in the media) that I had not seen any more visible signs of distress (like trembling lips and chin or tears).

Before anyone realised that there was a scam in the making, this case highlighted the different way the media treated parents who are middle class "yuppies" and those who are labelled "chav" or "underclass". That still stands, scam or no scam.

I have also observed that members of the public thought of both Madeleine McCann and Shannon Matthews as missing children who need equal help: it was only the press who made a sharp divide in their presentation of the two children and their families. :evil: :evil:

The irony is that the Matthews family probably got their ideas from the McCanns and the "Shameless" plotline was only secondary. The "Elephant in the Room" as far as the press is concerned, is that the Matthews' alleged scam copied the McCann's alleged scam, but the McCanns are still being distanced by the press from the Matthews' shenannigans.

I wonder if Kate McCann will become "Public Enemy No 1" on the front pages of the Sun at some time in the near future - or will they draw back from presenting this woman in that light, despite the fact that she is a prime suspect in her daughter's disappearance and probable death inside her holiday apartment???? :shock: :shock:
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Re: What were the clues that could be seen?

Postby Sad Git » Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:34 am

pink_panther wrote:Initially she looked shell-shocked even in the documentary she looked haggard.

Perhaps she just looks haggard all the time. :mrgreen:

PS Does anyone know if the "Shameless" TV program featured people selling balloons, Tshirts, etc? (I've never watched it myself).

If not, then is there somewhere else the Matthews' could have got that idea from? :bounce:
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Re: What were the clues that could be seen?

Postby mannie » Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:49 am

I believed her until she was charged.I just thought she had a very sad life and felt sorry for her.The thing that still annoys me is when Karens mother and brother went to the newspapers saying that Shannon was unhappy at home,didn't want to go back,was scared of Craig etc,why did these people not phone the social services?Then the whole mess wouldn't have happened.
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