CPS News Conference @ 6pm

Shannon Matthews went missing on her way home from school on the 19th February 2008, Shannon lived in Dewsbury with her Mother and Step Father. Please discuss

UPDATE Shannon Matthews Found Alive 14th March 2008

Re: CPS News Conference @ 6pm

Postby Laffin Assasin » Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:01 pm

farfromthe... wrote:
ejm wrote:
kizzy wrote:Sky News - reporting that they were told that a CPS statement would be made "after 6pm" but it has been delayed until later this evening.

Thanks Kizzy. I did post the OP in good faith :oops:

We know you did it's just that some posters on here are bullies and will use anything they can to hurt people, it's sad.


Wow ffthe...... talks bullies, do you want phycological or physical disscution about this subject.

How do cults keep their disciples in order, wow, that's another level of disscution.

Do keep up at the back.

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Re: CPS News Conference @ 6pm

Postby Geko » Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:59 pm

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