Did Shannon know?

Shannon Matthews went missing on her way home from school on the 19th February 2008, Shannon lived in Dewsbury with her Mother and Step Father. Please discuss

UPDATE Shannon Matthews Found Alive 14th March 2008

Re: Did Shannon know?

Postby Groom1 » Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:13 am

celticcarla wrote:
lindz07 wrote:How many people do you think were in on the scam? I don't think Karen's parents knew about it IMO. Do you think Shannon's natural father knew? I don't think so.

No i dont think her dad knew about it at all, remember the footage of him searching for her :( :( :( the rest of them have been caught up in a game way beyond their abilities and i actually feel sorry for them because imo its poverty and lack of intellectthat made them think it could be done.

They obviously failed to grasp the differing treatment they were likely to get from the media. They also didn't factor in the public's suspicions about the McCanns and their fund, probably because they were largely unaware of these.

Some posters on here suspected them from the very beginning - and they were right.
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Re: Did Shannon know?

Postby sofieellis » Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:20 pm

I wondered about this too. If it was a scam, then it would have been awful for Shannon if she didn't understand what was going on. The other thing I have wondered about is what did the other children know? I can't imagine anyone being so cruel that would let a child believe his/her sister had been kidnapped. They would have gone through hell.
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