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Postby mickey1 » Sat May 10, 2008 11:02 am

Hi folks

We are in our 50's and LOVE snorkelling. We don't like nightlife so tend to go for villa/apartment holidays.
We went to Tobago last year and stayed in an all-inclusive resort but the flight was long and the hotel was lovely but wasted on us.

We also went to Sicily which is outstanding place to be [love Italy all over] and found the sea warm even in October but believe Ustica is better for snorkelling as we didn't see many fish near mainland. Are there places to stay there? they seem to feature day trips.

Any recommendations as to Madeira/Santo Porto/Canaries?? A quiet place, apartment or small villa near beach. Don't mind a hotel that we could get B&B and walk out to restaurants as we are foodies too {hence our love of Italy and our size :mrgreen: ] and i like local shopping and cooking.

Its the Snorkelling that is important tho' as we are happy to bob around all day so long as there is something to see.

Help please
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