Mariluz suspect confesses

If you have problems then perhaps one of the members might have a suggestion or tell you how they coped with a certain situation. Also we could post links for all children that are missing and need to be found. All aspects of child welfare discussed here, new and old cases. Children that have been let down by Social Services and the authorities.

Re: Mariluz suspect confesses

Postby Primavera » Mon Mar 31, 2008 10:47 pm

I have just finished translating the Enfants Kidnapp├®s report dated 30/03/08.

The last paragraph makes me want to cry. Here it is with a link to the translation of the whole article.

"Malgr├® que les rapports l├®gistes ne soient pas concluants sur la fa├ºon dont est mort l'enfant ├®tant donn├® le mauvais ├®tat du cadavre de Mari Luz,la juge n'a pas eu de doutes et a consid├®r├® le d├®tenu comme auteur d'un meurtre et d'agression sexuelle. Elle a d├®cern├®e un mandant, comme dans le cas de sa soeur. Tous les deux ont ├®t├® admis ├á la prison de Huelva. Dans la s├®rie des absurdit├®s de cette affaire, la prison a re├ºu maintenant l'ordre d'admission de Santiago del Valle pour abus sur sa fille de cinq ans - soit deux ans et neuf mois de d├®tention - qui aurait d├╗ ├¬tre accompli depuis mars 2006!!! Sa femme, Isabel Garc├¡a a ├®t├® admise dans la section psychiatrique de la prison de S├®ville pour y accomplir 15 mois pour complicit├® dans le cadre des abus commis par son mari sur leur enfant. Elle devait aussi ├¬tre intern├®e il y a deux ans!!!"

Although the forensic reports are not conclusive about how the child died, given the bad state of the body of Mari Luz, the judge had no doubts and considered the person detained as perpetrator of a murder and sexual assault. She issued a warrant, as in the case of his sister. Both were remanded to the prison in Huelva. In the string of absurdities in this case, the prison has now received Santiago del Valle's admission order for the abuse of his five year-old daughter - two years and nine months detention - which should have been served from March 2006!!! His wife, Isabel Garcia has been admitted to the psychiatric section of Seville prison to serve 15 months for complicity in the context of the abuse committed by her husband on their child. She should also have been imprisoned two years ago.

Enfants Kidnapp├®s 30/03/08

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Re: Mariluz suspect confesses

Postby bootie2 » Tue Apr 01, 2008 12:39 am

Thanks for this latest information!!
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Re: Mariluz suspect confesses

Postby Elemental » Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:19 pm

Thanks for the update.
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