Is Britain spiralling out of control

If you have problems then perhaps one of the members might have a suggestion or tell you how they coped with a certain situation. Also we could post links for all children that are missing and need to be found. All aspects of child welfare discussed here, new and old cases. Children that have been let down by Social Services and the authorities.

Is Britain spiralling out of control

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His grief-stricken grandmother Margaret, 76, from Eltham, south east London said today: "Society in Britain today is spiralling out of control. Knife crime is not an inner city problem, its everywhere.

"It's a problem for all of us, all of society.

"We must start tackling this issue head on now to prevent anyone else suffering like my family and I are.

"People need to be taught respect. This starts from a young age. If children are taught respect at home, the foundations are set.

"Its too late and shouldn't be up to schools to instill respect. It must start with the parents at home before that.

"Schools can only extend it so that youngsters can take it with them into later life, but you have to start when children are babies that have just opened their eyes."

She added: "Its hard work for parents. Its 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no rest. You have to put your life on hold. But the trouble is, people today want an easy life.

"Any idiot can have a baby but bringing them up well is tough.

"There are babies being born today to people who are children themselves.

"These parents challenge the teachers, challenge the police. Its always someone else's responsibility."

She also called on police to get tough on the thugs carrying knifes on the streets of Britain today.

No truer words spoken, imo.
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