My pets

Please put here those lovely animals that we all own, and post your funniest animal story.

My pets

Postby sable » Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:03 pm

Image Quasia ,not strictly speaking a pet as she is my guide dog(I'm partially sighted)
ImageCasey now sadly deceased a cross bred Collie of great character
ImageMisty old cantankerous prototype for Bagpuss
ImageBandit cheeky baby of the family not much more than a kitten
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Postby bjr » Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:05 pm

Oh thank you for posting your pet pictures, your black dog reminds me so much of my old dog.
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Postby CaptnMorgan » Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:40 pm

Hi sable and welcome!! Thanks for sharing the pics of all you furbabies!! They are beautiful!! :D

RIP Casey :cry: Run free at Rainbow Bridge..
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Postby perrito » Mon Dec 10, 2007 6:14 pm

Lovely photos sable, thank you for sharing. Quasia is gorgeous, we used to own a very large Black Labrador too, he always insisted on sitting in the front passenger seat of the car with a seat belt on. We lesser mortals had to sick in the back seat.

I am very glad you have your lovely dog to help you out.
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Re: My pets

Postby matti » Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:02 am

Love the photos sable, your pets are gorgeous.

I love dogs and cats, but have been restricted to a 3 cat household.
I have a cat who was ill-treated and abandoned, left in a house with a number of other animals. His jaw was broken and when the police were alerted to the situation and broke into the property, he was taken to the vet and then to the local cat's home for placing.

He's a lovely,lanky, felix type cat. Warned that he probably wouldn't leave the home, after a placement that failed, I made a tentative try, he actually did respond to me and came down from a high shelf to take a closer look. My husband and I had already picked out a female, she had a little corkscrew tail and bags of confidence, she swung the deal. Home it was different, he literally ran up the walls to avoid contact with humans, months and months of loving care, got him to the stage where I could drop a kiss on his head, but a hand moving towards him, he was off. At the vet, he literally played dead. Years on, he's discovered happiness, he still panics with strangers but less and less with each encounter. Living with someone in a state of sheer terror is an experience I will not forgetf.

I couldn't bear to see him get into difficulty, to be faced with a situation he couldn't handle, so we added a netting topper to the garden fencing and he has a safe outdoors life,free from danger. We've given up ideas about holidays, we'll consider that, when it is possible to ask somebody to take on the responsibility. The joy he gives the family makes it worth it. Everybody understands, you never leave the ones you love without weighing up all the risks. Helping another living being to recover from ill-treatment is a special journey and we wouldn't miss a moment of it. Couldn't help thinking of all the children who have experienced the same as my Pilou, very sad world that does not put their welfare first and foremost.

Fellow cat owners - net toppers on a fence work brilliantly. We have a problem with the feline aids virus throughout Europe, a vaccine is being brought in, but since we netted, we haven't had our cats getting out of the garden to the road. If anybody would like details, I'll be happy to provide them.
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Re: My pets

Postby perrito » Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:12 am

That's a lovely story matti, I'm glad you and the cat found happiness together. A friend here had a similar experience with a rescue cat, it was just a kitten really but so aggressive. When visiting her I sat with my feet tucked up and my hands anywhere I could hide them because this cat would just attack. When she took it to the vet for it's vaccinations it literally ripped the gloves of the vet's hands :lol:

Two years on it is a beautiful friendly cat, but she almost gave up on it, now she is very glad she didn't.
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Re: My pets

Postby Tripz » Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:31 am

My favourite Biatch a staffie X jack Russell...she's me babes :) 4yrs old this year.

dog's life

my daughter's pussy (vicious)LOL! :wink:

Did have an iguana and tarantula (Chilean rose) but sadly both died the lizard was only about 6yrs old and the spider was getting on for 16yrs old. Will try and find some photos to download and upload here.
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Re: My pets

Postby vanm » Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:12 am

wow Tripz - get that pussy's demon eyes! You all have such gorgeous pets.

matti I know exactly how it feels. I posted about my rescue cat in the "cat avatars" thread in the lounge so won't bore with it here but I have the same problem with holidays.
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Re: My pets

Postby ejm » Sat Feb 16, 2008 4:09 pm

Beautiful pets.

Sable, your Bandit is the spit and double of my cat, Belle.
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