Please, HELP! Kittens!! When do they grow up?

Please put here those lovely animals that we all own, and post your funniest animal story.

Please, HELP! Kittens!! When do they grow up?

Postby Torti » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:53 pm

My daughter and I have 2 adult cats and 2 kittens, none of which are related.

The 11 month old tom kitten (he's now neutered) is a holy terror with a decided fascination with water--in the water bowl, sink, bathtub (he acts as lifeguard when we bathe; he can open the door!), and toilet! He will raise the lid on the toilet and drop objects into it. They have ranged from ball point pens, hair scrunchees, swabs (who knows where he gets them), his collar that he pulls off, and fortune cookies! When will this stop? I'm getting tired of wearing rubber gloves to retrieve objects.

He is absolutely gorgeous. I'm trying to get some digital pics to post, but he is not cooperative at all. He resembles a soccer ball in color, short hair, white with black markings and yellow-green eyes. His name is Hackney (he's a yob!) and at 11 months is not full grown. He gets longer and taller, longer and taller and can reach more stuff and get into more places than I knew we had. His favorite treat is blueberry muffin (not good) and HAM (also not good), but a few crumbs won't do any harm, I hope.

Little Miss Amalie (named for Amalie Mauresmo) is about 2 months younger. She was born outdoors in the wet and almost rejected by her mother. She is a dark orange red and black and cream tortoiseshell medium length hair, so fluffy and soft. Her vision in one eye is very poor, congenital cataract, but it doesn't bother her at all. I think that she is going to remain a smaller cat when she grows up. It's almost time for her to go to the vet for her operation. There are too many unwanted and surplus cats and kittens where I live, and I will not add to the burden.

When she came to us, she was suffering from flea anemia and required about three baths to get rid of them. She was so small that we put her in a cage at night to sleep (on a heat pad, no less) without being bothered by the other cats. She was just too small to hold her own. Now, my vet has proniunced her healthy, and both kittens have received all the necessary immunizations to help keep them that way. Now, her favorite trick is to levitate and go "plop" up onto the bed. She may be small, but she can sure shake you up with surprise!
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Re: Please, HELP! Kittens!! When do they grow up?

Postby perrito » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:59 pm

They sure sound like bundles of fun Torti, I shall look forward to seeing some photos of them.

Years ago we had a cat, called Napoleon, we called him that because he was always in the wars :D , he seemed to have a fascination with dripping taps and would sit for hours in the sink provided the tap was dripping on his head :lol:
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