Epileptic dogs - any advice?

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Re: Epileptic dogs - any advice?

Postby pixiesinthewoods » Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:03 pm

sina wrote:Hi pixie! Although I can not provide help in a practical way, just a few words of encouragement.

We had a dog (a small poodle) who suffered from epileptic fits from time to time. Otherwise, he was fine. This was almost 20 years ago, so I don't think he was even on medication (but can ask my parents). When he had fits, we just held him and tried to calm him down (dunno if that was right or just us thinking it would help?)

However, he lived a long 15 year long life!!!


Hi Sina
Thanks for the encouragement! When she does have fits (none for ages now) that was all I did, stroke her and talk to her and try to keep her calm - but I'm not sure if it calms her or me more?!
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Re: Epileptic dogs - any advice?

Postby PantsOfGanga » Thu May 22, 2008 5:21 pm

pixiesinthewoods wrote:PantsofGangaSorry, for the delay in replying and sorry for the length, but hopefully you will find this useful!! :D

Thanks for the detailed reply - very helpful. I'm taking him tomorrow as I think it's time we started medication. He goes a month totally okay then clusters over 24 hours. I think I got it wrong with the medication and I think it's about £30 a month rather than a week - I was stressed out when the receptionist told me and I don't think I was listening properly. I actually had him insured for the first year for a very reasonable £120, but when I went to renew it, they wanted £400 a year! He'd never been to the vets back then and the breed are usually as healthy as you can get, genetically. And now they'd insure him, but exclude anything to do with epilepsy.

With having two dogs, one of which is a shar-pei which if you can insure (most companies won't touch them) are £30 a month and up anyway, I decided the contingency plan was best. You cn guarantee if you have one dog insured the other will be the one that gets sick. Could you imagine paying out £70 a month in pet insurance? The ironic thing is my previous shar-pei were never any trouble healthwise and I think we had two spayings (not covered anyway), a tooth scaling (not covered anyway) and a couple of blood tests when my oldest one was nearly 11 and sadly on her way out.

I think insurance is brilliant if you have a dog that can be insure for about £15 a month. Above that it's debatable if it's worth it.
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