Harry and Tigerlily

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Harry and Tigerlily

Postby charlesp » Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:49 pm

Harry and Tigerlily were presents from my daughter.

I came home one day, daughter nowhere to be seen but a bit of scurrying from her fiancee, felt a bit odd.

Then she appeared and told me to look down. There was a small ball of jet black fluff, whose name was Harry. It's entirely possible that Harry was the prettiest cutest kitten ever, and it was impossible to do anything other than smile.

Then daughter told me - 'that's not all, we have his sister, too'!

So I was introduced to Lily (actually Tigerlily) who was a very tiny kitten who looked just like the Felix cat.

Both have been delightful. I've always liked having cats around, and having recently retired (a bit early - I'm 56) they are a joy, and watching them develop is great fun.

Lily is the clever, competent, adventurous one. Although she was always a tiny mog, she is always the first onto a roof or up a tree. She's fearless, she's a hunter, ashe is a stereotypical mog.

Harry is, well, challenged. His first visit (apart from spaying) to the vet was for a deeply cut chin. He'd watched his sister climb the tree in the back garden and done the same. Harry's normal method of descending from heights is a sort of arrested plummet, bouncing off the branches ans he comes down. This time there were no branches and he's never mastered the feline trick of 'feet first', so the plummet was uninterrupted. Scared, his tail was straight out behind him, and bushy like a Christmas tree. It acted like the flights of a dart, and poor Harry hit thre ground chin first. He did recover, eventually.

Harry is not a successful hunter. When his sister brings a mouse home as a trophy for me to look at, Harry will bring a bit of litter, or an old paintbrush. Bless him.

Harry's not very good at grroming himself - it's taken my son and myself hours to get the matting out of his coat. Mind you it's very long at this time of year.
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Re: Harry and Tigerlily

Postby perrito » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:15 pm

I hope we get to see photos of your kittens charlesp, they sound delightful.
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