Diário de Notícias - 27/5/2008

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Diário de Notícias - 27/5/2008

Postby Li » Tue May 27, 2008 2:27 am

Murat was not notified to the reenactment of the alleged kidnap

Jos├® Manuel Oliveira

Robert Murat's lawyer guaranteed yesterday to the DN that he was not notified to participate in the reenactment requested by the PJ for next Thursday concerning the events of the night of 3rd of May of 2007. Nonetheless his client is available since as an arguido, "he will be obliged to present himself to any steps that he is legally notified of", he added.

"Till now I have no information. By now I would already been notified, believing in the media that the 29th will be the date to the reenactment" underlined Francisco Pagarete. And he questioned: "Or it will be on another date? And will a reenactment take place?"

After insisting that "everything is equal" concerning the situation of Robert Murat and that "the Public Prosecutor is the one who knows what he has to do", the lawyer says that it is not strange that the arguido has not been notified to the reenactment of the night Madeleine disappeared from the room where she allegedly sleep with her brothers, "since he was not in any of those places and the PJ knows that very well", he emphasised.

The big doubts are the friends of Kate and Gerry McCann, since as witnesses they are not obliged to be present and they will only return to Portugal if they want but the reenactment will only be done if they come since their presence is essential. About the opinion showed by the McCanns that face the reenactment as a "useless" step, Pagarete prefers "not to comment". Nonetheless he observed: "I doubt that the Public Prosecutor will do any useless acts". To Murat's lawyer the only thing to do is "to wait for the end of the enquiry" reminding that after the enlargements of the deadline since January of this year "I don't know how much long this will last". "It would be pure speculation if I would advance with any date", he said.
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