24 Horas - 23/5/2008

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24 Horas - 23/5/2008

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The McCanns will be accused of negligence if they are not present for the reenactment

Public Prosecutor fed up with the lack of cooperation of the British couple

Ultimatum to the McCanns

Kate, Gerry and the seven friends did not yet accept to return to Portugal on the 29th. The Public Prosecutor is going to accuse the couple of gross negligence

Text: Carlos Tomás

The Public Prosecutor made an ultimatum to the McCanns: or the reenactment of Maddie's disappearance that will take place on the next 29th of May or the Public Prosecutor will advance with the accusation of gross negligence against the couple.

The PJ also informed the McCanns that "either all of them return (on the 29th) or none will come" as it was admitted by the spokesman of the couple, Clarence Mitchell to the 24 Horas. All, should be read Kate, Gerry and the seven friends that dinned with them in the Tapas, at Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May of 2007.
Clarence Mitchell admitted to the 24 Horas that the reenactment will not take place on the 29th due to doubts of the friends.
Kate and Gerry as the 24 Horas has already reported should be accused of gross negligence being the maximum penalty ten years jail.
"There has not been any kind of cooperation with the authorities from their part. What is strange for parents that are constantly and publicly claiming that they want to find their missing daughter. It is an unusual behaviour. Any father or mother that had lost a child would have all interest in cooperating with the authorities. The truth is from the McCann's part that help does not exist. What they say is that they are willing to come to Portugal but only under certain conditions", explained to the 24 Horas a source from the Portimão's Court.
According to the same source, after the suggestion of the Public Prosecutor to make the reconstruction on the 15th and 16th of May, a new date was suggested: the 29th of May. However less than a week from that day the Portuguese authorities are still empty handed. Neither the parents nor their friends gave any signal of life.

Enough evidence

"We have the conviction that the parents participated in the concealment of the girl's body and that she is dead. Although the existing evidences are not enough to accuse them of homicide. But we have more than enough evidence to accuse them of negligence. They know that and they don't return to Portugal probably because they are afraid of being arrested", said another judicial responsible connected to the investigation.
"It is not understandable the reason why they are all dragging their feet - including the McCanns - to participate in a reenactment that will probably last 6 hours".


If the Public Prosecutor goes ahead with the accusation of gross negligence against the McCanns, Kate and Gerry will claim that they were "responsible parents" in the night of the 3rd of May, explained Clarence Mitchell. That is the advise given by the Portuguese and British lawyers.

The reenactment of the facts occurred in the night of 3rd of May of 2007 will not be done on the 29th due to questions raised by the seven friends of the McCanns to the PJ. "We are in a phase that the friends, one by one, are presenting their arguments to the PJ. They do not understand the objective of the reenactment one year after the disappearance of Maddie". The friends also "emphasise that more people should participate in the reenactment such as the employees of the Ocean Club and other witnesses". But Kate and Gerry due to the fact that they are arguidos, will come to Portugal if the PJ demands.
Caught by surprise with the fact that the Public Prosecutor might advance with the accusation of gross negligence against the McCanns, Clarence questions: "Why that accusation now, one year after the facts? It seems strange".
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