24 Horas - 17/5/2008

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24 Horas - 17/5/2008

Postby Li » Sat May 17, 2008 3:56 am

Witnesses say that they didn't see Maddie after the end of the afternoon

Timeline of the McCanns put in question

The parents always said that the girl disappeared between 21.00 and 23.00 hours, but there was no witness that saw her from 18.00 hours onwards

Text Carlos Tomás

The little Madeleine McCann was not seen from 18.00 of the 3rd of May of 2007, meaning almost four hours before the mother, Kate gave the alarm in Praia da Luz, Algarve. This is the conclusion of the correlation of information given to the British police by more than 60 tourists that were at the Ocean Club on the day of the disappearance.
The authorities of Leicester have been sending these informations drop by drop to the team of Paulo Rebelo. "None of the more than fifty persons that were in the tourist resort saw the child from 18.00 hours onwards. The several interrogatories made at the time of the disappearance and more recently in England prove that the girl was no longer seen in the end of the afternoon", said to the 24 Horas a judicial responsible connected to the investigations.
These data led the judicial responsible to assume that "contrarily of what the parents always claimed the hour that the disappearance occurred is yet to define and it might not be after 22.00 hours but much earlier".

There are still depositions missing

The team of the PJ are not yet in the possession of all the depositions that were requested to the British authorities made in the rogatory letter send to that country in the end of 2007. The principal depositions of the MCCann's friends were already evaluated scrupulously.


Kate McCann entered in the Tapas Bar after 22.30 screaming "they've taken her". She was never able to explain to the authorities who were "them". The GNR arrived to the place in less than 20 minutes and the PJ one hour after. In the apartment were the twins and there was not found any sign of a break in.


The 7 friends that dinned with the McCanns in the Tapas Bar are putting conditions to the Public Prosecutor to return to our country. They are invited to cooperate in the reenactment of that night a proceeding considered very important to clarify the facts.

Reenactment without date

The PJ continues to wait for a reply of the McCanns and their friends to schedule a date to the reenactment of the facts occurred on the 3rd of May of 2007: "We did not receive any indication of the Public Prosecutor about this issue. We are still waiting that the McCanns and their friends decide when they want to come to Portugal. We cannot oblige them, they come if they wish", said the same source.
Guilhermino Encarnação, responsible for the Department of Faro, maintains that "in this phase there is nothing to say" and as soon as relevant data of public interest connected to this media case occurs "it will be revealed by the competent authorities".
The McCanns say, through their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell that they are willing to return to our country but they do not take responsibility for the decision of the friends with whom they dinned.
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Re: 24 Horas - 17/5/2008

Postby Meadow » Sat May 24, 2008 6:41 pm

This is an interesting article, particularly in the light of those articles dated 23rd May. That is to say that the PJ want to re-enactment of six hours, IMHO that is the time frame from when Madeleine was pick up from the kids club.

So, as much as the T7 are saying they (not knowing again, who ''they'' are ;) ... excuse the pun) do not feel the need to go back for a re-enactment, can we read between the lines here, that Paynes visit to the apartment at 6.30\7 pm is now disputed ?

In which case, there's one man who desperately needs to go back to PDL to clear his name. Yet alone, Tanner, O'brien & Oldfield.
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