24 Horas - 16/5/2008

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24 Horas - 16/5/2008

Postby Li » Fri May 16, 2008 3:26 am

McCanns advance against "T&Q"

Kate and Gerry McCann believe that the publication of the article " The PJ believes that the parents killed Maddie" put the public opinion against them

Text Joaquim Eduardo Oliveira

The former director and a journalist of the no longer existent newspaper "Tal & Qual" were formally accused of defamation by the parents of Madeleine McCann due to the publication on the 24th of August last year of an article that read: "The PJ believes that the parents killed Maddie".
Emídio Fernando was heard yesterday afternoon as an arguido in the enquiry section of the PSP (Public Security Police). The journalist Catarina Vaz Guerreiro, author of the text that was front cover was already heard in the end of 2007.
Due to problems to notify the former director of "T & Q" only yesterday he was heard.
The 24 Horas discovered that the McCanns - in this phase of the process are not asking for any compensation - they claim that the publication of that article changed the perception of the international public opinion concerning their alleged involvement in the disappearance of their daughter.
Two weeks after the publication, Kate and Gerry were constituted arguidos in "Maddie's case".

Defamation, they say

"I am calm, I maintain everything that I said and wrote. I have confidence in my sources and the prove is that 15 days after it was confirmed" said to the 24 Horas Emídio Fernando reacting to the accusation of defamation against him.
"I am absolutely tranquil. I have no problem at all with this. I never had. Not even in the same day. I had the absolute certainty of publishing it and how I would publish it" he added.
Catarina Vaz Guerreiro considered "absurd" the accusation since the information launched by the newspaper was confirmed with the constitution of Kate and Gerry as arguidos.
http://www.24horasnewspaper.com/total.p ... 45&link=11
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Re: 24 Horas - 16/5/2008

Postby observed » Sat May 17, 2008 1:24 pm

Thank you, Li.

That's most interesting...
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