Jornal de Notícias - 15/5/2008

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Jornal de Notícias - 15/5/2008

Postby Li » Thu May 15, 2008 1:46 am

New date for the reenactment

A new date for an eventual reconstruction of the night of Madeleine McCann's disappearance was advanced and it has the agreement of the parents Kate and Gerry, arguidos in the process. It only lacks the "yes" of the witnesses so that can happen on the 29th of May, although sources connected to the process said to the JN that they do not believe that the proceeding will be realised.

This because another date - today - was advanced before but the couple through their spokesman Clarence Mitchell imposed conditions to return to Praia da Luz and to help the PJ to discover what happened to the child missing for more than a year. The McCanns demanded to stop being arguidos and that the reenactment was transmitted alive by a British television. Now it seems they have backtrack.

According to Rog├®rio Alves , one of their Portuguese lawyers "that misunderstood is surpassed. Kate and Gerry are available to come to Portugal and they do not impose conditions".

"Both said that they are available but it is needed to know if the witnesses are also available and that does not depend on them", he explained. The proceeding is now in a phase of negotiation between the PJ and the witnesses - the friends of the couple - but a source connected to the process believes that it is a "strategy" and that the reenactment will not happen.

The same source reminds the successive "difficulties" that the two arguidos and the Tapas 7 have been putting to return to Portugal and gives examples. "Publicly they claim they are available, but the truth is that they make demands such as five stars hotels which is a thing that it is not possible". Without the presence of all "characters" the reenactment "does not make any sense and will not be done", he adds. Marisa Rodrigues ... uicao.html
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Re: Jornal de Notícias - 15/5/2008

Postby bomaris » Thu May 15, 2008 2:02 am

Can the PJ put a formal request to the court to instruct witnesses and arguidos to take part?
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