Photography of beaten up Leonor Cipriano can be a Forgery

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Photography of beaten up Leonor Cipriano can be a Forgery

Postby xklamation » Tue May 13, 2008 1:54 am

Photography of beaten up Leonor Cipriano can be a Forgery

Leonor Cipriano's Images are going to be evaluated trough technical computer-assisted image analysis

Photos were probably Forged


The date of the files that are in the process which accuses five elements of the Judiciary Police is of May of 2005, when the alleged aggression took place in October of 2004

Three accused inspectors of the Judiciary Police of torture when they were questioning Leonor Cipriano - condemned by the murder of the daughter - are going to ask an expert evaluation to the photographies that serve as element of proof for the accusation.
The images that show Leonor with the black eyes [panda eyes*] are in a CD and the files have the date of the 9th of May of 2005 - when the alleged aggression would have taken place a year before, in 15th of October of 2004.

According to the accusation, after the interrogation, Leonor was taken by the inspectors to the health centre of Odemira. The police officers say that she threw herself down the staircases, in an attempt to commit suicide.

24horas knows that as soon Leonor Cipriano reached the penitentiary, the director ordered that photos were taken to Cipriano - those were passed to floppy disks and, subsequently, for a CD handed to the Public Ministry.

"I don't understand how this date appears in the files. I want this to be thoroughly explained. Because the images can have been forged", says to 24horas the lawyer of three inspectors, Pragal Colaço. "I am going to ask an expert evaluation trough technical computer-assisted image analysis. Even because, the original chip of the photographies isn't available".

Accused Inspectors

The inspectors Leonel Marques, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão and Paulo Marques Bom are accused of, on the 14th of October, to have tortured Leonor during an interrogation in the Judiciary Police headquarters of Portimão.
The three were in the Central Direction of Combat Against Banditism, in Lisbon, and had been called to the Algarve to help in the investigation of the disappearance of the eight year old girl Joana - the mysteriously lost girl of the village of Figueira (Portimão).

The coordinator Gonçalo Amaral - who also investigated the case Maddie - is accused in this process of a crime of false testimony and falsification of a document. And the inspector António Cardoso, of a crime of falsification.

Five accused inspectors of the Judiciary Police were pronounced for judgement in last February. António Pragal Colaço, accused the judge, Ana Lúcia Cruz, of having taken the decision of bringing the Judiciary Officers to judgement before the debate. The lawyer considers this process to be damaged by "political" circumstances.

João Grade, Leonor Cipriano's Lawyer, believes that the decision is going to influence the revision of the process of judgement of Leonor. In April, the lawyer was detained by the GNR in the possession of synthetic drugs; he was arrested carrying 45 doses of amphetamines and a quarter of a tablet of ecstasy while visiting the prison. The lawyer alleged that the suitcase was of a recluse to whom he was doing a favour and that he didn't know the contents.

Source: 24Horas
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Re: Photography of beaten up Leonor Cipriano can be a Forgery

Postby Brit Abroad » Tue May 13, 2008 4:35 am

Thank you for posting this, Xclamation. It will be interesting to see how this transpires with regard to the photograph. I sincerely hope that the policemen in question will be exonerated by the investigation .... that would be some consolation to poor Amaral too.
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Re: Photography of beaten up Leonor Cipriano can be a Forgery

Postby tylersmum » Tue May 13, 2008 8:17 am

I think the injury which appears to be a broken nose is more in keeping with someone throwing themselves done a flight of stairs than a beating by three men.

It seems strange that three men trying to give a woman a severe beating would inflict just one injury.There is no bruising elsewhere on the face ,no split lip no broken jaw.
It doesn't make sense.
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