Diário de Notícias - 4/5/2008

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Diário de Notícias - 4/5/2008

Postby Li » Sun May 04, 2008 3:25 pm

New suspicions in Madies's case

Jos├® Manuel Oliveira

The criminologist Barra da Costa ensures that he has a document with the indication of a Portuguese suspect without criminal record but already referred in six crimes of sexual abuse that might be involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. He considers "that it is very serious that such thing is not in the process" that is been investigated by the PJ.

Participating yesterday in Lagos, in an conference promoted by the "Association Against the Exclusion and for the Development" about the theme "What happened after all to Joana and Madeleine? " the former inspector of the PJ declined to comment on more details about the suspect. "I have very important information that point to several suspicions regarding the person involved in the case. Within three months when the secrecy of justice is lifted I will see if this is in the process" said Barra da Costa observing that the denounce can "bring him physical problems" at an aggression level. To the DN the criminologist insisted in the idea of homicide of the British child.

Concerning the investigations he reminded that a case of this nature obliges to act "immediately, 24/7" having criticised the recent travel of three elements of the PJ to England in order to question witnesses almost one year later and the delay of five months to make a translation of a rogatory letter to allow that step. This without forgetting the months that were needed to arrive from that country the results of the tests of the blood vestiges found in the flat and in the car. "Even the door-woman of my building would do better" he satirised.

The lawyer of Leonor Cipriano (sentenced by the Supreme Court of Justice to 16 years in jail as the co-defendant with her brother of the murder of her daughter Joana in 12/9/2004, in the village of Figueira, and whose body was never found), João Grade dos Santos regretted again the judgement made by the jury during the trial in the Portimão's court. "When there isn't an absolute certainty you cannot convict based on an opinion" he underlined. The lawyer said he was surprised that he still has had no reply to an appeal that he presented two years ago to the European Court of Human Rights in France.

Till the end of 2008 and since he had no time last year, João Grade dos Santos will present a revision appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice to request a new examination of Joana's case. For that he will present several witnesses "with interest" to be heard and that where not heard when the trial took place. Some are persons that know Leonor Cipriano and others "might know several things with interest that at the time where not said in order to allow the reopening of the process", said João grade dos Santos.
http://dn.sapo.pt/2008/05/04/sociedade/ ... addie.html

N.B. The lawyer of the "Association Against the Exclusion and for the Development" is Marcos Aragão. He was the one that carried out the searches in the reservoir in Algarve - Li
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