Destak - 2/5/2008 - 2nd article

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Destak - 2/5/2008 - 2nd article

Postby Li » Fri May 02, 2008 8:24 pm

The following is a partial translation of the full article that appeared at Destak. These parts did not appear in the British press.

Madeleine McCann: a year of doubts

Patrícia Susano Ferreira | || Marta Araújo |

"They can try to prove bad intent"

As to the possibility of withdrawing the status of arguidos, the lawyer Jorge Cabral says to Destak that if that happened "Kate and Gerry would have the chance to became assistants in the process, helping the Public Prosecutor, a fact that until now is not possible".

The president of the Criminology Institute and teacher of the Lus├│fona University says that this process has since the beginning several mistakes as "the declaration of the PJ pointing to the abduction thesis or the fact that the apartment was not locked".

As to the hypothesis of the couple asking for a compensation to the Portuguese state, if evidence that links them to the disappearance is not found, the lawyer says that that possibility is not, in theory, contemplated in the Portuguese law. Nonetheless, "Kate and Gerry may, in the limit, try to prove that there was bad intent or falsification of proves. In a case like that the situation is different".

As to the access to the process when the secrecy of justice ends, "the judge can limit the access to people and also to documents". "For instance, Kate's diary and the lab results can be in the category of inaccessible documents" concludes the expert.

Alleged diversion

In team of the PJ inspectors that were in the ground, Destak found that the feelings are of injustice and frustration. "The investigation works were diverted from the right path when the British ambassador phoned to the National Director of the PJ, Alípio Ribeiro selling the idea that it was an abduction", says a police source.

"From that moment on nobody else trusted in us and in our work.It was the political question that ruled. We were gagged told to shut up and the investigation always ended ruined", adds the same source.

The inspectors did not like either the insinuation made by Maddie's family that was the PJ that put in the car the McCanns hired 23 days after the child disappearance, blood vestiges.

"What it seems to us is that that prove was put there by someone that wanted to discredit, even more, the work of the inspectors of the PJ", regrets a source connected to the process. Amongst these men there is the conviction that "it is too late to discover the truth".
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