Expresso - 1/5/2008

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Expresso - 1/5/2008

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Gonçalo Amaral runs from the journalists he can't even go to the coffee shop

The inspector of the JP that was in charge of Maddie's case passes most of his time avoiding journalists. A year after the disappearance of the girl in Algarve, the parents Kate and Gerry McCann believe that there are "good reasons to believe that she is somewhere alive" and renew the appeal to the abductor


Mário Lino

Life is not easy for Gonçalo Amaral, the inspector that coordinated the cases of "Maddie" and "Joana" and asked to retire, promising to publish a book. Now he passes most of the time of his holidays avoiding journalists. "He is not in hiding he goes everywhere but he avoids to have to answer", guarantees to Expresso Paulo Santos his lawyer and he himself ex inspector of the PJ and friend of Gonçalo Amaral. "We were almost fellow students he entered a year after me", says the Press Officer.

He is the one that is responsible for the negotiation of the copyright of the yet incomplete - but already polemic - book "Truth of the Lie" that has its launch announced for the moment that Amaral is no longer officially in the PJ. "At that time the inspector Gonçalo Amaral can recuperate his freedom of expression although he still has to fulfill the duty of reserve (ie secrecy of law), but the situation will be different".

For the time being and after announcing that he was leaving the PJ, his life has not been easy since he passes all his time avoiding journalists. "Amaral is in holidays and the days have been complicated. He has to have some cautions and break several routines, such as not going to the usual coffee shop, etc since the journalists know the coffee shops where he goes" - he adds - saying that there are no conversations either on or off the record with any journalist. "One of our strategies is not to speak with any journalist although there are still some with ethical sense" he comments.

Now Gonçalo Amaral is condensing the facts that he collected, stored in his memory: "The documents that are the basis of his book are in Amaral's head and they are the truth about what happened to the child and a fight in order that these facts are not repeated with other children". According with Paulo Santos the book will interpret objectively the clues that point to the conclusions "explained in a scientific point of view". ... ies/309507
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