24 Horas - 1/5/2008

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24 Horas - 1/5/2008

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Clarence Mitchell, gave an interview to Rádio Renascença

They want information from the PJ

Text Rita Coelho

The couple would like to have more details given by the PJ about the steps of the investigation concerning the disappearance of their daughter, revealed yesterday the spokesman of the McCanns. "Kate and Gerry accept that they have to work with the Portuguese police but they would like to have more information", said Clarence Mitchell in an interview to Rádio Renascença. Apart from the fact that they feel they have few information, Kate and Gerry also held responsible the PJ for the information leaks. "Some of the leaks that appeared in the Portuguese and Spanish press were, we believe, from police sources and that is very damaging. We hope that those leaks end", he said.
Mitchell also said in the interview that the McCanns will not come to Portugal to the reconstruction of the disappearance scheduled for 15 or 16th of May. As the spokesman had already told 24 Horas, the McCanns do not believe that this exercise, a year after and without being filmed by television cameras brings any benefit to discover the truth. "Nobody stopped to think the psychological effect that it could cause to Kate, to see another person impersonating Maddie" said recently to 24 Horas, Clarence Mitchell.

Stop being arguidos

Although the spokesman has guaranteed several times that the McCanns are not compelling as a condition to cooperate in the reconstruction the withdraw of the arguido status, the truth is that the stigma continues to be heavy on them. They would like "that the arguido status was withdrawn as soon as possible because they are not involved in the disappearance of their daughter", said Clarence Mitchell in the interview. "They never placed the child in danger, they were never negligent or something like that. They are responsible parents", guarantees Mitchell.

Letters with threatens

The spokesman of the McCanns also confirmed that Kate and Gerry have received some threats. "I am not going to enter in details but they receive several letters", he referred. "The majority is of support. Occasionally we also receive some less good and some times we had to give those letters to the British police". The investigation of M├®todo 3, the agency of detectives hired by the McCanns continues with new possible clues.
"I cannot enter in details. We do not want to alert the abductor to what is being done".
We will see the results...

How the anniversary of Maddie's disappearance will be marked

Masses in Portugal and in England

After tomorrow one year passes since the disappearance of Maddie in Algarve. The day will be marked by the McCanns in England, where they live, by going to a mass. The mass is scheduled to the Church of Our Lady of Annunciation in Liverpool where Kate and Gerry got married in December of 1998. Five years later the little Madeleine the first child of the couple was born. In the last year the family searched for spiritual support near the Catholic church (in England and Portugal) and near the Anglican community established in Praia Luz. The McCanns became intimate friends with that priest. The date will also be marked with a religious ceremony in the church of Senhora da Luz in Algarve, scheduled to 18,30, next Saturday. "Join us" is the appeal made in a paper in the door of the church. According to the British press, Kate and Gerry will also light candles in memory of their daughter at 21,15 approximately at the same hour that they believe their daughter was abducted from the room were she was sleeping in the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz.
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