Expresso - Robert Murat sues the Portuguese journalists

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Expresso - Robert Murat sues the Portuguese journalists

Postby Li » Thu May 01, 2008 2:26 am

Lawyer presents criminal lawsuit

Robert Murat sues the Portuguese journalists

Robert Murat the British citizen, arguido in Madeleine McCann's case presented two criminal lawsuits against Portuguese newspapers. Next will be the televisions.

Mário Lino

Robert Murat presented two criminal lawsuits for defamation and intrusion of his private life against the "Jornal de Notícias" and the "Correio da Manhã" and now he is preparing others against other Portuguese media after having already sued more than one dozen of British newspapers.

Francisco Pagarete, Robert Murat's lawyer, said to the Expresso, that the next targets will be "24 Horas" and the television channels TVI and RTP these through civil lawsuits and where compensations for moral damages will be asked in an amount that was not disclosed. "Several things were said and written about Robert Murat, maybe with the pressure of making news but many things that were said were not correct. Some of them are a crime" said Francisco Pagarete.

The Expresso knows that in the case of TVI, the base of the lawsuit is the intervention of a journalist that said that Murat had pedophile movies or with sex with animals". "He was judged by the press and people must be held responsible for what they say and write", said the lawyer that is only responsible for the lawsuits in Portugal. In England, Murat sued 13 newspapers and a television channel and ask for one of the biggest compensations in the United Kingdom's history: 2 millions of pounds, around 2,5 millons of euros.

Francisco Pagarete says that Robert Murat did not yet managed to have a normal life - he went away for a few days to avoid the media- and he had to change his habits to avoid being followed by journalists. "He was a happy person that always wanted to help and that is why he ended involved in this case in the first place", he refers.

The lawyer continues to guarantee that Robert Murat is totally innocent and that there are no evidence that connects him to the disappearance of the child: "I never saw anything that could confirm Robert as a suspect. What I can say is that the results of the enquiry and the searches made in the house and in the car had satisfactory results and he is confident" , he admits.
"I feel sorry for allowing the 24 Horas to escape in the criminal lawsuit, but one day and six months had already passed", he adds.

The life of Robert Murat has been of great interest to the media since he became a suspect in the case. Murat was constituted arguido on the 14th of May of 2007 after a complaint of British journalist that thought his behaviour was "strange". The citizen of British nationality was contracted as translator by the Public Prosecutor. ... ies/308674
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