Correio da Manhã - 30/4/2008

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Correio da Manhã - 30/4/2008

Postby Li » Wed Apr 30, 2008 1:35 am

Maddie's case leaves Murat without work

"Devastating" is the way it can be classified the impact of Madeleine's case in the life of two of the principal actors : the British Robert Murat, constituted arguido 11 days after the disappearance of the girl and his Russian friend Sergey Malinka, witness in the process.

Yesterday, the CM contacted Murat but he did not wanted to talk about the situation nonetheless his lawyer, Francisco Pagarete was very clear:
"It is enough to say that since his 16 years old - he has now 33 - Robert never depended economically of anyone and now he is depending on his mother because he has no work. Besides since he has term of identity and residence - he gave his address in Praia da Luz - he cannot leave the country for more than five days and because of that he only visited his daughter in England twice since he is an arguido".

His lawyer also said that the real state on line Romigen, that belongs to Murat and Michaela Walzuch is not functioning: "The website was hacked and closed. The situation was never resolved" he referred also adding that "all the working plan" of Murat in Portugal was connected to the project.

As to Sergey Malinka, designer of Romigen's website, he was heard by the PJ as a witness but his life was turned up side down due to his connection with Murat. Yesterday he just confirmed to CM that he continues "to work with computers". In the 20th of March his car a Audi A4 was burnt in the street near the house where he lives with his parents, in Luz. In the sidewalk a message written with red ink "Speak".
At the time, Malinka said to the CM "not to know what to do" and "he was fed up" of Maddie's case. "I only want to be left alone", he said.


"I will not be at Praia da Luz in the next days", revealed yesterday to the CM, Robert Murat. The British wants to escape the confusion that will happen in the locality due to the proximity of the anniversary of the girl's disappearance - 3rd of May - he considers that the data is "something that refers only to the child": "It has nothing to do with us not even with the parents. It has only to do with her", he said.

Although he refused to make any statements about the impact of this case in his personal and professional life, Robert Murat admits that "in a near future perhaps I will talk about all of that".

The advise to stay away from Liliana's house, where he lives with his mother, was given to Murat by his lawyer, a fact that Murat confirmed to our newspaper.

For Francisco Pagarete, that will be the "only way" to avoid the harassment of the several national and international journalists that began to arrive at Praia da Luz. An example of that occurred yesterday afternoon when, according to the lawyer, Robert Murat "wanted to get out of the house and faced a battalion of journalists with cameras waiting for him near the house door", so he was obliged "to turn back".


Robert Murat expects that with the end of the enquiry he stops being an arguido in the process. "In this moment everything remains as it was. The enquiry must end and only then we will see, since that is a decision of the competence of the public prosecutor", said the lawyer of the British. Francisco Pagarete said that he waits "that everything is solved quickly". Murat was constituted arguido on 14th of May after his presence near the Ocean Club raised suspicions. ... &channelid
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Re: Correio da Manhã - 30/4/2008

Postby blossom » Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:17 am

There were a few posts to this OP yesterday. Does anyone know what happened to them? thx.
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Re: Correio da Manhã - 30/4/2008

Postby bjr » Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:55 am

blossom wrote:There were a few posts to this OP yesterday. Does anyone know what happened to them? thx.

Li kindly puts a copy into the translations forum as well as on the Main Maddy Forum. Here is Li's translation on the Maddy Forum with the relevant posts.

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