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Postby bjr » Sat Nov 24, 2007 9:23 pm

THE THREE ARGUIDOS – Code of Conduct

The Three Arguidos is an open public forum whereby members can express their views and opinions on a variety of topics. We aim to present a safe debating environment where members are able to discuss issues in a manner respectful of other forum members.

The Three Arguidos remains a "personal opinion" forum. Any posted 'statement of fact' remains the responsibility of the posting member. Stated factual information cannot be qualified / verified by the administration or moderating team.

'The Three Arguidos' as an entity does not hold a position, view or opinion on any topic whatsoever and remains a board to host the views of its individual constituent members. 'The Three Arguidos' do not accept liability of what is posted on this forum, as all posts are the responsibility of the individual poster and member as these posts and views are of the personal opinion of the posters and members.

Most pictures, graphics and illustrations used on this forum, were collected online (e.g. via Google Image Search), but copyrights still are reserved for those who created them. If you believe some of them may infringe your copyrights and don't want them to appear on the site, please PM a Mod or Admin quoting the corresponding post and we will delete them on demand as soon as possible.

Code of Conduct
In order that this Forum remains a safe and secure debating environment we ask that all members abide by the following code of conduct.

1. Members maintain individual responsibility for their own posting and any information contain therein and the posts that are made are of the personal opinion of the member. You shall not submit, upload or post to the website any content which: libels, defames, invades privacy, or is obscene, pornographic, abusive, or threatening.
2. In the spirit of free debate, forum members, should they wish to challenge the opinion of other members, they must do so in a respectful manner.
3. Forum members should not make personal, insulting or defamatory remarks about other members.
4. Members should not post any contact details (which may include full names, addresses, phone numbers & email addresses and IP numbers)
5. Poster should not post web links or images which may reasonably be considered obscene, offensive or pornographic.
6. The forum is inclusive; members should not post any remarks, links, images etc which could insight hatred against sectors within our community. (This may include discrimination on the grounds of race, religious belief, disability, mental health, gender and sexuality).
7. This is a free of charge forum. Members will have the facility to donate to the running costs of the site however no individual member should attempt to solicit money or donations (for any purpose whatsoever) from other members.
8. We ask that members alert the moderation team should they be feel this code of conduct has been breached by another member.

Intervention by the Administration and Moderation Team.

Should all members follow the code of conduct, it will be possible to allow free debate with little or no interference from the moderation team. However, the administration team reserves the right to lock or remove threads.

Members of the administration team can become involved in debate in the same way as any forum members. However their views and opinions remain individual and do not reflect the views of the whole administration or moderation team.

Harassment of Mods and Admin will not be tolerated, any member that persists in arguing with a decision made by Admin or Mods will be issued a warning and then if they fail to adhere to the warning will be banned, as Admins decision is final. Any member found to start a thread purely to undermine an admin/mod decision with regards to alteration/deletion to posts/threads will be warned and/or banned from the forum and the thread/post will be deleted. Any disagreements can be taken via the PM system and the forum shall not be used to voice complaints with Admin/Mod decisions.

Members who do not abide by the code of conduct may be excluded from the forum.
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